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Proper prevention of bronchitis

What is bronchitis, you know almost everything. But not everyone knows that and prevention of bronchitis is very important.

The bronchitis in children and in adults can be acute or chronic. What precautions need to be taken to avoid these diseases.vazhnost pravilnoj profilaktiki bronhita

What happens in the Airways when the bronchitis

Acute bronchitis occurs for different reasons. It pathogens can be viruses or bacteria. Also often this form of the disease arises when a person long smokes (smoker's bronchitis). Either he has to work in a room where too much dust or some volatile compounds that negatively affect the respiratory system.

otlichiya mezhdu bolnymi i zdorovymi bronhamiMost often, the acute form of disease of the upper respiratory tract occurs in acute viral respiratory diseases. The virus, getting on the mucous membrane of the nasopharynx, begins to actively proliferate. The first symptom of SARS is a common cold. This condition is characterized by the formation of large amounts of mucus, which is usually bismarkia. But part of mucus dripping down the back of the nasopharynx to the larynx, where the saliva gets into the upper respiratory tract. It can accumulate in the bronchi, because of the mucus, in which there are a large number of viruses, and the develop bronchitis.

The main characteristic symptom of a developing bronchitis - cough. What is the cough at its core? This is the body's response to various inflammatory processes occurring in the upper respiratory tract or in the lungs. In the respiratory tract of accumulated mucus and slime in which they live and breed germs causing various diseases of the respiratory system of the body. It is the coughing helps the organism to clear out phlegm and mucus, with them leaving the respiratory system and microbes.

When wet cough, phlegm along with bacteria or viruses successfully leaves the body. Much worse when a dry cough. First of all, it means that the patient does not have enough fluid, so the mucus becomes dry, solidified pieces and can clog the bronchi, preventing normal breathing process. In this case, it is recommended to drink more fluid, and its temperature should be the same as the body temperature of the patient, so it is faster absorbed by the stomach and soon reached the bronchi. In addition, you need in the room where the patient, to create the appropriate conditions in the room should be cool (with temperatures around 18 degrees Celsius) and humid (humidity in the room mustto be 70-75%). Dry cough usually prescribed drugs which help to thin mucus and improves the discharge of phlegm.

Prevention of acute bronchitis

Prevention involves the following activities:otkaz ot kureniya - profilaktika bronhita

  • to avoid the flu, as one of the main "culprits" of the occurrence of acute bronchitis, it is necessary every year before the beginning of the epidemic to do preventive inoculations;
  • personal hygiene - you should wash hands frequently with antibacterial agents (gels or soap that contains antibacterial and disinfectants);
  • a home first aid kit should be regularly check and discard medicines who have over the shelf life;
  • need to get rid of such harmful habits as Smoking; it provokes the development of human bronchitis, in the future rolling in bronchial asthma;
  • when working with hazardous substances or in areas where a lot of dust, you must wear a special protection to avoid loss of the human respiratory tract;
  • during epidemics of influenza and SARS is advisable to wear a mask if you have to spend long hours in places of a mass congestion of people;
  • very useful to perform a special breathing exercises.

Gymnastics helps to clear the respiratory system of accumulated harmful substances, stabilize breathing. The main condition in the performance of such exercises - increase physical activity gradually, not perestroika the body.

Prevention in chronic bronchitis

The basic prerequisites for the development of chronic bronchitis:allergiya - odin iz istochnikov hronicheskogo bronhita

  • Smoking (active or passive);
  • the presence of contaminants of industrial nature in areas where people spend a lot of time;
  • if the nasal septum is damaged.
  • other factors, disrupts the normal breathing nose;
  • viral infection;
  • the presence in the environment of substances that cause allergic reactions;
  • various respiratory diseases;
  • the occurrence of heart failure in humans, heart rhythm disorders, belching, obstruction of pulmonary arteries by blood clots.

If the mucous membranes of the bronchial tubes is constantly irritated by some chemicals, cigarette smoke or dust, it leads to a decrease in normal operation the upper respiratory tract. Passing through the bronchi, harmful substances are deposited on the mucous membrane and gradually narrow the hole through which passes the air.

Why is prevention so importantchronic bronchitis in adults? During normal breathing in the human body receives a sufficient amount of oxygen necessary for normal functioning of all internal organs. If in the upper Airways occurs chronic inflammation, the breathing is disturbed, the blood receives less oxygen, and its lack can lead to oxygen starvation of major human organs.

Basic preventive measures in chronic bronchitis:

  • improvement of protective functions of the respiratory system;
  • improving the immune system;
  • more likely to be outdoors;
  • special exercises for the respiratory system;
  • performance of a complex tempering procedures;
  • healthy eating;
  • to protect the body from possible colds - during outbreaks of colds it is recommended to wear a mask, lubricate the nasal passages ointment containing oksolina, to take drugs to stimulate the immune system.

Prevention of bronchitis in children

In children with any colds cause inflammation in the upper respiratory tract.

The fact that the child's thermoregulation happens differently than adults. For normal thermoregulation in the body of an adult answer the sweat glands located on the skin. But kids process of heat transfer occurs exclusively through the nose. And if the nose is clogged, then the child begins to breathe through the mouth. At high temperature, any accompanying catarrhal or other inflammatory diseases mucous membranes of the mouth and upper respiratory tract dry, the mucus "rolls" in clumps and clogs the bronchi begins with bronchitis in children.

Therefore, prevention of the disease in children includes the following activities:chastoe nahozhdenie na svezhem vozduhe - profilaktika bronhita

  • proper rest, including regular walks in the fresh air and a good night's sleep;
  • should drink plenty of liquids, and its temperature should be the same as the body temperature of the child;
  • the air in the kid's room should be cool (not above 20 degrees Celsius) and humid (70%); this atmosphere allows phlegm and is better to withdraw it from the body;
  • possible to reduce the temperature of the child;
  • to increase the child's immune system and resistance of organism bacteria and viruses;
  • are recommended regular carrying out of tempering procedures, active sports;
  • adherence to immunization schedule to protect the child from diseases that can trigger the occurrence of bronchitis (measles, whooping cough, etc.);
  • vaccinationinfluenza in the period of mass epidemics.

You must remember that any disease is easier to prevent than to cure. Therefore, it is important in the prevention of such serious respiratory diseases as acute or chronic bronchitis. And you should not consider it a mild disease that can go myself. Also, do not try to treat it yourself - too much risk of complications. Therefore, if the first symptoms of this inflammatory process in the bronchi, it is necessary to consult a doctor.