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Features of treatment of allergic bronchitis

Every disease requires treatment, and allergic bronchitis is no exception. This is a complex undertaking, since this disease without proper treatment can lead to tragic consequences. The most important thing is to identify the disease and determine why, where it came from. Only after that start treatment.

problema bronhita

If you want to start?

Allergic bronchitis is a disease which is hard enough to get rid of, and in a short time make it impossible. That is why he is being treated for a long time, comprehensively and systematically. Very important in the treatment to use only an individual approach, since allergies can occur in every person due to the different allergen.

The main method of treatment is a combination of specific forms of treatment and nonspecific. Specific therapy included desensitization of the allergen. In the process of this therapy, a number of procedures that are aimed at reducing sensitivity to a specific allergen. If we describe schematically this process for a long time in the human body the allergen is administered in therapeutic doses, after some time the concentration increases. Injections of this kind are carried out every four or five days.

allergiya - prichina bronhita

The medicine in small amounts is injected just under the skin, but if the dose is large, from 0.5 to 0.9 ml, injected in the shoulder or too under the skin. At all times it is necessary to analyse the skin reactions. There are only a few evaluation options:

  • if papule has a size greater than 20 mm, then it is a warning signal that may develop generalized reaction;
  • if the size of the papule more than thirty millimeters, the dose must be reduced, but the interval of injection should increase.

As soon as tolerance of the allergen would be normal, you can start to treat allergies special supporting devices. This means that the duration between each injection increases significantly.

The attending physician administered the drug in one to two weeks. Support agents are appointed for two years.

Treatment of allergic bronchitis in adults

zdorovaya slizistaya i bronhit

Treat allergic bronchitis adults with special means, as it is not an infectious disease and will not help him expectorant, antibacterial and mucolytic drugs.

Of course, before the appointment of treatment is necessary to identify the allergen and completely remove it from the diet and environment of the patient. Forin order to find it, it is necessary to analyze blood and skin tests. High quality treatment for allergies will be possible, if the source of the disease.

All the adults from treatment of diseases such as allergic bronchitis, can be divided into four components:

  1. To eliminate the pathogen. If the allergen is in the food, it is imperative to exclude. Even those highly allergenic foods, which were not detected in the tests, still it is necessary to remove from the diet. This must be done in order to return the immunity to normal.
  2. The use of antihistamines.

proby dlya poiska allergena

If you have a mixed type of disease, it is necessary to apply sprays or drops, sometimes there are ointments.

  1. Improved immunity. Boost immunity can only be achieved through proper nutrition, moderate physical exercises and hardening.
  2. Additional treatment. This treatment include physical therapy and homeopathy. All these methods help to reduce Allergy symptoms.

During treatment allergic bronchitis need to pay attention to all your negative habits and living conditions. Sometimes at this disease are advised to abandon harmful work or from the contaminated residence. For fast recovery you will need fresh air, sun and water. It is also very important to follow a diet. Foods should be high calorie and have lots of vitamins.

Treatment of bronchitis folk remedies

narodnye sredstva dlya lecheniya bronhita

In addition to the standard medical treatment can be a remedy. But remember that they will not replace the main treatment, is only a secondary intervention in the healing process. Almost every folk remedy in the treatment of bronchitis is aimed at reducing this symptom, like a cough. To bring sputum from the bronchi, you need to take a tincture of licorice root, calendula flowers and fennel seeds. It all pour boiling water and infuse for 15 minutes. Take tincture before meals three times a day for two weeks. If you want you can use other herbs. Be careful, take only proven tinctures.

But still the best option for treatment of allergic bronchitis is honey and aloe. To prepare the mixture, you will need to take a glass of liquid honey, chopped into small pieces of aloe leaves and a good Cahors. The ingredients you need to mix together. Then boil in a water bath and then place in a cool place. Most importantly, in the fridge for themfor you to try. Make you need three times a week for half an hour before meals.

It is important to remember that a remedy is possible only if the disease is not running. Again, to determine this for sure can only be a specialist, so it is not necessary to start treatment even folk remedies. When you want to appoint a self-treatment, think about the fact that because of the wrong treatment can come from allergic bronchitis to bronchial asthma, and it is much worse and more dangerous.

Treatment of bronchitis in children

problema bronhita u detej

Important in the treatment of allergic bronchitis the child to take antihistamines. They were appointed only by the doctor, because you need to correctly calculate the dose according to weight. On cough medicines to be given only at night, so do not disturb the child's sleep. But expectorants medicines you can give throughout the day.

The best way a nebulizer, with the help of it you can head straight to the bronchi to deliver the drug. Basically this drug is Ambroxol. Remember that all is for the treatment must appoint a physician. In allergic bronchitis should not even try to prescribe antibiotics because they useless.

The most successful solution in the treatment of bronchitis in children is desensitization. Thanks to her, there is even the slightest chance that you may develop asthma. This therapy is non-specific, so not all doctors prefer to use it.

As for the popular methods to treat children, not much here to experiment. Since children are quite picky, not all will drink the infusion from a series or from hay dust. So you'll have to look for more traditional methods. Of course, the popular drugs, there is plenty, and for children they are the same as for adults.

As mentioned earlier, no need to lean on the folk medicines as they are not always able to help, and in some cases even cause an allergic reaction. That is why you first need to determine what might cause allergies. Plus consult with your doctor whether you can give a particular tincture to your child.

Treatment of bronchitis should be correct and high quality - then the disease will not develop. But not less important procedure is prevention. If you feel you or your child any discomfort, you should immediately get rid of the irritant and treat the possible pathology of the respiratory system.