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How to do warming up for bronchitis?

Acute bronchitis is one of the most common diseases in autumn and winter. Warming up with bronchitis is considered one of the best ways of treatment. This disease is characterized by a strong dry cough that affects not only children but also adults. The treatment of this disease should only deal with a doctor who may prescribe certain complex. In General, the treatment consists of intake of drugs, and a variety of compresses, massage and warming up. Of heating come in various types to make that possible both in the hospital and at home.

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Very often the treatment of bronchitis at home, but it requires precise execution of all appointments of the attending physician. When dealing with a slight cough, very great effects on the body have not only drugs used by the doctors, but also medical rubbing, allow to warm up chest and back.

Warming up rubbing

At the initial stage of bronchitis cough only appears. At this time to cure it can help warm up. There are many different variants of the procedure. For the organization of heating require different means. Here are the most common methods of heating available in the home:

kastorovoe maslo dlya rastiranij

  1. Mix a large spoon of rubbing alcohol with 2 tablespoons of castor oil is designed for rubbing the skin of the chest. After rubbing the area must be closed with a thick scarf to the patient's chest thoroughly warmed. After this rubbing is required to comply with bed rest.
  2. When the cough lasts for a very long time and does not stop, it is permissible to use a mixture of juice of onion and fat, United in the ratio of 2:1. This mixture must be used for rubbing the chest.
  3. A good remedy in the first stages of bronchitis is a mixture of vegetable oil with a pinch of hot pepper. The mixture smear the soles of the feet for the whole night. The mixture when coughing can be used for grinding back and chest of the sick.
  4. External grinding can also be performed with a black radish juice mixed with salt and honey.
  5. Another effective means for warming up is grinding a mixture of turpentine and lard, United in equal parts.
  6. Very popular and well-known cough medicine is iodine mesh. Apply iodine on the chest it is most convenient cotton swab. The procedure is done need to sleep.

Hot compresses

Hot compresses areeffective treatment for bronchitis. To get the desired result, it is very important to observe the rules of conduct of the warm-up. The body must be put a piece of cloth impregnated with a drug.

syroj kartofel dlya progrevaushego kompressaOn top of the fabric is laid out be sure the tape is covered with a scarf to create a warm effect. This compress should be good to fix, so he didn't fall. Minimally warms the compress must be on the chest in the course of one hour, maximum 12 hours. With bronchitis you can use the following types of warming compresses:

  1. To obtain the desired mixture it is necessary to grind a raw potato and the resulting mass is mixed with red pepper.
  2. Warm up the chest with a vegetable fat to keep that it takes approximately 4 hours.
  3. Mix boiled mashed potatoes with mustard, pepper, honey and vegetable fat is good to use to warm the back.
  4. The pellet formed from grated pumpkin, rye flour and warm milk, is a great way to warm up the chest of the patient.
  5. Apple cider vinegar mixed with vegetable oil and camphor oil, gives a good mixture that can be applied as a compress to warm-up for bronchitis.

Bath to warm up

Warms baths are very pleasant and helpful method of treatment of bronchitis. The effect of the bath is achieved through inhalation of the vapors that produce medicinal herbs, used for cooking tubs. The useful components of the herbs are also absorbed through the pores of the skin. It is important to note that hot baths are contraindicated if the patient has a fever. The water bath should not be hot. Valid mark - 37° C. the Warming in the bath should last no more than 15-20 minutes. The long duration can negatively affect the health of the patient and develop into a complication.

progrevaushie vannyTo achieve a good effect in bronchitis with severe cough, it is recommended the use of plants such as chamomile, marjoram, eucalyptus leaves, mother and stepmother, sage. Allowable mixing various herbs. The warming bath is performed as follows. To prepare the bath will need about 400 g of dried herbs, which you must pour boiling water and leave to infuse somewhere for 1 hour.

After this time the broth should drain and then add to the bath. Before use, the important thing is to consult with your doctor.

Warm salt

Salt is good and strongmeans for conducting the warming procedures. Bronchitis hot salt treatments have a positive effect. It is important to note that the emergent salt dry heat is not always beneficial. To avoid negative effects, you must consult a doctor who can assess the situation and confirm the necessity of using dry heat.

The desired salt. It should not contain any additives. It is permissible to use sea salt, which is even preferable, because it is a lot of useful components, positively affecting the human body. Sea salt should also be free of fragrances, dyes and other impurities. Bronchitis with a severe cough it is best to use coarse salt to avoid spillage of fine salt through the fabric.

The selected salt is heated in the oven or in a pan at 80° C. the Heated salt is poured into the bag, as the bag can be used wool socks worn on top of each other. The temperature of the salt to the warm up should be about 60° C, so after sleeping late. you can immediately go for the procedure. Salt warm up well help not only bronchitis, but also have a good effect in the treatment of prolonged cold.

To warm the bag with hot salt must be applied to the affected area: chest, back, nose.

Warming up children

Bronchitis very often involves young children. The treatment of young patients is a very serious process, it is very important not to harm the child's health, as many medications have side effects. It is very important in the treatment of children to try to avoid the use of antibiotics and other drugs. Pediatricians advise mothers to use warm up as a treatment. Warming up children can be carried out with the use of certain ointments, which are applied to the back or breast of the child. The ointment is applied in a relaxed motion, avoiding the heart area.

After rubbing the child is required to dress in warm clothes and lay under the covers. After the procedure the ointment is no need to rinse off. Warming up in this way can be carried out only on prescription and only at a time when the baby is not observed to increase in temperature. Since the ointment can cause allergic reactions, before using test, causing ointment on a small part of the body like hand. If there are no reactions, you can start the warming procedure.