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Peculiarities of treatment of bronchitis in adults

Treatment of bronchitis in adults is a complex and lengthy process that requires the attention of a doctor, as any errors or ignoring recommendations can lead to a lot of complications to the human body.

problema bronhita

Bronchitis is an inflammation of the whole of the human respiratory system: bronchi, trachea, airway tubes in the lungs. The most common causes are:

  • viral and infectious disease (in such cases, bronchitis develops as a complication of untreated disease);
  • Smoking, including passive;
  • chemicals in enterprises;
  • the cold, moist air, prolonged hypothermia;
  • diseases associated with stagnation of blood in the pulmonary circulation;
  • chronic sinusitis, sinusitis;
  • the trauma of a thorax;
  • polluted air on the street.

Types of bronchitis in adults

shema ostrogo bronhitaIn order to understand how to treat bronchitis, you need to define the view of that sick man. In medicine diagnose these types of diseases:

  1. Allergic. The cause of the disease becomes certain allergen. Just the right definition of this allergen will allow you to learn how to cure bronchitis.
  2. Tracheal. This disease is a combined form in which the virus first causes inflammation of the trachea and then the bronchi is striking.
  3. Obstructive. This form is more common in children than in adults.
  4. Sharp. The disease occurs rapidly and requires immediate treatment.
  5. Chronic. This species occurs from improper treatment of bronchitis or other types of viral infectious diseases of the nasopharynx. This species is divided into several subtypes:
  • simple non-obstructive, with the breath of the person is normal;
  • purulent non-obstructive, breathing is also not changed;
  • obstructive changes in breathing, appear severe wheezing in the chest;
  • purulent-obstructive, in this case, the phlegm in the bronchi becomes stagnant, and becomes pus.

The latter type of bronchitis is considered to be life-threatening. The wrong treatment may develop sepsis, and people die. Turning to the doctor, the patient must indicate the severity of the disease. It can be:

  • easy;
  • medium;
  • heavy.


suhoj kashel kak simptom bronhitaDepending on the type of disease the symptoms will be different, but only slightly. In the early stages of all patients complain of weakness, General malaise, fatigue, can begin unreasonableheadaches. Literally in 2-3 days there is a strong dry cough, which is paroxysmal in nature. In adults there is a burning sensation, heaviness in the chest.

Cough in the early stages would be counter-productive, so each attack will only strengthen the pain in the chest. Because of the strong cough, the voice becomes hoarse, irritation in the throat. This phase is characterized by fever up to 38 degrees. Headaches can become unbearable as the coughing causes an increase in intracranial pressure. Some patients complain of pain in the muscles of the abdominal, thigh region.

If you begin timely and proper treatment, the sputum needs to move on day 3. Patients feel relief as it does not occur painful sensations in the body, as dry cough. At this stage it is essential to follow the nature of sputum. Even a small amount of pus may indicate a joining of a bacterial infection. The treatment of this disease is about 3 weeks.

Treatment of various types of bronchitis

medikamentoznoe lechenieSimple bronchitis. This kind of disease can be treated at home, but only after consultation with a specialist. Your doctor will prescribe medication, physical therapy, folk remedies. To achieve quick results, many recommend alternate methods of treatment. Of the medications, antibiotics, antimicrobial agents, analgesics and mucolytics. Of traditional medicine popular rubbing, compresses, massage, inhalation. But they can only be used after normalization of temperature of the patient.

Obstructive bronchitis. This kind can be treated only in the acute phase currents after the transition to chronic to cure it completely would be impossible. The whole scheme of treatment consists of symptomatic therapy. Each patient should understand that to treat the obstruction of the bronchi would be long and difficult. For treatment, it is recommended to choose herbal medicinal products. I use thyme and essential oil from it. He not only has expectorant effect and helps to calm inflammation and kill the existing infection in the bronchi.

Given that this species is characterized by swelling and narrowing of the bronchi and trachea, are appointed by bronchodilator drugs. They can be in the form of tablets or inhalation. To transform dry cough into a moist, prescribed mucolytic agent and for better discharge of phlegm - expectorant. These drugs for obstructive bronchitis should be of an artificial basis, as herbal preparations can cause additional allergies andprovoke more swelling of the bronchi.

polza obilnogo pitya pri bronhiteAlmost all forms of this type are treated with antibiotics. They can be taken orally, but in severe illness it is recommended to be injected intramuscularly or intravenously. Bronchitis of the smoker. To win a bronchitis of the smoker is extremely difficult, as it affects not only the bronchial tree, but sections of the lung tissue. If you don't get proper and timely treatment, this type into obstructive and pathological changes in the lungs become irreversible.

Modern medicine fixes the cases when bronchitis develops in humans for several years, and he has no idea about its presence. This applies to smokers with the experience. Severe paroxysmal dry cough they attributed to exposure to tobacco smoke and is considered the norm. But everyone should know that a cough is a reaction of the body, which prevents the development of serious diseases, so it has to be properly treated.

In most cases, patients with smoker's bronchitis are treated at late stages, when the doctor to cure him completely can not, and only prescribe medications that soften the symptomatic manifestations. The specialist can recommend inhalation therapy, moxibustion, massage, physical therapy. These methods will bring the maximum amount of toxic substances from the bronchi.

Sharp. This type of bronchitis is treated in different ways, methods and products depend on the cause of the disease. If the acute form of bronchitis is bacterial based, prescribe a course of antibiotics; if viral, it is not only antimicrobial therapy but also anti-inflammatory. When a dry cough and for a long time does not pass in the wet, it is assigned an expectorant. It helps to cleanse the mucous membrane of the bronchi and to return them to normal function.

konsultaciya vrachaIf an acute form caused by exposure to a certain allergen, there shall be additionally antihistamines. At home, you can use compresses of cabbage leaf, boiled potatoes, alcohol, camphor oil. They improve the circulation of blood in the bronchi and lead out of their sputum or pus. Since acute bronchitis can lead to serious complications, it is recommended to adhere to bed rest, drinking more liquids, such as milk, with lemon, tea, warm mineral water.

If you start timely treatment of acute bronchitis, the prognosis is positive, but if you ignore all the assignments, can occur complications such as:

  • bronchial asthma;
  • inflammationlungs;
  • myocarditis;
  • glomerulonephritis;
  • the vasculitis.

As the inflammatory processes and affect other organs, they gradually fall into the blood travels through the vessels, kidneys, and heart muscle. Chronic.

The chronic form of bronchitis requires a thorough diagnosis.

Conducted instrumental and laboratory research. These methods allow to establish the cause of the disease which passed into the chronic form due to wrong or missing treatment. Chronic bronchitis is treated with antibacterial therapy expectorate drugs. The treatment course of about 10 days. Antibacterial therapy includes antibiotics, volatile, antiseptics, sulfonamides.

Widely used in the treatment of physiotherapy. Appointed warming up mustard, banks, compresses, bronchi effect UHF and quartz. Some experts recommend a method of alternative medicine - acupuncture. To reduce the appearance of unpleasant symptoms by using such folk remedies as decoctions and tinctures of licorice root, mallow, succession, rosemary. Adults are recommended to go to the Russian bath, but only in the absence of elevated temperature.

Treatment of bronchitis in the elderly

In the treatment of disease in the elderly therapeutic measures are selected in accordance with the severity of its course. If the patient body temperature reaches critical levels, there is intoxication, it is recommended to comply with bed rest. Assigned excessive drinking, inhalation, expectorant and dilates the bronchi drugs. If the source of the disease was the virus are prescribed antiviral therapy. Antibiotics are prescribed with caution, as the body of an elderly man, already weakened by the disease, and medications can eventually destroy the protective reaction of the organism.

As soon as the body temperature normalised, older patients are encouraged to move actively, as it promotes the discharge and the conclusion of sputum. These patients also are assigned a cardiac drug cardiac actions. If the patient has insufficient blood supply, the prescribed diuretic drugs.

The best treatment is prevention!

Preventive measures of bronchitis is simple enough to observe the following rules:

  • give up bad habits: Smoking and alcohol consumption;
  • if the work is associated with increased risk and the use of aggressive chemicals, you need to work only in a protective mask;
  • as much time as possible outdoors in the form of Hiking, trips to the Park or the Park;
  • be enjoyedsports;
  • to revise the food and balance;
  • to perform morning exercises, including breathing;
  • minimize contact with sick people;
  • not SuperCool, do not remain for a long time in cold rooms;
  • regular airing and wet cleaning in the house;
  • not to self-medicate with a viral or infectious diseases.

Bronchitis treatment should be timely and professional and undertaken only after consultation with your doctor.