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How to treat purulent bronchitis?

Purulent bronchitis may occur due to the acute form of the disease, if the treatment was administered drugs that are unable to fight viruses. In this case, the acute bronchitis into a more complex form. If the patient has a strong cough, exhausting him day and night, be sure to consult a doctor. It is necessary for professionals undertook a complete review of released during cough sputum microflora that will allow you to assign a quality treatment that will lead to a speedy recovery.

problema gnojnogo bronhita


Purulent form of acute bronchitis differs from a significant release when you cough mucoid sputum that contains pus. It is a chronic bronchitis often becomes purulent, in which the amount of sputum the patient during the day can reach 250 ml. of Allocation are very thick, and sometimes the patient requires a lot of effort to cough up. The body temperature of the patient can rise to 38° C and kept for several days. Also often there are features such as attacks of shortness of breath, pain in the chest and all the muscles that occur during coughing. Sometimes it is the appearance of shortness of breath causes the patient to seek help to the doctor.

Due to feelings of constant fatigue the patient may experience sweating. This condition comes on the background of a weakened immune system. If time does not provide medical care, then the probability of transition of the disease in a more complex form, such as pneumonia or tuberculosis. Exacerbation of disease may occur because of a cold, allergies, a strong surge or stress.

The treatment of purulent bronchitis

vysokaya temperatura pri bronhiteOften the attending doctor prescribes antibiotics, for example, Azitroks, Amoxiclav, Ceftriaxone or Ofloxacin. To improve the expectoration of sputum, the patient uses antihistamines and mucolytic drugs, such as Mucosolvan, Geelix, Suprastin and Tavegil. If there is swelling, to remove it and expand the bronchi, used Aminophylline. Good effect in the treatment you can get from taking Immunostimulants (interferon or Genferon®), and vitamins.

Treatment is prescribed after careful analysis of secreted purulent sputum. Can be assigned to the bronchoscopy with which help determine exactly which bacteria become causative agent of the disease. Such procedures may carried out several times with an interval of 3 to 7 days. Only on the basis of the test results, the doctor prescribes specific medicines, their dosage and coursereception. Chronic bronchitis may be accompanied by infection. To prevent this, the doctor prescribes aspirin. During the first 3 weeks, the dose may reach up to 0.5 g of the drug, the improvement of the dose gradually reduced.

Acute period of the disease is in the hospital or at home depending on the condition of the patient and is decided in each individual case. But bed rest is required in any situation. The room in which the patient is located should be regularly ventilated, preferably 2 times a day. Should be carried out daily wet cleaning and to ensure that the air in the room was not dry.

preparaty dlya lecheniya bronhitaIn addition to the medical drugs prescribed inhalation of Berodual or Amboroxol. In the absence of elevated temperature prescribed physiotherapy, for example, electrophoresis with the use of Dimexidum or potassium iodide. This procedure affects the bronchi and the area of the roots of the lungs.

It is useful to massage: sputum after such a procedure will significantly improve, therefore the treatment will be more successful. To perform massage you can trust the specialist with a massage or spend it at home. Appoint medical gymnastics, exercises for which the specialist picks up. When the acute phase of the disease, you need each day to walk in the fresh air, trying not to SuperCool.

In addition to the main treatment, the doctor is required to appoint abundant drink: for this approach the warm tea with raspberry or currant, milk any honey, juices and fruit drinks. Very useful to drink a decoction prepared from anti-inflammatory herbs (chamomile, plantain, sage).

Traditional treatments

You can use with birch twigs, which are swelling of the kidney. You have to take 1 liter milk and add the 2 tbsp pre-chopped twigs. About 2 hours the mixture is stewed on a slow fire until the liquid volume is reduced to 0.5 liter, after which it should be filtered. In a Cup, pour 100 ml of the milk and add to it 1 tsp of goat, beef or mutton fat. Such a remedy need to drink warm in small SIPS in the morning and afternoon. The evening should pour 200 ml of milk and add to it a tablespoon of fat. During treatment it is useful to do and compresses the chest using the fat.

There is a delicious remedy for the treatment of purulent bronchitis. For its preparation you need to squeeze the juice from the berries of wild strawberry and a glass of liquid, add 3 tbsp milk. This drink should drink every day (200 ml).

You can make tea fromcollection of herbs (dried and crushed). To do this, take 1 tbsp. l. herb lemon mint and thyme flowers, oregano, Linden and rose hips. Gathering herbs pour boiling water and drink as tea.

As an expectorant used a decoction of grass mother and stepmother and plantain leaves, taken in equal proportions. 2 tbsp mixture of chopped herbs, pour 1.5 l water and bring to a boil, using the broth in the form of heat half a Cup up to 3 times a day for a month.

If treated properly and the patient carefully follow all recommendations of the attending physician, purulent bronchitis can be overcome in 2 weeks.

It is important to avoid serious complications, which can lead to protracted healing process.