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Effective poultices for bronchitis in adults and children

Compresses in bronchitis is, as practice shows, are sufficiently effective treatment of the problem. Therefore, people often use different kinds of poultices for bronchitis, because in this way the disease runs several times faster, and the damage to the body with no or minimal.

polza kompressov pri lechenii bronhita

Bronchitis belongs to the category of dangerous diseases that can cause serious complications. It is important to start treatment as early as possible the development of the problem and not start the disease, because it can very easily turn into chronic. So it would be nice to know about several quite effective methods in the treatment of bronchitis and use them at the first symptoms of the disease.

Good option for treatment is a poultice for bronchitis. They fall directly in the place where the inflammatory process occurs by absorption through the skin very quickly and eliminate the ailment. In addition, there is improved circulation, especially to the diseased area of the body, bronchi most relaxing, breathing and full function is restored.

How to apply a compress for treatment of bronchitis?

shema bronhitaToday there are so many different recipes for treating bronchitis. Each one effective in its own way. But the result of treatment with this compress will still depend on how well you will do. There are a few guidelines that you must apply if you have chosen this method of treatment of the disease

  • impose compresses you need to the chest, back, and feet;
  • in any case, do not apply the compress on the body, place it under the fabric;
  • an excellent result gives a compress left in the night, but it must be very good to consolidate;
  • the place where the compress is wrapped very carefully;
  • if you have a fever, then in any case you cannot use the compresses that are warm, especially for children.

The duration of holding the compress will depend on the severity of the disease and how severe cough with bronchitis. Of course, in addition to the use of compresses, in this case, it is necessary to apply other methods of treatment to bronchitis faster passed. Assign them can only be a specialist, because separate treatment of the inflammatory process may cause serious complications.

Garlic poultice for bronchitis

priznaki bronhitaIn order to prepare this compress, you need to take the head of garlic mediumsize and very well crush her. Then mix with whipped fresh egg.

In the mixture that you get, you need to very carefully wet two fairly large piece of fabric. To make this compress need only over the food wrap, the amount of which should not exceed a few centimeters the size of fabric being used.

Apply the poultice on the chest and back and very well secure it with a large towel. Keep the compress need no longer than an hour. After the wrap is removed, the place where he was put, very well washed and lubricated with cream.

Honey poultice against inflammatory process in the bronchi

Honey poultice is quite effective, and its preparation does not take too much time. Take one tablespoon of mustard powder, honey and flour. All these ingredients must be very well mixed, and make a tight pellet. On his chest lay a thin layer of fabric and on top of this cake. In some cases, the mixture can be divided into two parts and compress more on the back of the patient.

polza meda pri lechenii bronhitaSuch pellets can warm even better than all known mustard. They are often used for the treatment of children.

To the previous ingredients, add a little vegetable oil and put the mixture in the oven for 5 minutes. In this case must have temperature of 50°C. after this time, you can start to make a compress.

If you are going to do the procedure with an adult, you can add a tablespoon of vodka to warm it in a water bath. The dough will be rather sticky, and compress it makes about 20-40 minutes. To perform such heating treatments every day, and literally after 5 packs you will notice that the bronchitis is receding, and the cough and the wheezing in his chest disappear.

You can prepare a special honey-oil compress. To do this, take a teaspoon of honey and oil, put them necessarily in an enamel pan and put on low heat. Stirring constantly, wait until the mass is homogeneous, and there will not be any lumps. Then wait for the next compress to cool and slather it on the chest and back. In no case do not RUB the mixture. Top is necessary to warm the compress.

You can RUB liquid honey in the skin of the patient, and then cover the treated area of the body with a towel. Top, as a rule, imposed special compress paper and warm scarf, preferably wool. Make a poultice at night and remove it in the morning.

Potato poultice

alt="Benefits of potatoes in the treatment of bronchitis">a Compress of potato is probably the oldest, but no less effective method of treatment.

To prepare a poultice, it is sufficient to boil the potatoes right in the skin. Then you need it and mash while it is hot, put on a thick cloth.

Apply this poultice on the chest of the patient.

Keep it up until the potatoes are completely cool.

This compress is great for treating children, but you need to ensure that the temperature of the potatoes were not too high.

Packs of vodka

In order to apply a compress of vodka with bronchitis, you need to do the following. First lubricate the breast with warm liquid honey, put not too large napkin which is previously moistened in warm and high-quality vodka.

Important: the vodka should leave plain water in equal proportions. On top of the wrap put plastic wrap or cellophane and insulate this area of the body. Kept up like vodka compress almost daily. In this case it is necessary to change the day and before bedtime. This procedure is in any case can not be used for the treatment of children.

Compresses against bronchitis for kids

To the treatment of children should be taken more seriously and responsibly, because many ways, even from traditional medicine, they may not be suitable. Experts in this area recommend the use for the treatment of children bronchitis the following recipes:

shema kompressa

  1. Oil compress. For its preparation take a towel that is made of fairly tough fabric. Soak it in warm sunflower oil, which is heated in a water bath. Very gently wring out the cloth and wrap with a towel, chest and back child. The heart must remain open.
  2. On top of the towel definitely is superimposed compress paper, wrapped in a woolen scarf. To do this procedure you need for the night and remove in the morning. After the compress is removed, you need to very carefully wipe the skin on the back and chest of a sick child.
  3. Cook 4 medium potatoes that do not need to peel. Add three teaspoons of baking soda. Also in the mix can put a small amount of fresh honey. Sturdy enough to form two cakes that need to be applied on the chest and the back of the baby. Wait until the pellet is completely cool, remove them, and the place where they were, should be very carefully wiped so that the skin remains dry. To do a similar procedure in order to be effective, it must be directly before bedtime. Wrap the baby to propotel. Laterseveral of these procedures from the disease will not be over.

For the treatment of the child can use different kinds of fats.

The most effective is considered to be a goose, pig and badger. They are slightly heated, are applied to the chest and back baby and a very well rubbed into the skin. Thereafter, the child wrapped in a warm blanket. Such rubbing fats can be used for the treatment of an adult. This therapy is like no other suitable for pregnant women, because they can't use many other methods of treatment.