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Methods for the treatment of bronchitis propolis

Treatment of bronchitis propolis gives a good therapeutic effect. Together with drug therapy, such treatment has a high efficiency and is expressed in the minimum number of seizures and adverse reactions.

propolis dlya lecheniya bronhita


Propolis is a valuable product of beekeeping. Contains a lot of biologically active substances, minerals and trace elements and more. You should know that its composition is not fully understood. But it is known that propolis is a good relief from pain and itching, has antiseptic properties, kills viruses, bacteria and some fungi.

These amazing properties of propolis and centuries-old folk experience allow us to recommend it as the treatment of diseases of the respiratory system.

nastojka propolisaOf propolis tincture prepared that metered use inside:

  1. Alcohol tincture. You can buy in the drugstore or make your own: 10 g propolis pour in rubbing alcohol (vodka) in 100 ml Dishes with the mixture tightly and keep for 10 days in a dark place. During the infusion the mixture should be periodically shaken. Then strain. Store in the refrigerator.
  2. Propolis tincture in water is prepared by infusion in a thermos. Piece (20 grams) to crumble up and pour a glass of hot water (not boiling water). To insist night. Then strain. Store in the refrigerator.

Finished tincture (30 drops) added to tea, diluted with ordinary water and drink with bronchitis three times a day after meals. Alcohol tincture is recommended for adults only. Children are given water. Dosage should check with your doctor.

External use

Good therapeutic effect has propolis as a compress. The procedure has a widening effect on blood vessels, increases blood flow to the area of the body that has anti-inflammatory action. The compress can be applied at any time, following the condition: no high temperature.

kompress s propolisomTo manufacture a piece of propolis soften in hot water, then stretch your fingers to shape the form of thin pellet. A compress applied to the neck or chest and cover with a warm towel and allowed to stand 20 to 30 minutes.

Use propolis as a compress should be wary. Prolonged contact with mucous membranes and skin may cause burns.

For topical application use the ointment, which is prepared as follows:

  • heat the petroleum jelly (50 g) and cocoa butter (100 g);
  • pour the crushed propolis (20 g);
  • the mixture was stirreduntil smooth.

Ointment stored in a cool place. Before you make a rubbing of the chest, it should be slightly warmed (to room temperature).

Inhalation therapy

Propolis inhalation is the most secure and effective way of drug administration.

This procedure uses a special device: inhalers and spacers. It can provide the maximum penetration of medicinal substances of the solution deep into the respiratory system, they act directly on the mucous membrane of the bronchi. The most convenient and common is the metered-dose inhalers, which can be purchased in the pharmacy network.

ingalyaciya s propolisomThe solution is to be poured into the inhaler, preparing the rate of 1 drop propolis tincture in 5 ml of saline.

When there is no inhaler, you can use steam inhalation. This procedure relieves irritation, moisturizes the mucosa, liquefies phlegm. For such inhalation take the vessel (bowl), pour 0.5 liters of hot water and 0.1 l of tincture of propolis. The patient, covered with a towel, needs to inhale the vapors for 5-10 minutes.

The use of propolis not only limited to treatment. It can be used as a prophylactic against colds. For this you need to do is just to chew a bite. Prevention is best done in autumn and spring. The procedure strengthens the gums and improves the condition of the teeth.

Safety first

Honey and other bee products can cause allergies. Starting to take propolis is to observe how the body reacts. If you are experiencing unusual symptoms, the treatment should be stopped and consult the doctor. And this condition like respiratory disorder, may reflect the fact that develops the most dangerous allergic reaction is anaphylactic shock, which without timely medical care can result in death. Therefore, if within half an hour after the ingestion of a new drug or food product begins to catch the throat, you should call an ambulance.

Before taking propolis, consult with a specialist about compatibility with medicinal herbs and pharmaceutical drugs that may have been prescribed by the doctor.

Buying propolis for the treatment, be sure to verify the quality of the product.