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What is bacterial bronchitis, how to diagnose and treat?

Bronchitis is a disease of the bronchial tubes. It is viral and bacterial. Most often, people are faced with viral bronchitis, bacterial get much more complicated.

problema bakterialnogo bronhita

But this diagnosis is man can put only a doctor, to distinguish between these two diseases is very difficult because they are similar to each other. If the person is often sick with bronchitis, it is very important to know the difference between viral and bacterial disease. Despite the fact that bacterial bronchitis is a very rare phenomenon, it is more dangerous than viral.

Basic information about bronchi

Bronchi - two tubes that connect the trachea and lungs. These two tubes have a lot of branches in the lungs, allowing the person to breathe freely, saturating the body with oxygen. If we consider the structure of the bronchi, we can note the following its components:

  • mucosa;
  • fibro-muscular-cartilaginous tissue;
  • adventitia.

stroenie bronhovInside each lives and grows his little bronchial tree. The woman is a tree less than men, and the bronchi may be different from each other. For example, the right is usually shorter and wider than the left, 3 cm of the Human body is designed so that the smaller the diameter of the bronchus, the greater its elasticity, meaning it loses its cartilage properties and becomes soft.

As for the main functions here, in addition to supplying oxygen to the lungs, there are a couple of points. So, the bronchi have a protective function and guard with the help of the cilia of the lungs from exposure to the environment. Another point is the function that is responsible for kiselny reflex. For example, people breathed in the dust, and with the help of this reflex all went back and lungs were clean.

Bronchi have their own hierarchy, which defines:

  • zonal bronchus;
  • segmental and subsegmental;
  • bronchial tubes;
  • terminal.

Various diseases of the bronchi

bronhialnaya astma - raznovidnost zabolevaniya bronhovLike any organ in the human body, the bronchial tubes are also exposed to a number of diseases that can degrade the human condition. Disease of the bronchial tubes is quite a serious thing that if not properly treated, or in its absence, can lead to death. There is such a disease as chronic bronchitis. Is the cough constant or periodic, in which stands out phlegm. It lasts at least 2 - 3 months. Cough returns when begins the aggravationdisease.

Another famous disease - bronchial asthma. It occurs after the person experiences an infectious disease in a severe form, or if someone from relatives suffered or suffers from asthma. It seems as though the person is suffocated. These seizures usually happen at night. The main thing is well chosen treatment, which will reduce the incidence of bronchial attacks.

The third common disease - bronchospasm. In this disease spazmiruyutsya lungs and shortness of breath. It also may be choking and the person difficult to breathe, because the bronchial tubes begin to secrete a secret, which clogs the bronchial tubes. Usually this disease does not arise out of nowhere. In parallel with this problem and develop two of the above diseases. There are many bronchial diseases, but the most common is bronchitis, which can occur in both adults and children.

Bronchitis and its variants

We must distinguish between viral and bacterial bronchitis. Only a doctor will be able to supply you with a correct diagnosis, however, knowing the difference can save time, money and nerves. If you are a person, often ill with bronchitis, understanding the difference between bacterial and viral bronchitis is particularly important.

virusy, vyzyvaushie bronhitViral bronchitis is an inflammation of the bronchial mucosa due to viruses that attack the respiratory tract. Consequently begins to suffer, the whole system of the organism and the infection easily spreads. This disease often diagnosed in children.

So you have your air flow gets into the bronchi, the viruses stay in them and remain to breed. Children suffer the most, because this disease can be caught not only on the street, but when a large crowd of people, namely in kindergartens, schools, hostels. Sometimes viral bronchitis is caused by disorders of nasal breathing or infection of the nasopharynx.

Bronchitis occurs because of a weakened immune system after suffering a recent illness (flu, colds). The symptoms of viral bronchitis is quite simple for us to see:

  1. High temperature.
  2. Headache.
  3. Pain in the chest.
  4. You're wheezing.
  5. Cough. At first the cough is with phlegm and very difficult to cough, but it gradually liquefies and the patient becomes easier to breathe.

As for treatment, here every person there is an individual approach. What drugs to take at a particular stage of the disease, the doctor will decide. But there are some tips that apply to all people. So, you need to drink plenty of fluids. Try every hourdrink tea with lemon, raspberry or honey. The human body is dehydrated and needs to replenish the water balance. Together with the liquid excreted infection, and the body becomes easier to cope with the disease. Often eat. The meal should be 4 - 5 times a day. Indoor air should not be dry, so you need to do wet cleaning and putting wet towels on the battery. Eat more vitamins, especially of vitamin C: they strengthen immunity and help the body in fighting infection.

Bacterial bronchitis

Bacterial bronchitis can be found very rarely. Usually it is 1% from 100%. Many believe that bacterial you can get almost the same as the virus that is on the street or indoors. But few know that in fact bacterial bronchitis is a more complicated version of his brother. That is, the activated form of viral bronchitis. It occurs when the wrong treatment or no answer.

Symptoms of bacterial bronchitis the same as that of the virus: fever, headache, etc. but it is added to cough, only this time with a thick, dark sputum.

konsultaciya vrachaThis is an indication that the process involves bacteria. Treatment must also appoint a doctor. For a start it is necessary to make a diagnosis and find out which of the two types of bronchitis in the patient. This will help in the designation of certain medicine to fight bronchitis. For viral and bacterial bronchitis require different treatment approaches. The doctor must figure out a strain of bacteria that destroy the human body.

The man who also suffers from asthma should immediately consult a doctor. It's just a precaution, in order not to aggravate the situation. The doctor usually asks a number of questions, assigns tests and chest x-ray.

The main recommendations for the treatment of bacterial bronchitis coincide with early disease. The main thing - to comply with bed rest and drinking enough fluids. If in the chest, having severe pain, you can drink analgesic drug. You can take a hot shower, but do not gain the whole tub of water. Try not to shower for a long time. You can also do steam inhalation of various herbs. Whatever disturbed in this disease, it is better to handle this with the doctor and not to self-medicate. However, most people think that it's just a cough: you can drink some broth and all will be well. Chamomile bacteria will not be killed. Antibiotics and cough medicine the doctor prescribes.

The person who smokes, you should try to not use cigarettes at least a few days. They contain a lot of harmful chemicals that are in the form of steamenter the body and can contribute to the development of bacterial bronchitis, thereby worsening the patient's health. In order to stop any bacterial bronchitis, you should try to lead a healthy life, often outdoors, to harden, to get vaccinated against flu and support your immune system. With all the recommendations of doctors, the human body starts to recover after 3 - 4 days.