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What to use for bronchitis antibiotics?

Bronchitis take antibiotics be sure if the cause of development of this diseases are bacteria or viruses. Treatment with antibiotics will be most effective in the acute phase of the disease. In chronic indolent bronchitis use thinning phlegm drugs based on herbs.

Antibiotics in chronic form taken only at the time of the acute illness using the pills or injections as a chance for recovery.

princip dejstviya bronhita

Young people who do not have a history of allergic reactions and diseases associated with disorders in the endocrine system, can take strong antibiotics for chronic bronchitis. The doctor can choose the drug of a new generation which will cope with the disease.

Bronchitis, which appeared due to prolonged irritation of respiratory allergens cannot be treated with antibiotics. Such treatment is unjustified, because the mechanisms of development of allergic bronchitis does not require the presence of pathogenic bacteria.

When the doctor recommends antibiotics

Decide need antibiotics for bronchitis in adults or not, needs a therapist. He may prescribe a sputum test to identify the causative agent and determine its resistance to various antibacterial drugs. After receiving test results, the doctor selects the most effective drug for the treatment.

antibiotiki pri vysokoj temperatureThe doctor, evaluating the General condition of the patient, assign a broad-spectrum antibiotic, which is able to cure the patient without additional tests. At home, if medical advice is not available, use broad spectrum antibiotics that can destroy all pathological microflora.

It should be remembered that these drugs are broad-spectrum suppress natural immune response. They cause the development of dysbiosis and Candida albicans, which increases their population. Improper use of antimicrobial drugs promotes the development of microorganisms resistance to drugs.

Antibiotics for bronchitis of viral origin use is only useful, if the disease is accompanied by high fever, weakness and dry cough. These acute forms develop after influenza, which strongly depresses the immune system and can turn into chronic bronchitis if not to start taking drugs that can effectively destroy pathogens.

If the inflammatory process in the bronchi takes place in poorlypronounced form, to treat bronchitis using home remedies expectorant infusions, decoctions, warming with the use of rubbing and mustard. Also a good helping of honey compresses. In this case, antibiotics are not necessary, because the body is able to cope with the disease.

How to take the antibiotic pills

lechenie antibiotikami v domashnih usloviyahConsider the following rules:

  1. To the prescribed medication worked, you should read its manual. Manufactured of potent drugs in tablets that need to be taken at certain intervals of time that the active substance is constantly oppressed by the agents that caused the inflammation of the bronchi. Then they will not be able to survive and create strains resistant to the applied substance.
  2. Prescribe antibiotics for acute bronchitis different actions. The first, long-used preparations, taken three times a day, in 8 hours. Newer have a strong effect on the body. They are recommended to take 12 hours. There are powerful antibiotics that require a single dose per day.
  3. It required from three to fourteen days, to all bacteria killed, so it is impossible to stop the drug immediately after improvement. In difficult cases, may need to buy two packages of the drug to bring the treatment to the end.
  4. No need to reduce or increase the dosage on their own. Therapeutic doses have been calculated experimentally and described in the instructions supplied with the product. The doses should be strictly adhered to.
  5. Usually the effect after taking antibiotics comes on the second day. Third, the pills promotes complete removal of disease symptoms. If treatment with the drug continues to be high temperature, it means that the drugs are properly. The agent remains resistant to the antibiotic and continues its destructive work. In this case, the drug should be discontinued and inform your doctor.
  6. Treatment with antibiotics at home after improving to normal should continue for another 2-3 days. This ensures that all bacteria is completely killed.

Co-co and preparations on its basis

Bronchitis antibiotic must penetrate into the secretory fluid and fight infection. To do this, pharmacists recommend the use of sulfonamides and trimethoprim. The two existing active substances, which combine to achieve a lasting effect. They complement each other's action.

src="/respiratory/images/72-3.jpg" title="Sulfa component preparations" alt="component Sulfa drugs">Another name for this active substance is co-trimoxazole. One of the first products based on it - “Biseptol” - an antimicrobial agent of broad spectrum. It is active against streptococci, staphylococci, and other bacteria that cause the inflammatory process in the bronchi.

Medicines on the basis of co-trimoxazole consists of a large number of pharmaceutical drugs. It can be:

  • Berlie;
  • Baseptr;
  • Rencotre;
  • Enersul;
  • Trimpol.

Are drugs having a wide range of actions. They are able to suppress different types of strains of many pathogenic bacteria. Pathogenic microflora does not have time to develop resistance to this active substance, so the dosage form effectively fight pathogens bronchitis.

rvota ot priema antibiotikovAfter treatment with drugs, made on the basis of co-trimoxazole, rarely develop chronic forms. But these medicines have side effects, which force to stop the drug and go to new antimicrobial drug.

Patients can detect:

  • skin rashes;
  • fungal rashes in the mouth;
  • diarrhea;
  • nausea;
  • vomiting.

Antibiotics of new generation based on co-co is Lidaprim, Septrin and Sumetrolim.

Lidaprim with the active ingredient sulfametrol and trimethoprim. This drug has significant anti-bacterial effectiveness. He is able to actively influence the majority of pathogens. He has the ability to penetrate into the composition of the secretion produced by the bronchus, and to accumulate in it, destroying pathogens.

This drug has minimal side effects. Therefore, it is prescribed to kids, since one and a half months, and the elderly.

detskij bronhit i lidaprimSeptrin, often used to treat bronchitis. It has a high degree of effectiveness and minimal side effects. Taking the drug after 12 hours.

Will sumetrolim used to treat complex cases of bronchitis. This is a very strong drug with serious effects on pathogens. It is rapidly absorbed into the blood and distributed it to all the organs of the human body. Long-term use leads to changes in the characteristics of blood. The drug can cause kidney and liver failure. Suitable for physically strong people.

Penicillin and drugs containing it

Antibiotic penicillin treatsemi-synthetic drugs that have a wide range of actions. This group of medicines that are active against the most part of gram-positive and some gram-negative pathogens of infectious diseases. Tablets pharmacists suggest acid drugs, such as ampicillin and amoxicillin.

amoksicillin iz penicillinovoj gruppyThey are active when a staph infection, which is often the cause of acute bronchitis. Amoxicillin is the more common drug used in the treatment at home. He quickly begins to act and is well tolerated by both children and adults. May cause allergic rash or cause of dysbiosis. At the pharmacy you can find a lot of drugs, made on the basis of amoxicillin. This Noted, Augmentin, or Amoxiclav.

Contraindications to the use of these drugs is intolerance of penicillin. When administered intramuscularly they can cause an attack of gall-stone disease, vomiting and diarrhea. Then cancel the drug.

Cephalosporins and macrolides in the treatment of bronchitis

For treatment of bronchitis can choose a product that starts with “tsefa-“. Pharmacists made a huge group of antibiotics are represented by the five generations of drugs with powerful features. These antibiotics for obstructive bronchitis help to cope with inflammatory process. Together with them, be sure to take thinning phlegm drugs that help to cleanse the lumen of the bronchi.

lechenie bronhita ukolamiIn hospital of this group of drugs is administered via injections. At home you can take tablets with the active substance Cefotaxime. It can be Cefabol, Cefazolin, Cefepim.

They are able to destroy the causative agents of both acute and chronic forms of bronchitis without their refinement in the laboratory. This is a very powerful drug. After taking always need to take drugs that restore the microflora of the intestine.

Macrolides - the safest group of antimicrobial agents. Despite their toxicity, they are easily tolerated by patients. Erythromycin is a macrolide used for the treatment of infections of the upper and lower respiratory tract.

It is recommended to drink patients who cannot tolerate other types of antibiotics, especially penicillin group, or weakened by chronic diseases. The application of powerful antibiotics for them will be disastrous, and macrolides will help suffering from bronchitis people cope with the disease.

Bronchitis and antibiotics are compatible concepts. Useantimicrobials for the treatment of this disease is necessary, but before starting treatment you should check with your doctor diagnosis and medication that will help cure the disease to end.