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As inhalations for bronchitis at home?

Inhalation therapy at home bronchitis is an integral part of the treatment, which plays a huge role in the recovery of the sick person. Bronchitis is a disease faced by almost every second person on the planet, and it does not matter what his age.

problema bronhita

Reasons that can cause the development of bronchitis can be a viral infection in the human body or the influence of the vapor of various substances, not even tobacco smoke. As a result, there is a loss of the bronchial mucosa, which appears quite severe cough, begins to stand out in a large number of sputum, swollen soft tissue.

To treat such diseases as bronchitis, it is really at home. Modern specialists recommend to use to treat problems such as drugs, folk remedies, particularly inhalations. With their help you can easily restore the bronchi to help them get rid of the mucus, it becomes much easier to breathe, lost a different kind of pain.

How often do inhalation

polza ingalyacij pri bronhiteTime the procedure need to calculate individually, but in the treatment of bronchitis do not need too much to get involved inhalation, especially when it comes to children. Warm up the bronchi with the help of a couple of child can be no more than 5 minutes. In the case of adults, this time can be increased up to 10 minutes. It is important to remember a simple rule: the result will not depend on the duration of inhalation, and from its frequency. In the first few days of the disease inhalations is about 4 times a day, then their number reduced to 2, and heated bronchial trouble only in the morning and just before bedtime.

What can be achieved through inhalation

Inhalation is the most safe and natural way to treat bronchitis, which shows a good result. This procedure has a very positive effect on the human body.

The positive side to the use of inhalations for the treatment of bronchitis the following:

  • there is a local effect on the body, with no load on other organs;
  • the disease runs much faster than the treatment only with medicines;
  • amplified effects on the body other medicines;
  • the risk of complications and side effects is reduced in several times;
  • treated with inhalation bronchitis can children and pregnant women;
  • this procedure can easily carry out at home, and the treatment process is incredibly simple.

Ascarry out the procedure

How to do inhalation? This question need to study before you begin the procedure, because there are a number of rules that must be strictly adhered to. Among them are the following:

primenenie ingalyacij pri bronhite u rebenka

  1. The procedure should only be carried out in a relaxed home environment, while the trunk has to be tilted just a little. Clothing is best to choose soft, natural fabrics, it should be free and not interfere with breathing, do not squeeze the neck.
  2. It is very important to correctly breathe during the procedure. You need to inhale through the mouth and exhale only through the nose. Breaths should make the most profound, let them be smooth and short breaks - periodic. This breath should be in the presence of severe coughing. If you treat ENT organs, you need to breathe through your nose and exhale through the mouth.
  3. The duration of one session should be about 5-10 minutes per day can do no more than 15 sprays.
  4. During the treatment, it is important to comply with bed rest.
  5. Inhalation should be done only after an hour after a meal.
  6. To make the procedure more effective, you need a lot to drink.
  7. To correctly use the inhaler or nebulizer.
  8. To keep clean.
  9. If the body temperature is too high, the inhalations are contraindicated.

Due to this specificity of the inhalation performance of this method of treatment is considered very effective not only to treat bronchitis, and other inflammatory processes in the respiratory organs. If used for treatment of inhaler or nebulizer, it is possible to cure the disease in a few days, and the number of antibiotics in this case will be minimal that will not as much to harm the human body.

In recent nebulizers are very popular because they have a special nozzle through which you can easily inhale the vapor from infusions of herbs, sprays or other treatment pair.

If you have no special tools, you can replace them with a pan or any convenient capacity and a large towel.

Contraindications to the use of inhalation

vysokaya temperatura - prichina otkaza ot ingalyaciiOf course, inhalation is a very effective method of treatment, but at the same time, there are a few contraindications to their use.

So it is forbidden to do inhalation if:

  • a person has a high fever;
  • the patient is bleeding from the nose.
  • in addition to the bronchitis, there is purulent tonsillitis;
  • swelling of the larynx;
  • person has strongthe tendency to couperose.

It is very common for bronchitis treatment using special herbs. The broth should have a temperature of about 30-40°C. the Vapor to inhale you need at a distance of 20-30 cm above the pot.

Steam inhalations at home against bronchitis

Steam inhalation is considered to be the most simple to implement, and they are accessible to everyone and highly effective. It is enough to boil water, then add pre-cooked herbal. Today there are a lot of mixtures of herbs that will make it possible to treat not only cough with bronchitis, but the disease itself. Most people for treatment using inhalation, when we breathe over jacket potatoes. But the more effective the treatment will be herbal, which not only will cure bronchitis, but will also strengthen the weakened disease the human body.

Herbs to prepare the broth:

travyanoj sbor dlya ingalyacij

  • the same number of leaves of mint, sage and mother and stepmother;
  • the flowers of the elderberry and oregano in the same amount;
  • the leaves of raspberry and mint with sage;
  • collection of eucalyptus leaves, oak, and birch;
  • special collection of conifers: fir, juniper, pine and cedar;
  • the collection of chamomile, sage, peppermint, lavender and lime that you can buy in every pharmacy;
  • raspberry leaves, mother and stepmother, lime flowers.

In order for the result of the treatment was much better alternate inhalation herbal concoctions and infusions with soda inhalation.

Inhalation by decoctions of herbs for bronchitis: recipes

Take the pre-crushed eucalyptus leaves-1 tsp, mix it with pine extract (about one fourth of the cake), add a pill of validol, 1 tsp pulp from garlic. All this must be thoroughly mixed and put in a pan where there is boiling water, or placed in the inhaler and pour boiling water. You can then proceed to the inhalation of the vapors that will heal the bronchitis.

Take a special baking soda (about 2 tablespoons) and carefully dissolve in a liter of boiling water. Such inhalations are completely safe and different from others in that it does not cause any allergic reactions.

In boiling water add a small amount of sea salt and stir until then, until it is completely melted. To this inhalation was more effective, add a few drops of pine oil or eucalyptus.

Prepare a special herbal: 1 tsp mother and stepmother, rosemary, mint, plantain, oregano, 0.5 teaspoon of eucalyptus and Hypericum. All the ingredients must be very thoroughly mixed. Then bring to a boil 1.2 lwater to put in the collection of medicinal herbs. Mix well and immediately remove from heat. Leave it for a while to let the medication have time to infuse. Inhalation of such harvesting medicinal herbs is best done right before bed.

Inhalation is a fast and safe method for the treatment of bronchitis can relieve you from all the unpleasant symptoms within a few days. There will not be any harm to the body.