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How can you get rid of chronic bronchitis forever?

How to get rid of chronic bronchitis? This question is often asked by therapists patients tormented by cough. But such symptoms can lead to incurable diseases and even surgical intervention. My grandmother's old recipes and modern drugs, of course, good, but under the supervision of an experienced specialist. Before you assign yourself something, hurry be tested in the clinic, not to bring more harm to your body. And only after tests we can safely start treatment.

problema hronicheskogo bronhita

Get rid of the bronchitis medicines

Most common viral infection entering our body, causing symptoms similar to a cold: sneezing, nasal congestion, cough. Not giving such signs of special significance, we begin to be treated is known and proven techniques at home without resorting to medical assistance. It seems to us that the fight against colds is successful, but why not pass the cough and fever lasts for several days, although the little? You should think about your health and not to play hide and seek with the disease.

Experts identify several signs of chronic bronchitis:

slabost - priznak hronicheskogo bronhita

  • duration of cough for about a month and more;
  • the appearance of impurities of blood in the sputum;
  • constant fatigue and frequent perspiration;
  • fever;
  • shortness of breath.

If such symptoms are confirmed and you have found them, you should immediately go to the doctor for help. Only he will determine the optimal choice of drugs, will prescribe the dosage that will suggest the best combination. Treatment according to the scheme “a friend got rid of the bronchitis – so good the drug is” absolutely does not fit.

In the treatment of chronic bronchitis the first “go to battle” with the infection antibiotics: Augmentin, Fromilid, Macropen, Azithromycin, Rapamycin. The funds consider derivative of penicillin. Treatment include cephalosporinase drugs. These include Cefazolin, Klaforan, Ceftriaxone, Suprax, Levofloxacin.

The above mentioned drugs administered orally in the form of suspensions, tablets, syrups, and in severe chronic forms – in the form of injections.

If, after the examination have been identified viral causes of disease, prescribe drugs against them. It Genferon®, Interferon. They take no more than ten days.

shema bronhita

Difficulty breathing and shortness of breathcan be removed using drugs that expand the bronchial tubes and will help get rid of phlegm. Bright representative of this group of drugs is aminophylline. The best device for drug administration on mucous in bronchi is the inhaler or nebulizer that is filled with essential oils (menthol, eucalyptus), drugs Flomax, Salbutamol, Theopek. They reduce sputum viscosity, ease breathing and remove spasms.

One of the groups of drugs for the treatment of acute and chronic forms of bronchitis are mucolytic agent. It is well-known Bromhexine, Lasolvan, ACC.

Treatment of chronic bronchitis should be carried out individually and continuously. The important point is insulation from external influences, which can only aggravate the already serious condition. Drug therapy is recommended to Supplement the national. You need high-quality and balanced diet, which will saturate the body with vitamins A, b, C.

Get rid of bronchitis folk remedies

Infusions and decoctions, extracts and oils of medicinal herbs are always effective to help fight diseases. Is no exception and chronic bronchitis. Drink plenty of liquids for a good sweating is carried out with the help of decoction of chamomile, sage, mint, lime blossom, marigold. One tablespoon of any of the above herbs pour two cups of boiling water, bring to a boil, insist in for one hour. Then filtered and consumed as a drink half a Cup during the day.

narodnye sredstva dlya lecheniya bronhita

A good expectorant and soothing remedy is herbal of fennel seeds, pine buds, anise fruits, licorice root and thyme topping. You need to take a teaspoon of all the herbs and mix in a separate bowl. Then two tablespoons collection pour two cups of boiling water and infused for twenty minutes. Then filter and take half a Cup three times a day before meals.

Good folk remedy for the treatment of bronchitis is badger fat, and lard (internal). It take a tablespoon two or three times a day or mixed with honey in equal proportions and RUB into the chest area.

Bee products (honey, propolis, bee bread) are an excellent tool for the treatment of diseases of the upper respiratory tract. Honey (1 tablespoon) combined with warm milk (1 Cup) and a pinch of baking soda will soften the phlegm and will contribute to its early release.

Use the juice and pulp of aloe is directly related to the treatment of bronchitis. For the preparation of drugs suitable leaves, which for several years. You need to chop one of them, mixit with water and Cup of honey. The resulting mixture is boiled on a slow fire for about two hours. Then cool and take a tablespoon three times a day. A very good tool for young children.

All the doctors in the world telling the same truth, that the best method of treatment is prevention.

Clean sea or mountain air, proper nutrition, avoiding harmful habits, intake of tonic herbal decoctions and infusions will help to get rid of bronchitis.

Do not delay going to the doctor, do not start your condition to irreversible consequences. After all, our health depends on us.