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Causes, symptoms and treatment of asthmatic bronchitis

In the diagnosis of diseases such as asthmatic bronchitis, the symptoms and treatment are interested in of the sick in the first place. This type of disease refers to inflammatory disease of the respiratory system chronic character. Observed infectious or allergic condition, which clearly expressed the swelling and spasms of the bronchi, with large or medium size. Asthma in this disease, observed in bronchial asthma, no.

problema lecheniya astmaticheskogo bronhita

Modern medicine sees disease as a form of bronchitis or Prezista. Asthmatic bronchitis is most often observed in schoolchildren. The disease develops due to the presence of ailments such as atopic dermatitis, diathesis and allergic rhinitis.

The causes of the disease

prichiny vozniknoveniya astmaticheskogo bronhita

The main reason for the occurrence of the disease are allergens. But sometimes asthmatic bronchitis develops due to a viral, bacterial or fungal infection. It enters the human body through the respiratory system and digestive system. Allergic reaction caused due to dust, pollen of various plants, poplar fluff. Trigger allergies can wool and animal feces, additives of chemical origin, and some food ingredients.

Medication or vaccine can cause the appearance of the disease in young children. In some cases there is a genetic predisposition to allergic reactions to objects or products. Bronchi and trachea staph coli strikes, and why the disease appears. After these acute viral infections, such as measles, influenza, whooping cough and bronchitis, there is often this disease. Reflux disease provoking. Seasons of asthmatic bronchitis are the winter, spring and summer. In such periods the probability of acute illness increases.

The main symptoms

simptomy zabolevaniya astmaticheskim bronhitomFor asthmatic bronchitis is characterized by such symptoms as relapsing course, in which there are periods of exacerbation and remission. In the acute phase of an adult, you can watch non-stop coughing that can occur suddenly. His appearance provokes laughter, physical exertion, or crying. If you have nasal congestion or the presence of a sero-mucous rhinitis, the appearance of cough can not be avoided. Dry cough passes into the wet. Acute attacks often there is difficulty breathing, the forced whistling and noisy exhalation, expiratory dyspnea,the deposition of phlegm. Lightweight as comes after these symptoms.

The occurrence of such phenomena may be repeated several times. Non-infectious pathology is accompanied by an elimination effect, and if no substance-allergen, coughing spells stopped. The symptoms of cough can worsen during the period when there comes another time of the year when there is a change in diet, and change of residence. For the acute period of the disease characterized by duration of several hours (at times up to one month). Bronchial asthma exacerbated several times, if you do not start timely treatment. For children characterized by the development of traditional symptoms, which are accompanied by diseases with allergic nature. These include allergic diathesis, hay fever, atopic dermatitis. There are times when the human body appear multi-organ disorders, and changes in autonomic and neurologic in nature. In these diseases there is a lethargy, excessive sweating and irritability.

Definition of the disease

polza zveroboya protiv bronhitaDoctors usually use some methods to determine the presence of disease:

  • determine what size light;
  • determine the presence of sputum;
  • consider bronchial water;
  • learn what spirometry;
  • survey the endoscopic method;
  • above the light box sound check and the presence of breathing, accompanied by a moist wheezing;
  • often use x-ray, which gives a clear picture to determine the condition of the lungs;
  • use the blood of the patient.

Proper treatment of the disease

To prevent bronchial asthma, you need to undergo treatment with the use of certain drugs. They represent an inhalation, dilates the bronchi. Specialists often recommend to use a such medications, like Salbutamol (Saltos, Salben, Astalin). In addition, many patients by the doctor during the disease are Tencarola (Berotekom). To prevent the development of allergic reactions during the disease, it is necessary to use antihistamines.

When you have acute bronchitis, you need to use antibiotics. Only they can prevent further development of infection. Antibiotics must enter the number and penicillin of a group of macrolides. If there is a suspicion of appearance in the body infection of a viral nature, you need to use Kipferon, Viferon, genferon®. The use of different inhalation leads to airway's moistened, sputum thickens and easily comes out of the bodyperson, after which the patient feels easier, and the breathing becomes lighter.

Folk remedy for asthmatic bronchitis

svechi viferon pri bronhiteMany folk remedies can relieve adults from a terrible disease that brings discomfort and inconvenience. Some tools can be seen in detail.

For problems such as laryngitis, cough, shortness of breath and bronchial asthma, use the decoction of vegetable turnip. To do this, mix the juice of turnip with honey in the ratio 1:1 up to 1 teaspoon 3 to 4 times a day.

Herbs such as St. John's wort, nettle, motherwort, eucalyptus, as well as mother-and-stepmother, the same proportion is recommended for occurrence of chronic bronchitis with asthmatic component. One tablespoon of the collection, you must pour boiling water and then infuse for 30 minutes. For insisting it is advisable to use a thermos. Drug need to take 4 weeks and then stop taking for a while and need again to be consumed within 4 weeks. Folk remedy to take up until the patient is completely rid of the disease. In some cases the treatment will need for a year.

To prevent the attack and a sharp unpleasant pain, it is recommended to use milk with alcohol tincture of propolis. This requires the milk to heat and add the alcohol tincture of 15 drops. To use the drug must be half a Cup during attacks.

The best remedy for obstructive bronchitis is an inhaler. He must always be nearby, as it is considered a medium fast action. If suffocation occurs suddenly, within a few seconds, to cope with illness.

The patient who knows that he will have seizures should carry an inhaler with you, no matter where he was. The drug will help him in the most difficult situation.

In order to avoid diseases, experts advise to strengthen your body. The daily schedule must be entered physiotherapy. After application of water treatments the human body is gaining strength and becoming strong. People who engage in different sports, are less susceptible to different diseases.