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Does bronchitis without fever

Who among us has not suffered from bronchitis? There is hardly a man. Bronchitis is fever, cough, General malaise. But bronchitis without fever, too, sometimes. As far as this phenomenon is dangerous, why this is happening – the questions and try to answer.

problema bronhita

First, let's understand what exactly is bronchitis. It is an inflammatory disease of the bronchi – the tubes that connect the lungs with the trachea. The nature of this disease may be different, viral and bacterial. As a rule, the first person ill with SARS or influenza, which, as we all know, viral diseases. Then joins a bacterial infection it's bronchitis. But sometimes there is bronchitis which was caused by atypical pathogens: chlamydia, Mycoplasma. The cause of the disease and can serve as potent substances that were in the human respiratory tract.

Bronchitis without fever - is it good or bad

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The increase in body temperature for colds is the response of the human immune system to the threat of viruses and bacteria. Therefore, it is considered that the high temperature at cold is good. They say that the body overcomes the immune system works. In the case of bronchitis, a lot will depend on what is bronchitis, because it is of several types. So let's understand.

  1. Acute bronchitis. Is often a complication of viral infections or flu. This form of bronchitis, usually accompanied by high fever and severe General condition of the patient (especially children).
  2. Obstructive bronchitis. This kind of disease is accompanied by swelling of the lungs, the patient develops not only cough, and severe shortness of breath. This form of the disease may occur without hyperthermia (raising the temperature). It will depend on the characteristics of each individual organism.
  3. Chronic bronchitis. It occurs if no adequate treatment of acute bronchitis. In this disease the patient cough, shortness of breath, General weakness. And it's almost always normal or slightly elevated temperature.
  4. Bronchitis recurrent. Most often it affects children, several times over a short period of time. As the body gets used to this disease it can flow without a temperature.

As you can see, the bronchitis will occur with fever or without it, depends on its type and characteristics of the organism.

How to treat bronchitis

Regardless of the temperature or without it leaking bronchitis, to treat this diseaseshould only doctor.

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After all, under his symptoms may be hiding such a dangerous disease like pneumonia. And with this disease to be trifled with. Therefore, without experienced doctor armed with a stethoscope, can not do. However, you can and should use the common recommendations that will lead to a speedy recovery:

  • drink plenty of fluids (water, tea, juice) – it will help to liquefy the phlegm and facilitate the expectoration;
  • moisturize the air in the room where the patient;
  • take herbal teas, which will help the rapid discharge of phlegm;
  • do inhalations with soda or herbs;
  • provide constant fresh air into the room;
  • do not smoke or breathe tobacco smoke – this will only aggravate the cough;
  • take drugs to enhance immunity;
  • enrich your diet with vitamin products;
  • you can use warming compresses and bandages.

To bronchitis not to hurt

mehanizm obstrukcii bronhov

It can be argued that bronchitis without elevated temperature – a clear sign of problems in the immune system. Quite often this phenomenon occurs in children because their immune system is not yet formed until the end. If the body does not react to the disease, then you need to help him:

  • in spring and autumn guzzle a course of vitamins with minerals;
  • during colds take drugs that enhance the immune system;
  • be sure to do preventive vaccination against influenza (especially children, the elderly and pregnant women);
  • rationally eat, full rest, exercise, in General, lead a healthy lifestyle;
  • try to promptly cure colds, and to avoid them.

Secrets of folk medicine

polza moloka pri bronhite

The main thing in the treatment of bronchitis - not so much to deal with themselves a cough, how to make it more productive. This will help expedite the release of mucus from the bronchi, and with it from germs.

In any form of bronchitis can not do without strong medicine. However, to alleviate the symptoms, you can use simple recipes of traditional medicine that is proven over many decades.

  1. Make an infusion of sage, Linden and elder flowers in a ratio of 1:1:1. A day drink 3-4 cups. It is a diaphoretic will help to quickly cope with the disease.
  2. A very effective poultice with turpentine. For its preparation take 100 gramsturpentine, 50 g of beeswax. These ingredients should be melted on low heat. After add 1 spoon of honey. Give the part to cool slightly and then blend a few spoonfuls of the mixture to the area of the bronchi, after placing a piece of gauze. Do the procedure at night. The effect occurs, as a rule, already after 2 days of using the medication.
  3. Hot milk with the addition of Loja (goat fat) is a wonderful remedy for bronchitis, especially chronic. Take 300 g of milk, add 1 tbsp. and 1 tbsp. honey. Drink warm in the morning and evening and you will forget what is bronchitis.

Treatment of bronchitis is not accompanied by fever, does not differ from the ordinary treatment of bronchitis. Importantly, the lack of temperature was not misled. After all, the main task is to cure the disease and to prevent its overflow in the chronic form.