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The symptoms and treatment of bronchitis in pregnancy

Bronchitis during pregnancy is one of the most frequently offered diagnoses in autumn and spring. The main reason for the development of respiratory diseases in pregnant women is a failure of the immune system because of hormonal imbalance. In the period of carrying a child a woman tries to protect herself and the unborn baby from various infections, but it doesn't always work.

problema bronhita pri beremennosti

Why develop bronchitis?

The development of bronchitis most often caused by the following factors:

  1. Hypothermia of the mother during adverse weather conditions.
  2. Inhalation of polluted air can also cause the development of this disease. And in this case no mention of the harmful factor that influences in a production environment. A pregnant women disease of the respiratory system can cause contaminated exhaust air of the city or cigarette smoke.
  3. Dust in the apartment or other premises, which are often pregnant. In addition to sensitization of the organism, it can be the cause of the development of bronchitis during pregnancy.
  4. Bacterial and viral component of the disease is often primary, and all others, as a rule, play a secondary role.

pereohlazhdenie - prichina bronhitaThere are other predisposing factors. They are directly a disease of the respiratory system in pregnant women cause can not, however create a favourable precondition for its development. These include the following:

  1. Diseases of the internal organs women with symptoms of stagnation, for example, diseases of the vascular system with a characteristic stagnation in the pulmonary circulation.
  2. The presence of inflammatory lesions or chronic diseases of the respiratory system or teeth.
  3. Genetic predisposition of the mucociliary apparatus of the bronchial tree to diseases of inflammatory Genesis.
  4. Harmful habits of the mother, for example, alcoholism, or intake of drugs.

How is the bronchitis?

Due to the decrease of the immune defense reactions in the pregnant woman's body pathogens, getting back to the air, not filtered, and are free to settle. While pathogenic bacteria or virus deposited on mucosal tissue that covers the trachea and the bronchial tree.

Interacting with epithelial cells, the pathogen causes inflammation, which is accompanied by exudative discharge a mucous or purulent character. The mucous membranes of the bronchi become swollen. All this leads to the development of obstructiveprocess and the appearance of the first symptoms of bronchitis in pregnant.

Is it dangerous to get sick with bronchitis?

zadymlennyj vozduh - prichina bronhitaOn the health of the mother and fetus affects not only inflammation, but medication intended for treatment of this pathological process.

The gynecologist trying to calm the patient, pointing out that he has acute bronchitis on the health of either the mother or the baby does not have much impact. But it must be treated promptly, because the untreated disease may be complicated by pneumonia. It is more severe, and in addition, will require more complex therapy.

What can threaten the inflammation of the bronchi in case of untimely administered medical treatment?

Possible consequences:

  1. May be interrupted pregnancy. It wasn't so much the disease itself, and how much from its symptomatic manifestations. The clinical picture of bronchitis is manifested in the form of coughing, provoked by abjointed sputum. If it is severe and prolonged, then the voltage is most of the muscle structures, including stretched abdominal muscles and uterus. It enhances the tone of the uterus, which can cause abortion in any trimester.
  2. Long flowing bronchitis can cause fetal hypoxia. As is known, the mucosa of the respiratory tract in this pathology swollen, its lumen narrows. All this leads to violation of ventilation of lung tissue and reduce the amount of oxygen received by the blood of the maternal body. Subsequently, his lack of feel and the toddler in the womb. Accordingly, prolonged fetal hypoxia leads to adverse consequences.
  3. The ingress of the pathogen of bronchitis in the blood stream at different complications of the disease can lead to intrauterine infection of the fetus. This, in turn, becomes the cause of development of pathology of the internal organs, and infectious lesions of the nervous system of the fetus.
  4. Adverse effects of medicinal drugs used in the treatment of the complicated course of diseases of the respiratory system. First and foremost you need to fear any antimicrobial agents. In the annotation of most of them are written about the undesirable use during pregnancy. They are trying to assign only in extreme cases.

What is bronchitis?

suhoj i boleznennyj kashel pri bronhiteAs a rule, the inflammatory process in the bronchi occurs on the background of the development of respiratory infections. Bronchitis during pregnancy nodifferent from the classic form of the disease. The first symptoms that a woman complains, are the following:

  • the voice becomes husky;
  • there is a significant pain when swallowing solid foods, mushy foods;
  • there is a dry cough, accompanied by a feeling of rawness in the throat.

With the development of inflammation enhanced cough. Sometimes he can be accompanied by occurrence of pain symptoms in the retrosternal space and the lower parts of the peritoneum. When properly conducted treatment of the inflammatory process subsides, and the dry cough becomes productive and begins to move away phlegm). It is often abundant mucous or Muco-purulent character.

Symptoms of intoxication vary in different cases. Its manifestations depend on the type of pathogen that caused the disease. However, most often bronchitis in pregnant women is accompanied by fever, headache and General weakness.

The diagnosis is quite simple. In this case, the doctor focuses on patient complaints and data of objective inspection. On examination revealed the following symptoms:

konsultaciya vracha

  • hard breathing with a distinctive wheeze;
  • if breathing is wet (late presentation), it is accompanied by purulent secretions;
  • in the same period appear moist rales, which are enhanced with increasing respiratory activity.

In a laboratory study of the blood-specific signs of inflammation often are not detected. Cytological examination of the discharge from the pharynx revealed increased leukocytosis and a large number of macrophages. Bacteriological or virological research, appointed according to the testimony, can help to identify the causative agent and to determine the direction of therapy.

How to cure bronchitis in a pregnant?

If pregnant women are identified early signs of symptoms of bronchitis, she immediately recommended rest and bed rest. In the period of raising the temperature is necessary to drink plenty of liquids. For this purpose, herbal tea, Linden, chamomile, or raspberry. These plants in their functions are natural antibacterial agents that helps to fight against bacterial microflora. As a tonic medicines, and to stimulate the immune system, doctors suggest to drink broth hips and tea with lemon.

For the relief of pain in the throat, you can use inhalations with alkaline mineral water, purchased at the pharmacy. You can gargle with herbal infusions of chamomile, sage or eucalyptus. They will remove local inflammation and facilitates expectoration.

Treatmentprolonged dry cough in pregnant women allows for the use of drugs, thinning mucus.

Often in this case used drugs mucolytic group, for example, Mukaltin or Bromhexine.

Timely access to a doctor and properly conducted treatment allow the pregnant woman to avoid serious complications of bronchitis, safely carry and give birth to a healthy baby.