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The symptoms and treatment of asthma in pregnancy

Asthma and pregnancy - concepts that are sometimes connected. Because this lung disease is among the future mothers the most common. And when you consider that the number of people suffering from allergies in recent years has increased, it is possible to notice that cases of bronchial asthma have become much more. But according to experts, asthma is not a judgment on women who choose to become mothers.

problema bronhialnoj astmy pri beremennosti

What is bronchial asthma?

Under asthma refers to inflammation and airway obstruction. The disease occurs when pressure increases the excitability of the respiratory tract.

It is not always bronchial asthma associated with allergic reaction, sometimes it happens in the injury of the brain or in the case where there are endocrine disorders. But most often, asthma is a disease of the allergic type, that is, occurs when an allergen affects the bronchi and causes them to spasm, resulting asphyxiation.

vidy bronhialnoj astmyThere are two types of bronchial asthma. It's infectious-allergic form of bronchial asthma and non-infectious-allergic. The first to start development, if you previously had a disease affecting the respiratory tract (such as tonsillitis, pneumonia, pharyngitis, or bronchitis). In this case, the microorganisms act as allergens. This is the most common form of bronchial asthma, it includes two-thirds of all cases.

The second form, non-infectious, allergic, and less common allergen when it is a variety of organic and inorganic substances. For example, allergies can be caused by pollen, dust from the street, feathers, animal hair or food allergens. In addition, the Allergy may medicines of type of Aspirin, Aspirin or Penicillin, chemicals, etc. not the least role in the occurrence of non-infectious-allergic form of bronchial asthma heredity plays a that dictated the predisposition to the disease.

What symptoms manifested bronchial asthma?

No matter what form of asthma ill pregnant woman the disease typically passes through 3 stages. The first stage is called predestinational, the second is characterized by bouts of suffocation, and the third is called status asthmaticus.

Chronic called asthmatic bronchitis refers to the stage of productmy. The same applies to chronic pneumonia, in which there are elements of bronchoconstriction. In this stagepatient no severe asthma attacks.

nasmork pri bronhialnoj astmeThe asthma attacks that are characteristic of second stage of bronchial asthma, recognize definitely is not hard work. The beginning of the attack is usually hit at night, suffocation can last for a few minutes and several hours. Before starts choking, the woman feels that the chest is crushed, she begins to sneeze, are showing signs of runny nose, in the throat, feeling of scratching. The start of an episode is characterized by severe cough, sputum is absent. It gets hard to breathe, chest tight, my nose is stuffed. The patient usually takes a sitting position, trying to hold my breath, straining the chest, neck, humeral belt. It breathes very loudly, whistling and wheezing. First, the breathing becomes frequent, and then slows to ten respiratory movements for 60 sec. The complexion becomes cyanotic, the skin covered by the sweat. When the attack comes to an end, is copious liquid sputum.

During status asthmaticus duration of asthma attacks increases: they can go for hours and even days. And those drugs that are normally taken to the sick, become ineffective.

It hard occurs of bronchial asthma during pregnancy and what features mean?

Health professionals rightly point out that to treat asthma in pregnant women should be cautious (after all, this is one of the most important and urgent problems) and with special care. While carrying baby in the body women drastic hormonal changes, the breath of the future mother becomes external, and, as we know, the immune system weakens during this period.

konsultaciya vrachaIn the body of the mother, there is a strong need for necessary quantity of oxygen, and this need tends to grow. But asthma causes oxygen starvation that is dangerous to a child's development, and therefore required medical assistance.

Usually asthma in women has been before she got pregnant, but sometimes there is the possibility of illness while carrying a baby. In women in whom this has happened, often the mother suffered from bronchial asthma.

Suffocating attacks can exist as in the first trimester, and the next. If the symptoms of asthma appeared in the beginning of the pregnancy, like early morning sickness, that they may gap at the end of the first half of pregnancy.

Asthma, which began at the woman, before she became pregnant during the periodcarrying a child may have a completely different development. In a quarter of cases the condition of women there is no change, in 10% it is improving, but most women, according to statistics, it gets worse: the disease begins to progress and proceed in a more severe form. Severe forms the attacks can appear every day several times.

Usually, the first trimester brings with it a deterioration of the diseased women. But in the remaining trimesters the disease appears softer and the woman becomes a little better. If pregnancy women first, then the state will be about the same to deteriorate or to improve, like last time.

When a woman is already on the delivery table, the seizures occur very rarely, especially if a pregnant woman was taking glucocorticoid drugs like Prednisone and Hydrocortisone, or bronchodilators type Aminophylline and Ephedrine. After birth, the situation in pregnant women has also been uneven: a quarter of women feel a significant improvement, another quarter, on the contrary, faced with the deterioration, and the remaining 50% no significant changes.

How to treat pregnant women with asthma?

During the treatment of future mothers there is a disease like asthma, you need to remember that all drugs who are taking in this disease, doesn't pass the placenta, that is likely to harm the child. But the baby experiences a lack of oxygen (hypoxia), so the number of drugs should be minimal.

In that case, if the condition of the patient during carrying a child is not impaired, to take drugs is optional.

If there is slight aggravation, you can use the jars, mustard plasters, inhalations with saline solution.

Pregnancy with bronchial asthma involves the use in the treatment tools that enhance the bronchi, the type of sympathomimetics and xanthine derivatives, as well as a means against inflammation of the type of Intal and glucocorticoids. Pregnant women who are ill with this disease, such as asthma, should regularly visit the doctor's office all the time to be under medical supervision and comply with all precautions not to harm the health of the unborn child. Because bronchial asthma and pregnancy - a very unsafe combination, requires careful treatment.