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A list of effective drugs for inhalation for bronchitis

The use of drugs for inhalation bronchitis of various forms, pharyngitis, laryngitis and other diseases is usually a major component of complex therapy. These drugs effectively eliminate the symptoms of the disease. Inhalation make use of the special drug solutions, drugs and medicinal herbs.

problema bronhita

Particularly convenient to carry out such procedures with bronchitis ultrasonic nebulizer – a nebulizer. To acquire such a device can be in almost any pharmacy.

Feature of compressor nebulizer is that its application is not always possible to use solutions based on oils or herbs. This should be considered when choosing a particular model. Typically for inhalation or nebulizer use pharmacy solutions and various mineral water.

Methods of treatment

Inhalations can be used 2 ways: nebulizers, which are ultrasonic, and compressor combination, or with steam. The last type involves the use of containers with a hot treatment solution or teapot with the special paper funnel, which put his nose to inhale the therapeutic steam.

The main objectives of this method of treatment for bronchitis is:

konsultaciya vracha

  • liquefaction of sputum;
  • expectorant, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory effect (using special medicines);
  • hydration of the mucous membranes;
  • improve blood circulation to accelerate tissue regeneration.

Be aware that when purulent-inflammatory processes caused by sore throat, sinusitis or sinusitis, the hot steam inhalations can not be, otherwise you can provoke an active reproduction of pathogenic microorganisms.

Steam inhalation is advisable only when lasting laryngitis, pharyngitis without purulent inflammations and cold.

Tips for conducting inhalation

In the case of bronchitis there are General rules for the implementation of such procedures. Begin inhalation through 30 minutes after exercise. Session should not exceed 10 minutes. Not recommended inhaled treatments after a meal, you should wait 1-2 hours. During a session should not talk and laugh. After it is recommended to rest for 30 minutes. After inhalation should not eat or drink for about 30 minutes.

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The average procedure takes about 5-10 minutes. During the session the patient should do inhalation and exhalation the most relaxed, shallow and freely.

Bronchitis is forbidden to dosteam inhalation too hot a medical solution. If the doctor prescribed several medicines, you need to follow these rules:

  • first, to take drugs that enhance the bronchi;
  • after 15 minutes, use expectorants;
  • after the discharge of sputum to take anti-inflammatory and antibiotics.

Inhalation of medicinal herbs, onion and garlic

As a rule, ultrasonic and compression inhalers not intended for use decoctions, but there are some models that allow their use. Importantly, the broth was well filtered.

In this disease we have to be careful doing steam inhalation based on herbs and plants, especially when it comes to the treatment of bronchitis in children. They can cause allergic reactions and cause bronchial spasm. People who are prone to allergies or having hypersensitivity to certain stimuli, should not apply healing herbs and oils as medicinal composition for inhalation. It can be dangerous.

Steam inhalations can decoction of chamomile, calendula, peppermint, eucalyptus, pine buds and other herbs. To prepare a decoction, you need to fill the plant with boiling water and let stand for 30 minutes, then dilute infusion of boiled water and pour into the container for inhalation. You can pour the broth into the pot and breathe the steam, covering your head with a towel.

otvar romashki dlya ingalyacij

To conduct steam inhalation can be by conventional kettle. The solution should not reach the beginning of the nose. Inhale the steam directly over the spout, wearing a paper cone on it. Breathing should be calm, no sudden and deep breaths.

The solution is to add chopped garlic or onions. In these products contain volatile, which are natural antiseptics and perfectly destroy the germs.

Shows good results treatment inhalations with saline solution. To do this, take 3 tablespoons of natural sea salt and 1 liter of clean water.

If the patient has no allergies, he can do solution for inhalation with essential oils (eucalyptus, tea tree, juniper and others). In one Cup of water add 3-5 drops of oil.

Other popular methods are inhalation bronchitis

Treatment salt inhalation bronchitis effectively. For inhalation take natural sea salt, grind it and heat in a frying pan. Then pour the hot salt in a bowl and, stirring occasionally, salt composition, breathe over it. This method helps to eliminate the symptoms of bronchitis and other types of cough.

In the presence of dry cough or cough with viscoussputum you can use herbs, which is prepared from the composition for inhalation. For cooking we take elderberry and mullein scepter-shaped. Herbs pour 0.5 liters of boiling water and allow to steep for 1 hour, then strain well.

morskaya sol dlya ingalyacij

Can be used for solution of thermopsis and leaves of primrose. Dry plants, pour boiling water and infuse for about an hour, then carefully strain.

Very effectively eliminates the symptoms of bronchitis composition of plantain leaves mother and stepmother and rosemary. Plants first, pour boiling water, then infuse and strain.

No less effective inhalations with the following composition: chamomile and pine buds. Herbs pour boiling water and insist filter.

Before treatment of folk remedies should consult a doctor and start doing inhalation only after his approval.

Solutions for nebulizer

Despite the effectiveness of steam inhalation, it is better to do bronchitis with the help of a nebulizer. Currently, this device is well-proven. In addition to its use in pharmacy sell ready-made medicinal solutions that are easy to use in such diseases as bronchitis. The procedure can be done at home by yourself.

What tools are suitable for inhalation by nebulizer for bronchitis? Most often, patients prescribed Mucosolvan and Ambrobene. In the first product contains Ambroxol hydrochloride. Mucosolvan is one of the most effective drugs because it contributes to thinning and removal of phlegm, freeing her from the bronchi.

These drugs indicated for bronchitis. They can be used in the form of inhalation young children under 2 years and adults.

To make a solution, you need to dilute the drug in physiological solution according to the instructions. Inhalation should not do more than 5 days to combine with antitussives, e.g., Codeine or Sinekoda. Reception of Mucosolvan more effective than Ambrobene, both of the medication to improve the absorption of antibacterial agents.

ACC and Fluimucil apply with poor expectoration. They allowed children older than 2 years, but they should take according to the dosage specified in the instructions. For adults, inhalation is made from 3 ml (for 1 procedure) and the same number of saline twice a day. Treatment such inhalations should not exceed 10 days.

Bronchitis have a good effect inhalations with mineral water“Borjomi” or “Narzan”). They thin the mucus and moisten the mucous membranes of the respiratory tract. Moreover, they can be used not only for adults but also for children in the absencecontraindications. For a single inhalation is required mineral water (4 ml), to conduct 4 sessions of treatment per day.

To do inhalation with the Drug. You need to take a 1% solution of the drug and diluted with saline. This medication is based on eucalyptus has amazing antiseptic properties.

Whatever the solution, and the method may be carried out inhalation, it should be remembered that they can only be done after coordination of treatment with your doctor. In this case, the symptoms of bronchitis will be faster and without harm to health.