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The symptoms and treatment of pneumonia and bronchitis

Pneumonia and bronchitis have similar symptoms. Both diseases are very dangerous to humans. Bronchitis - that can, for example, go to asthma. Pneumonia - the fact that a man dies quickly, if not timely diagnosis and start treatment. In order not to put his or someone else's life in danger, you must know the symptoms of disease.

problema pnevmonii i bronhita

The impact of diseases

Cough, runny nose, elevated temperature characteristic of all respiratory diseases. So many people are not in a hurry to go to the doctors, considering the cold condition, which you can go to the legs. In result, some patients it is life. Pneumonia is amenable to successful treatment, but in the later stages to save the man often impossible. In this lies the main danger.

Bronchitis rarely leads to death, but in the absence of proper treatment can go to the asthma. But this disease can greatly undermine not only human health but also deteriorate the quality of life. Patient with asthma requires regular medication, certain conditions and proper diet. The disease can lead to disability in humans. For example, a complication of bronchitis may be heart failure. But it is also unsafe for humans.

Before once again heading out on a cold work, man should think, if we compared the risk he exposes himself with those work issues that he fears will not solve in time.

Why a cough should cause alarm?

mehanizm razvitiya hronicheskogo bronhitaA long, heavy cough, turning into a cough, difficulty in expectoration of sputum - the first symptoms of bronchitis.

Bronchitis - an inflammatory process in the bronchi, which helps to provide light and air to saturate with oxygen. If you do not treat the disease, it passes into the chronic form and at some stage may be incompatible with life. The disease often occurs simultaneously with colds may be accompanied by the development of flu be the result of exposure to the allergen, other viruses.

Starts with a dry cough, which increases in the evening and at night. As a result, the illness does not allow the person to sleep properly. Very quickly, the cough becomes moist, at the same time may slightly increase body temperature. Begins to ache, feeling frazzled and tired.

Fever, burnout, fatigue are a few days. But cough mancontinues to suffer a long time. Coughing the patient can for a few weeks, months. Cough lasting more than 2 weeks, you should test your blood from a finger, biochemistry, to do the easy and necessary to visit on reception at the doctor-pulmonologist. This visit should not be delayed, as this is dangerous to the occurrence of diseases: asthma, lung cancer, tuberculosis, pneumonia.

If the temperature rises to 40° C, the sputum becomes thick and it appears a blood, it is urgent to call a doctor.

If it is impossible to bring the temperature down, and its ongoing growth - to call first aid.

Why man dies very quickly?

legkie pri pnevmoniiPneumonia is a very severe inflammation of the lung tissue. Affects the alveoli and interstitium.

Depending on the volume of lung disease is focal, segmental, lobar, total.
It can be unilateral and bilateral.

In the first case the attack of the disease is exposed only one lung, the second both lungs. Often there is bacterial, fungal, viral and bacterial pneumonia with or without violation of disorders of immunity in humans.

There are other types of the disease. To develop the illness can very rapidly. Sometimes, if late antibiotic treatment, people die after 8 hours.

How to distinguish bronchitis from pneumonia?

In order to accurately establish the diagnosis, it is necessary to know the signs that pneumonia is different from bronchitis and other respiratory diseases. The development of the disease may occur for several scenarios.

povyshennaya temperatura pri pnevmonii i bronhiteIn a typical scenario, the development of the disease there is a sharp temperature increase, the allocation during a cough is very considerable quantity of purulent sputum. A person may experience pain in the area of the bronchi and lung. The patient is often observed strong shake and vibration of voice: if the man Joseph, he makes that wheezing, whistling sounds, his voice is not being heard.

More dangerous atypical scenario of the disease. In this case, the disease creeps up unnoticed. This stage is characterized by dry cough, sore throat, headaches, weakness, malaise. This is often confused with ordinary colds or bronchitis.

Upon detection of the slightest signs of pneumonia the patient must consult a doctor to accurate diagnosis methods to confirm or refute the diagnosis. And this is the case when it is always better to be safe than arrogant to risk the health andlife.

How to accurately establish the diagnosis?

Accurate diagnosis will help with basic and advanced diagnostic techniques.
The former include:

  1. Pictures of the chest (x-ray).
  2. Microscopic study of the sputum (is a type of gram staining).
  3. A study of sputum culture on nutrient media.
  4. Blood tests, biochemical and methods.
  5. The study of blood gas composition.

rentgen pri pnevmonii i bronhiteOne should not neglect the supplementary methods. These include:

  1. Computed tomography of the chest.
  2. Paracentesis of the pleural cavity.
  3. A biopsy of the pleura.
  4. A bronchoscopy with biopsy.
  5. The study of blood culture for the presence of a nutrient medium.
  6. Blood tests to identify specific antibodies.
  7. A biopsy of the lung.
  8. A biopsy of the lung, done after a diagnostic thoracotomy.
  9. Examination of urine.

How to get rid of?

In order to get rid of the disease, choose the antibiotics according to the effectiveness of their impact on the microorganism that caused the disease. For these purposes can be used drugs which dilate the bronchi and liquefy mucus. They are sick inside or are introduced to him in the form of injections. For this purpose the used salt solutions, which are made intravenously, and oxygen.

baranij zhir dlya lecheniya bronhovAdditionally, the patient is advised to do physiotherapy treatments use paraffin, ozokerite. A good result in the process of therapy provide physiotherapy, vibrating massage, and ultraviolet irradiation.

If the causative agent of the disease is not checked, the patient is treated with broad spectrum antibiotics, such as penicillin, cephalosporin. Also apply macrolides, respiratory fluoroquinolones, and carbapenems.
If the drugs take effect, then on the third day after the use of antibiotics is observed normalization of the body temperature. To make sure that the right course is scheduled, the patient is chest x-ray, tests.

If drugs do not help the patient, antibiotic treatment of another type.

What health precautions are used?

Despite the fact that pneumonia is very tricky to defend against it. You must avoid cold, prevent colds acquired chronic. We should not abandon the special vaccines to prevent pneumococcal infections and Haemophilus pneumonia.

To prevent the development of disease will help folk remedies. For example, well protects the bronchi and lungs of lamb fat. It can be bought in any market.Fit the fat for internal use. It burns in the pan, slightly cooled is poured into the tank. Added 2 teaspoons to the patient in boiled milk. Consumed when milk is still warm enough. If it is a means to begin to apply from the first days of treatment, the cough does not appear, and the cold is easier and faster.

You must remember that timely recourse to qualified experts will help to diagnose tumors at earlier stages, which, consequently, will help save lives. Do not neglect health.