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How to treat bronchitis of the smoker?

If diagnosed with smoker's bronchitis, how to treat this disease? This want to know many people who abuse tobacco. Constant bronchitis on the background of a large experience of tobacco use is a separate disease, namely, a bronchitis of the smoker. Treatment of smoker's bronchitis always precedes the elimination of tobacco. That systematic aspirated into the lungs of cigarette smoke causes permanent damage to the internal parts of the bronchi. Usually this pathology is spills over into the chronic form. And people who do not smoke, we should remember that bronchitis of the smoker is not a satellite exclusively active smokers. Those who live together with consumers of cigarettes, are also prone to this disease.

problema bronhitaThe so-called experienced lovers of cigarettes is almost always in one way or another have chronic bronchitis. Long-term irritation of the bronchial mucosa leads also to the fact that they become extremely vulnerable to all negative processes. Because of this smokers often suffer from bronchial diseases and colds.

The treatment of bronchitis of the smoker is impossible without abandoning cigarettes.

Signs of bronchitis of the smoker

kurenie kak prichina bronhitaSmokers with the experience of living away from big cities, environmentally friendly wooded areas or near a body of water, bronchitis occurs later and affects the body less compared to those smokers who live in industrial areas or in areas with high air pollution.

On the occurrence and course of bronchitis of the smoker is affected by:

  • the experience of the smoker, daily intake of cigarettes;
  • cold background and way of life of a lover of tobacco;
  • a weak immune system;
  • occupation, environmental conditions;
  • stay in the right time and recreation, healthy diet, moderate exercise.

Permanent smoker's bronchitis has the stages, which is not expressed too clearly:

The first stage - cough in the morning. It is characterized by signs of:

sravnenie normalnyh bronhov i pri bronhite

  • initially weak and rare, then turns into a persistent cough in the morning (with viscous secret, often dark in color, and pus);
  • shortness of breath even at low loads, for example, when walking the stairs to the fourth floor with slow steps;
  • colds with complications and hacking cough.

The second stage is the stage of physiological development. Is expressed that the above-mentioned signs are added:

  • shortness of breath when breathing with the occurrence of syncope;
  • coughing at the sudden inhalationair;
  • palpitations when a sudden gust of wind or the cold on the street.

The third stage indicates the actual beginning of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, manifested by such signs as:

  • the emergence of severe shortness of breath even with minimal motor activity;
  • complication of breathing in the supine position;
  • chronic cough;
  • persistent violations of metabolism in the body.

Complications of chronic bronchitis Smoking

The most terrible complication of chronic bronchitis of the smoker is progressive obstructive pulmonary disease. It is an irreversible pathology that cannot be cured. It occurs mostly in people who smoke for decades. Her risk increases if you start to get addicted to cigarettes at a young age.

The smoker's bronchitis leads to destruction of the bronchi that reduces the amount of oxygen in the blood and a change in the gas constituents.

Shortness of breath is also a faithful companion of chronic bronchitis, and in combination with other symptoms it ends in respiratory failure and death.

Violated and functioning of absolutely all internal organs and systems, including the brain, leading to dizziness and forgetfulness. Pronounced peaks in the electrocardiogram and pains in the sternum.

Treatment of pathology

konsultaciya vrachaExperts unanimously claim that there is no cure for chronic bronchitis of the smoker can not be successful if the person continues, despite everything, to get involved in tobacco products. To treat this disease, without waiting for the degradation, and only noticed the first symptoms: morning cough and mild shortness of breath. But, as already pointed out, even the first steps in healing can be done without a complete quitting Smoking.

On the first day the patient refused to smoke, it seems that he, on the contrary, it gets worse, cough can not tolerate, it actually suffocates the person. But, actually, it's a sign of the approaching redemption: the mucous membrane of the respiratory system without the usual aggression of tobacco smoke and tar finally was able to start the recovery.

For the treatment of chronic bronchitis is Smoking, drugs used in helping to relax muscles of the bronchi, reduces the viscosity of sputum mucolytic agent, and in addition, anti-inflammatory medication, antibiotics (if necessary). But all of these drugs can be used only if the patient has no allergies to medicines.

Physical therapy is also effective, but only after the relief of inflammation and consult with your doctor. Separately it is necessary to notice that self-treatment of coughsmoker in the home is categorically unacceptable.