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Effective treatment of acute bronchitis at home

Red throat and dry cough indicate that the patient has acute bronchitis, the treatment at home which is possible only under the supervision of a physician. In order to prevent the disease passing into the chronic form, need to pick up the complex of therapeutic measures and traditional medicine. How to recognize the symptoms of acute bronchitis? How to treat bronchitis at home? This will be discussed further.

problema bronhita


Bronchitis, its symptoms are similar to acute viral disease. Usually the inflammation is localized in the sternum. Sticky mucus blocks the Airways and causes the characteristic wheezing. Cough bronchitis occurs as a protective reaction of the organism. The mucus irritates the bronchi. A cough brings the contents out. When coughing produces mucus grayish or yellow - sputum. The patient may experience pain. In some cases, the acute form of bronchitis may be accompanied by fever.

Rules for the treatment of acute bronchitis at home

Doctors have identified the following requirements for effective treatment of acute bronchitis at home:

shema ostrogo bronhita

  1. To reduce body temperature, you can use aspirin or paracetamol. It will reduce the pain in the joints. Although 22 years of age aspirin for fever to take is not recommended.
  2. Should not be abused by Smoking.
  3. Phlegm with tinctures, teas and tablets of drugs. Should avoid drugs that irritate the lungs and nasal passages. The pharmaceutical industry offers numerous expectorant medicines, which reduce the pain. But many tablets are addictive, and therefore ineffective. In children, the use of drugs should be conducted only as directed by your doctor, strictly on prescription and at a certain time.
  4. During treatment should not take alcoholic drinks, excessive caffeine, as they increase metabolic processes and contribute to the active removal of fluid from the body, which leads to its dehydration.
  5. You need more rest. The fact that during illness the body is weakened and requires recovery. Stay during treatment will accelerate the process.
  6. To enhance the production of mucus necessary to conduct inhalation therapy with a decoction of chamomile. Moist warm steam helps to liquefy the sputum, it facilitates the expectoration of mucus from the alveoli of the bronchi.

bronchitis">But if, despite all efforts, the symptoms remain the same, then the treatment is carried out in a hospital.

Possible acute bronchitis was immediately passed into a chronic form, and, as a result of this condition, there may be pneumonia or pleurisy.

About these illnesses signal:

  • abuse of paroxysmal cough;
  • a thick mucus;
  • heavy breathing;
  • a steady increase in temperature.

Treatment of bronchitis

Has been studied, the etiology of bronchitis viral. Therefore, the antibiotics in this case will not help. But if a week later the temperature is not reduced, and the cough only increased, without penicillin group of drugs are not enough.

amoksicillin dlya lecheniya bronhitaFor this case suitable antibiotics macrolides group: Sumamed Macropen. Excellent help penicillins: Augmentin and Amoxicillin. Used in complex treatment antiviral drugs. Non-steroidal drugs can help relieve swelling of the lungs and bronchial tubes and reduce the temperature. But you need to look at indications for use. Usually anti-inflammatory drugs have many side effects. Works best Fenspiride.

At high temperature should be observed bed rest, but if the temperature is normal, the fresh air will have a therapeutic effect. It is recommended to humidify the room a special spray or put a wet towel on a hot radiator. With the disease of excess dust, strong odors also irritate the respiratory tract. The room where the patient must get out every day.

Medicinal herbs for acute bronchitis

In the treatment of acute bronchitis widely used medicinal herbs. Separate herbal solutions were prepared on mineral water. It reduces further infection of the body and helps the viscosity of bronchial secretions Mikrotik.

polza myaty pri bronhiteFor the preparation of such a drug mixture will need 2 teaspoons of lime flowers and mint. The mixture of herbs pour a glass of boiled mineral water. Tool to insist in a thermos for two hours. Strain the mixture and drink on an empty stomach on 100 ml daily. The treatment course - a week and a half. No less popular tinctures of licorice root, plantain leaves and marjoram. For tinctures, take equal parts of herbs (1 tsp) and pour 350 ml of boiling water. Means infused for six hours. Taken in the morning on an empty stomach and 50 ml.

Another popular and effective remedy based on Althea. In the pharmacy is the finished dosage form is a syrup or tablets. But you can make a vehicle at homeself. It is also effective. To do this, take a half Cup of chopped dried licorice root and one tablespoon of flowers mother and stepmother. All the ingredients are boiled in 300 ml of water about 10 - 15 minutes. After the mixture was filtered and used before meals.

A remedy on the basis of radish juice

polza chernoj redki pri ostrom bronhiteDuring acute bronchitis, the body is exposed to harmful microorganisms. Attack of the microbes causes a disruption of gas exchange the lungs.

To maintain the body and increase activity of protective mechanisms, the doctors suggest to drink fresh citrus juices, carrots, black radish and cranberries.

As for the black radish, it is fairly well-known plant that has long been used not only bronchitis, but pneumonia. The black radish juice allows you to get rid of the disease very quickly.

You can squeeze the juice and use another method of extraction of juice - insisting. For this method you will need a black radish more than the average. It cleaned and cut with a sharp knife in the middle of a vegetable. In the resulting hole to pour the honey and insist day.

Then the radish juice and honey are poured into a dark glass jar and kept in a dark place. Take one tablespoon three times a day.

Inhalation in acute bronchitis

polza citrusovyh pri lechenii ostrogo bronhitaIn the treatment of bronchitis used by inhalation. In medicine is widely used inhaled alkaline components. To do this, use water with baking soda or mineral water. To enhance the effect in the liquid for inhalation add essential oils or herbs. Doctors do not recommend in case of acute obstructive bronchitis the use of needles. The plant will not cure but aggravate the disease and may cause spasmodic cough. Not less effective is the use of nebulizers. With their help, the herbs will penetrate deep into the tissue of the bronchi. The procedure is usually:

  • Mucosolvan and Ambroxan that liquefy phlegm;
  • different bronchodilators;
  • herbs: sage, marjoram and thyme.

To inhalation of affected alveoli, it should be done after meals. It is impossible to carry out the procedure at an elevated temperature. Very often, inhalation use in the therapeutic treatment of children. Not all children are fond of syrups or tablets. Therefore, on the basis of inhalation bronchodilators are important as treatment.

Mainly acute bronchitis are treated at home under the supervision of a physician.

It is only necessary to start the treatment faster, and thenthe disease goes into the chronic form.