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What you need to treat chronic bronchitis?

Not many know the features of chronic bronchitis, how to treat it and how with this disease to fight. The disease is characterized by progressive inflammation in the bronchi. Chronic bronchitis is diagnosed if cough persists for more than 3 months. The situation repeated for 2 years. This framework was chosen according to a specific algorithm in order to avoid confusion in diagnosis.

problema bronhita

Causes and symptoms of chronic bronchitis

To cause disease can a variety of factors, these include:

nasledstvennost - prichina bronhita

  1. Infection. This includes bacterial, viral and atypical pathogens. However, this factor is enough to develop chronic forms of the disease.
  2. Heredity. Some people have noted an innate feature of the bronchial tree. It makes the bronchial tubes sensitive to many harmful environmental factors.
  3. Tobacco smoke. Smokers are at risk.
  4. Harmful working conditions. Dusty areas, air pollution - all this leads to the deposition of microparticles in the bronchi, which contributes to the development of the inflammatory process.
  5. Chemical pollutant. A pair of chemical compounds is able to settle in the bronchi, causing inflammation.
  6. Climatic conditions. This factor affects the development of bronchitis is extremely rare.
  7. Decrease in immunity. The weakened functions of an organism allow it to penetrate the infection.

Chronic bronchitis begins to manifest a cough. This symptom is the most basic. By its intensity it is possible to identify the disease. Along with a cough and shortness of breath. Its appearance is affected by an active inflammatory process. Over time, there is phlegm. Initially it's rare and in small quantities, then mucus occur with each coughing fit. In addition to these symptoms clearly listening wheezing. In severe disease there is hemoptysis. However, this symptom does not apply to typical manifestations of bronchitis.

In identifying the above symptoms should seek help at the hospital. Especially, if the symptoms persist and become more severe.

Basic rules for treatment of bronchitis

upotreblenie dostatochnogo kolichestva vodyRule # 1. The first thing a person needs to provide full rest. He needs more rest and drinking enough fluids. Attention should be paid to herbal teas and juices. Stay in the cold climate impliesdrinking tea with raspberry and lime.

Rule # 2. Inflammation of the bronchi can be accompanied by discomfort in the nasopharynx. The rejection of the spicy and irritating food would be the best solution.

Rule # 3. The air in the room of the victim should always be moist. To ensure the fulfillment of this condition will help a special humidifier or hanging wet towels in the room.

Rule # 4. In chronic bronchitis people bothering excessive sweating. This suggests that it is necessary to dress for the weather.

Rule # 5. If you smoke less than 20 years it makes sense to quit this addiction. If the man smokes all his life, it will not help him to cope with bronchitis.

Rule # 6. It is necessary to abandon a harmful work environment.

Rule # 7. When you restore well-being should before bed to spend time in the fresh air. This will improve the ventilation of the lungs and saturate them with oxygen.

Rule # 8. You need to harden the body.

Rule # 9. Immunity promotes massage.

Rule # 10. It should strictly follow the doctor's recommendations.

Eliminating bronchitis with medication

medikamentoznoe lechenie bronhitaFor treatment of bronchitis use of the drug several groups:

  1. Antibacterial medicines. They are actively fighting the major pathogens of the disease. Use them depending on the severity of the disease. The preference for such medicines, as Flemoklav, Macropen, Fromilid and Cefixime. The duration of treatment is 5-10 days.
  2. Anti-viral drugs. Their action is directed at eliminating the main virus that caused the development of bronchitis. Among the recommended drugs include interferon, Aflubin, Arbidol and.
  3. Antipyretics help to cope with increased body temperature. Are used when necessary. Preference is given Aspirin, Ibuprofen and Paracetamol.
  4. Expectorant drugs. Their action is aimed at removing mucus from the lungs. Deal with it the following drugs: Mucosolvan, Fluditec and Mukaltin.

Modern methods of dealing with bronchitis involve the use of multivitamins and medications to strengthen the immune system. Medical eliminate chronic forms of the disease allows you to maintain the General health of the person. There is the pessimistic fact: to get rid of the disease is not possible.

Complementary therapies

A comprehensive treatment of bronchitis includes physiotherapy. Thanks to them, we can delay the inflammatory processes and reduce pain. One of the most effective ways of dealing with bronchitisare:

gorchichniki pri bronhite

  • UHF-therapy;
  • irradiation with ultraviolet rays;
  • microwave therapy;
  • treatment using mud, paraffin wax and clay;
  • electrophoresis;
  • halotherapy.

Especially popular are the different compresses, baths or application. Perfect mustard. At the point of attachment irritation, contributing to the expansion of blood vessels. This allows you to actively influence the blood supply of the bronchi and withdraw the phlegm of them. Similar action have banks.

Universal remedy for chronic bronchitis is the pepper patch. Due to the components included in its composition could have a positive impact on the respiratory system. Before you apply the patch, the overlap area is wiped with a special antiseptic solution. It can change after 2-3 days. To complete the treatment will help heat ointments and balms, in particular Arius and mustard balm.

An effective method of dealing with bronchitis is the use of inhalation.

They contribute to the increased blood supply and removal of infection from the respiratory tract. The basis of inhalation can be a medicine, in particular Rivanola, Furatsilina Dioksidin and.

In the period of improvement should be addressed by physiotherapy. It includes exercises to strengthen breathing. When you select start from the patient's General condition and severity of the disease.

Choose an effective and quality treatment can only a doctor. When negative symptoms you must immediately go to the hospital.

Folk methods of dealing with bronchitis

Recipe No. 1. Clear the airway and alleviate the condition will help the lime infusion. You need to take one tablespoon of the main ingredient and pour a glass of boiling water. To insist the remedy should be for a hour, take 2 times a day one glass.

Recipe №2. Similarly, the action has an infusion of thyme. The ingredients are taken in the same proportions. Infused for thousands of hours, and then filtered. To use the medication you need to until the negative symptoms will not pass.

Recipe No. 3. Licorice root is poured into 500 ml of boiling water and bring it to boil on low heat. After cooling, the broth must strain and take a tablespoon up to 4 times a day.

Recipe No. 4. You need to boil 1.5 liters of water and add 400 g of bran. Warm infusion to drink as a tea.

Recipe №5. For the preparation of tasty and healthy recipe, you need to mash 2 bananas. Then the ingredients, pour a glass of water with sugar. The resulting mixtureis heated and is used in strong cough.

To cure chronic bronchitis folk remedies will fail. However, there is a high probability to get rid of negative symptoms and to improve the General condition.