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Drug and popular treatment of bronchitis during pregnancy

For many women pregnancy is a happy and beautiful moment in life. But sometimes future mothers need treatment of bronchitis during pregnancy.

problema bronhita pri beremennostiUnstable climatic conditions give rise to acute respiratory diseases, especially in autumn and winter. Along with the bronchitis may come and pharyngitis, rhinitis, tracheitis. But since the woman is pregnant, then it need special treatment, because at this stage it is important to maintain the health of two people. A good specialist will conduct a complete examination and proper diagnosis, prescribe treatment, which will help to quickly get to his feet and without any complications.

How to develop bronchitis during pregnancy

bronhitBronchitis during pregnancy is often due to the fact that a woman's body are viruses and bacteria. Very rarely allergic bronchitis. And there is this: the organisms are in the mucous membrane of the upper respiratory tract, begin to multiply and cause swelling. This inflammation disrupts the blood circulation and gradually descends to the bronchi.

When a person begins to cough, with the cough stands out bronchial mucus or otherwise sputum. Because of poor circulation and bronchial sputum may have conditions that will help the bacterial infection to grow and develop into purulent form.

This disease is dangerous for pregnant women, as during a strong cough from the woman tense up stomach muscles, which in the early stages can occur even miscarriage. That's why it is so bad to be sick with bronchitis at the time when the woman expects a birth of the child.

Signs of the disease

priznaki bronhitaThe first signs of bronchitis are sore throat, dryness and even cough, but without expectoration. Many moms may think that it's just the signs of SARS, that is normal and nothing dangerous cold. You may notice fatigue, fever up to a maximum of 38 degrees, poor appetite, runny nose, and so on. After a week, a small quantity of phlegm and the cough becomes softer.

Bronchial sputum may be:

  • viscous;
  • mucosa;
  • Muco-purulent.

Another may experience bronchospasm, which may occur with occasional cough and difficult breathing. During bronchitis pregnant woman may feel pain in the chest, especially during expiration. Acute bronchitis can last from 1 to 4 weeks. This disease may not have a huge impact on the course of pregnancy, but sometimes the disease can causeintrauterine infection of the fetus.

As for chronic bronchitis, for this stage of the disease characterized by recurrent cough, normal body temperature is 36.6, no drowsiness, tiredness and exhaustion. But pregnancy can cause the return and exacerbation of chronic bronchitis. That is, during pregnancy chronic bronchitis worsens and the risk of intrauterine fetal disease increases many times.

Due to the fact that the infection does not give an easy breathe fully, your body can't oxygenate neither mother nor child. The fetus begins anoxia, which leads to the threat of hypoxia. If hypoxia occurs in the early stages, it can cause abnormalities in the brain, and in the later time it will not allow to develop normally to the baby. To hypoxia is still possible to add toxemia, abortion and premature birth.

Bronchitis treatment during pregnancy

Treatment of bronchitis during pregnancy prescribed by a doctor.

postelnyj rezhim pri bronhiteBut there are General recommendations that should be performed by a future mother, namely:

  1. To stay in bed. It is very important for the matter and the child, as the load on the body is very dangerous during bronchitis and can cause complications. Rest is key to recovery.
  2. Drink as much liquid as possible. Not only is tea with lemon, but water, fruit and vegetable juices, various teas, juice, milk and honey. Warm liquid will soften the unpleasant sensations in the throat and facilitate the excretion of sputum.
  3. Inhalation. Can be done on the basis of club soda and mineral water. Initially, bronchitis is recommended to do a decoction, which includes marshmallow root.
  4. In order to relieve bronchospasm, use ephedrine, aminophylline. Do inhalation treatments ipratropium, salbutamol and many other drugs.
  5. To liquefy phlegm the doctor prescribes special expectorants drugs. It sekretomotornym and mucolytics. Also there are drugs, which are based include Ambroxol, but the doctor may prescribe only on the 2-3 trimester of pregnancy and only in case if it is useful in the treatment of bronchitis and there is not much risk to the baby.

Often, bronchitis can be cured by these methods, but if there is a symptom of purulent infection, the doctor prescribes antibiotics of protected groups. This aminopenicillin, macrolide, cephalosporin. Also the body can to help and make compresses to put jars and mustard.

It so happens that is used the natural treatment of bronchitis during pregnancy. There are many various natural recipes. In the early stagesyou can't take antibiotics, so to treat the disease can natural products.

One of these recipes is this: you need equal quantities, mix the Apple, honey, onion and ingest one tablespoon at least 6 times. But before you use these recipes for yourself, you need to think about the baby: not whether he will be worse than this? Therefore, it is recommended to consult treated doctor.

The danger during bronchitis is always there. The main thing - time to start the treatment on time to avoid unpleasant consequences. In addition to the above dangers, the mother can open the bleeding, there will be hypertonicity of the uterus, the fetus will be a variety of pathology and many more. To treat bronchitis are very important, but if all the drugs recommended to add proper nutrition, healthy walking and following all your doctor's advice, you can quickly recover, and then there will be no complications and the baby will be born healthy and strong.

Preventive measures

konsultaciya vrachaIn order to avoid bronchitis, you need to first get rid of bad habits: Smoking (both active and passive), alcohol consumption. Not only that, they adversely affect the woman's body, and have a devastating impact on the development of the baby in the womb.

Try to walk at least 2 hours a day. You can walk to the Park, to the sea and to sit outside and get some fresh air. You need to ventilate the room in which you often are, and not to forget the bedroom. Also should often do wet cleaning in the apartment. It is necessary that the mucous membrane of the nose dry up and accumulate various germs. Doctors recommend to pre-purchase a humidifier, as you will need it not only during pregnancy but also after: in the baby's room should be constantly wet.

We must try to live in an ecologically clean area, away from plants, factories and any air pollution. You can go to the village, at least during pregnancy. We must not forget about proper nutrition. The baby inside the mother needs to get all the useful vitamins and minerals. From what mom eats will affect the baby's life, its further development. A woman needs to spend less time in places with large crowds, as there you can often catch a cold, which then may develop into acute bronchitis.

As soon as the runny nose, you need to try as soon as possible to get rid of him, that he not aggravated the condition of the pregnant woman. Eat plenty of vitamin C which strengthens the immune system. Before the walk, it is recommended to smear the sinusesa special oil that will keep the virus through the nasal cavity.

It is advisable to get vaccinated against flu to reduce the risk of disease, but the vaccination is forbidden to do in the first trimester of pregnancy. Any viral or bacterial disease is dangerous for the average person, not to mention how they affect the health of the pregnant woman. She should concentrate on safety and preservation of his life and the life of her child.