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The reasons for the development and treatment of acute bronchitis in children

How is the treatment of acute bronchitis in children? This question torments many young parents, because the child is the most precious thing they have in life. Acute bronchitis is a disease of an inflammatory nature, affecting the mucous membrane of the bronchi. Its etiology can be allergic, infectious or toxic. It is worth noting that the treatment of acute bronchitis should be immediate, since the development of the disease takes a relatively short time.

zabolevanie bronhitom u rebenka

Acute bronchitis in children is characterized by its diversity, and its considered one of the most common diseases of the respiratory system. Most children suffering from:

  • acute bronchitis (also called simple);
  • acute obstructive bronchitis;
  • acute bronchiolitis.

vospalenie bronhovOther forms of this disease among children are rare.

Acute (simple) bronchitis the child is observed for an inflammatory process in the bronchi, increase bronchial secretion. Clinical signs of obstruction in this case is not detected. The acute form of obstructive bronchitis causes bronchial obstruction (acute bronchospasm). They are sick in most cases, two - and three-year-olds.

It is believed that acute bronchiolitis is still the same acute obstructive bronchitis, or rather one of its varieties. It occurs most often among small children. For this form of the disease characterized by inflammatory process that occurs in the bronchi of small caliber and in the bronchioles. Typically, a child suffering from acute bronchiolitis, experiencing respiratory failure, and a specialist in the pre-inspection notes rich wheezing.

That can cause disease

porazhenie bronhov virusamiThe main reason why the child has acute bronchitis, consider a viral infection. The disease appears most often due to parainfluenza, influenza, adenoviruses, respiratory syncytial, and other viruses. In this regard, acute bronchitis can be seen as a complication of influenza, SARS or ARI.

In addition, the disease may be triggered by bacteria: Mycoplasma and chlamydia. Way of getting a bacterial infection in the respiratory system of children usually become a foreign body, because the kids are so tend to pull in the mouth toys and other got their hands on the items. A more rare cause of the disease is considered an allergic reaction, and physical or chemical factors that have a negative impact onthe respiratory tract of children.

How does this inflammatory process

So, the appearance of acute bronchitis in most cases contribute to any other disease. For this reason, the fear of such complications, experts recommend not to neglect even a mild form of flu in children. Timely measures taken by parents to avoid possible acute inflammatory process of the respiratory system.

poyavlenie kashlyaOften bronchitis is observed already at the initial stage of the underlying disease. Often a complication of bronchitis occurs only on 5 - 7 day currents background of the disease.

The first signs of the development of the described disease in children are cough and fever. These symptoms usually indicate that in the bronchi inflammatory process has begun.

At the initial stage of the disease there is the appearance of dry obsessive cough, children this stage is transferred hard enough. Gradually the cough becomes "wet" in nature, there is expectoration.

Fever (high temperature) can last from 3 to 10 days, depending on the type of infection. Thus, with parainfluenza or respiratory syncytial form of a temperature increase at the child is usually observed only in the first few days of the disease. Adenoviral infection and Mycoplasma is more resistant fever.

Breastfed babies are often much harder to tolerate for acute bronchitis. Elevated body temperature in these cases it is necessary to observe regardless of what form has the disease. Bronchial obstruction is almost always causes the child shortness of breath, in addition, experts note the presence of dry and moist rales.

Features of the treatment of disease

povyshennaya temperaturaThe child of such diseases of the respiratory system requires a serious and comprehensive treatment. Children with acute bronchitis need:

  1. In a strict bed rest (especially during the presence of fever).
  2. In heavy drinking (this helps accelerate liquefaction of sputum).
  3. In the vitaminized milk-vegetable diet.
  4. In drug therapy.

To treat bronchitis in a child is possible only with the help of drugs prescribed by a specialist.

As a rule, if the temperature is high there is a need to antipyretic drugs. In addition, to suppress the source of the inflammatory process of the bronchi the patient is given oral medication that provides antibacterial action. If the child has dry cough, treatment is carried outusing cough medicines. To combat wet cough is assigned a course of treatment with expectorants. For normalization of nasal breathing most frequently used vasopressors, a good effect can be obtained by using herbal decoctions. It is worth noting that the specialists try to avoid antibiotic treatment.

A little bit about the use of traditional methods of treatment

narodnye sredstva lecheniyaInflammation of the bronchi quite well treatable some methods of folk medicine. Thus, excellent results are achieved with inhalation that you can use baking soda, clove oil and many other ingredients. For substantial relief of cough child, it is recommended to give the warm milk, in which pre-added butter, honey and baking soda.

The rubbing and application of mustard plasters should be treated with extreme caution: for children they can be very dangerous. The least safe is the use of badger fat and baked onions for rubbing. Treatment honey cakes with cabbage leaf requires more care. But the grind of the child fragrant oils and ointments can only obtain the approval of the attending physician. From jars and mustard plasters in the treatment of preschoolers, it is better to refuse at all, because their use can lead to a rather serious burn.

Additional information

On average, acute bronchitis, the child does not deviate for 1 - 3 weeks.

It should be emphasized that the duration of the disease may be through the timely treatment and strict adherence to all recommendations of a physician.

Not enough serious attitude to the treatment of the disease not only significantly increases the duration of its flow, but also makes his character more severe. In addition, it increases the risk of developing any complications that can lead to various negative consequences.

The most serious and dangerous consequence of the disease consider asthma. It is known that the asthma takes a long time to achieve the desired results is not possible in all cases.