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The symptoms and treatment of acute bronchitis

In the diagnosis of such diseases as acute bronchitis, the symptoms play a vital role. Acute bronchitis is called inflammation of the bronchi (branches of the trachea) that is caused by the same harmful microorganisms, whose activity leads to the development of common cold or flu. The course of bronchitis accompanied by excessive secretion of mucus.

problema bronhitaIn itself the presence in the bronchi of mucus is normal as it helps the body naturally get rid of dust and harmful bacteria that enter the respiratory tract along with the inhaled air. Tiny cilia covering the surface of the mucous membrane of the respiratory tract, with his constant movement and remove the mucus along with the dust.

Bronchitis mucus emits about 15 times more than required for normal operation. The cilia are literally drowning in mucus and are unable to protect the respiratory system from falling back irritants that only increases the volume of secreted mucus. A cough. Otharcivatmi cough viscous the mucus will be yellow or grey tint.

Signs of the disease

Acute bronchitis begins as an ordinary cold, but later the principal inflammatory processes localized in the chest.

ostryj bronhitAs mentioned above, bronchitis inflammation of the bronchial cells and increases production of mucus, which can clog the Airways and impede breathing, partially blocking the flow of air into the lungs.

The emergence in the bronchi of excess mucus, the body responds by coughing. This is the mechanism designed to remove excess mucus and restore the normal functioning of the respiratory system. Bronchitis may be accompanied by pain in the upper part of the chest, which during the coughing spells become stronger. Bronchitis, like a cold or flu, occurs with increasing temperature. You're wheezing.

Most people do not expect serious consequences, unless, of course, they will be treated. Significant complications of this disease can occur in heavy smokers, asthmatics and people with breathing polluted air. People in these categories are frequent relapses of the disease, or rather its overflow in the chronic form.

For people suffering from heart failure for a long period of illness can be dangerous. If you suddenly find yourself in otharcivatmi cough sputum blood, immediately run to the doctor, because such impurities are signs of pneumonia, that is pneumonia.

Treatment of acute bronchitis

title="the Use of inhalation in acute bronchitis" alt="Benefit of inhalation in acute bronchitis">Self-treatment of acute bronchitis in adults is based on compliance with bed rest in a warm room without drafts. The patient is recommended to drink as much warm herbal broth (can be purchased in the pharmacy of the chest) or at least tea with lemon.

Welcome application purchased at a pharmacy over-the-counter expectorants, designed to help the patient bring the phlegm from the bronchial tubes. To bring the temperature down to a normal level, you can use paracetamol or acetylsalicylic acid.

Excellent for bronchitis help inhalation with essential oils or hot potato. The cough becomes not so difficult if a good warm up and steam.

Despite the fact that coughing can't sleep, try not to take cough drops, which prevent the output of sputum.

If within a few days of self treatment you will not feel any relief, breathing is still hard, and the temperature will remain high, better go to the hospital or call the doctor at home.

With frequent relapses of bronchitis should consult a doctor because this is a sure sign that the disease spills over into the chronic form, which leads to irreversible lung damage.

konsultaciya vracha pri ostrom bronhiteIf treatment occurs under medical supervision, much depends on the correct use of prescribed medicines in accordance with defined schedules and doses. In order to facilitate breathing, a doctor may prescribe drugs that enhance the bronchi, upon receipt of which breathing becomes much easier. As a rule, inhalers. If the disease is bacterial based, recipe must be included antibiotics.

If there is a suspicion that the patient has pneumonia, can be assigned to chest x-ray. Depending on the obtained results, the attending physician will be assigned to the appropriate treatment with possible hospitalization, because there is a threat of life of the patient.

Treatment of acute bronchitis in a hospital is less than a week (to ten days). Accurate diagnosis with all the symptoms and circumstances of the disease. If you suspect a bacterial cause of bronchitis will require analysis of the bacterial sputum culture.

Typically, acute bronchitis can be cured safely in a week. The essence of treatment is to alleviate discomfort, bring the patient the main symptoms. Antibioticsrequired only if the development of the disease caused by harmful microorganisms, which destroy the human immune system isn't able. Antibiotics can be prescribed as prophylaxis of secondary infection, in that case, if the patient has emphysema, asthma or other diseases in the chronic form.

Preventive measures

zdorovyj obraz zhizni dlya profilaktiki ostrogo bronhitaIf you are sick, try to use individual dishes, when coughing cover your mouth with a handkerchief or hand to avoid spreading infections and infections of your surroundings.

In order not to get sick with bronchitis, you need to:

  1. Forget about tobacco products. Smokers more often suffer from respiratory diseases. Occur these diseases they have a much heavier and more likely possible complications.
  2. Try not to have contact with people suffering from bronchitis, a cold or flu. Most often, the virus enters the human body when in contact with patients. If you still have to deal with a cold from the people, do not forget about the existence of a medical mask.
  3. Working with chemical compounds and drugs, it is necessary to use individual protection equipment that prevents the inhalation of harmful substances.
  4. Knowing that you have a respiratory Allergy and bronchial asthma, you need to consider all possible measures for the prevention of colds and bronchitis in this particular case.
  5. To lead a healthy lifestyle: a healthy body with a healthy protective system much more successfully resists various diseases and infections, rather than sick and weak.

If you have symptoms of acute bronchitis you should address to the doctor. He will appoint the necessary treatment, which can be done at home, if there are any complications.