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What usually keeps the temperature of bronchitis in children?

Many parents are interested in the question of how much temperature is held for bronchitis in children. Inflammatory process of the upper part of the lungs (the bronchi is called bronchitis. Ill any person, including children. Moreover, young children are more susceptible to this disease.

problema bronhita

Inflammation of the upper part of the lungs can be identified by the presence of elevated temperature and cough. If the disease is in an adult may occur with temperature increase and no increase, then children have a similar symptom when the disease is mandatory. If the bronchitis of the child occurs without a temperature, it is necessary to look for another cause of the inflammatory process.

Sometimes it rises slightly, but it is still a sign of bronchitis. If you are coughing with suspected bronchitis, the child's temperature is normal, you need to contact your pediatrician and to examine very carefully. This may be the first signs of the emergence of other serious diseases. The symptoms may indicate some pathological processes. These include bronchial asthma, pathology of the respiratory system and others.

Temperature rise: why is this happening

problema temperatury pri bronhite

Temperature is a measure of the normal reaction of the body's defenses in occurrence of the disease. This symptom in itself is not treated. It is not a disease, and its accompanying sign. It's a good job the immune system to protect against disease. Its presence in children points to the fact that the body resists the inflammatory process. This means that healing is proceeding normally, security forces operate. The immune system is functioning correctly. The answer to the question about why this is happening is quite simple: the body adapts to the smallest loss during the illness. Viruses and bacteria can not fully and multiply rapidly in a hot environment, over time it will die. So the body destroys them gradually, not allowing for further distribution.

How long you can survive elevated temperature depends on the treatment: how well and carefully it is carried out, the diagnosis and timely expert advice. The second factor, which depends on the duration of preservation of high temperature in children, the nature of the disease itself.

The shape and nature of bronchitis:

  • chronic;
  • bacterial;
  • obstructive.

shema bronhitaIf the bronchitis, unfair treatment or other causes time to move inchronic, significant temperature rise is observed only in the period of exacerbation.

For other forms it is also not necessarily kept at a high level. It usually happens in case of viral bronchitis. If the nature of inflammatory diseases of bacterial, the temperature rises slightly and stays at around 37-38 degrees.

Sometimes it can go up on the 2nd or 3rd day after the onset of the disease. This pattern is observed in obstructive bronchitis. In this form of disease is detected the narrowing of the bronchi and the presence of spasms.

Parents of children often ask questions about whether it is necessary to bring the temperature down with bronchitis and when necessary. Doctors ' recommendations are as follows: temperature up to 38.5 degrees safe. It can not knock down.

priznaki bronhitaBut do not forget that each specific case requires a special approach. It all depends on the condition of the patient.

If the child tolerates the temperature is normal, should not take any fever reducing medicine. But if he is bad, he has a terrible discomfort, increased irritability, he started having convulsions, immediately give antipyretic, even if the temperature was not so high. Temperature above 39 degrees is sure to bring down. This is the line beyond which begins to suffer damage to the body, the internal organs, especially the liver.

If the child is very young, wait for the raise the high temperature the doctors advise. Call the doctor at home.

Only a doctor will be able to give the right decision and choose an effective treatment.

Many antipyretic drugs, children can not use. Some antipyretics can be used, but with a certain degree of responsibility. It can be either small doses or doses are calculated per kilogram of body weight of the child. All features will tell a doctor inspecting a patient.

Bronchitis has passed, and the symptoms remained

slizistaya bronhov v norme i pri bronhiteWhat to do if after bronchitis in a child's temperature? Usually it is minor, but still causes concern for parents. Doctors believe that it is quite safe, nothing to fear and knock down is not necessary. The temperature is not dangerous and will not bring harm. In this case, the organism itself should cope with this minor problem. Usually the immune system is able to overcome the consequences of bronchitis in small temperature for 7 - 10 days. However, to go to the doctor it will be useful. Only a doctor can prescribe additional tests, to give the necessary advice.

Sometimes after bronchitistemperature decreases below the normal level. This may be due to such factors:

  • overdose with drugs, in the treatment process;
  • the failure of the immune system;
  • because of the lengthy emotional stress accompanying the inflammatory process;
  • at an abrupt decrease of hemoglobin in the blood of the child.

Fatigue can give a unit temperature decrease. This should not parents be alerted. But if it lasts a few days, calling a doctor is required.

Acute obstructive bronchitis

konsultaciya vracha pri bronhiteA child's illness cause parents concern and anxiety. They always want, if you don't take the sickness”, to help baby to quickly get rid of the scourge. There are diseases that have long residual in the form of coughing, frequent runny nose. Such diseases can be attributed to obstructive bronchitis. Serious disease, characterized by shortness of breath. Common - about one fourth of the disease. Most often this disease affects small children. The causative agents of disease are viruses. But not always they are responsible for the occurrence of acute bronchitis. To develop the disease may after being hit in the upper respiratory tract chemical or toxic substances. The reason can be physical factors, injuries.

Symptoms. First temperature rises. How long it will stay elevated, it is impossible to say for sure - it all depends on the virus, which provoked the occurrence of the disease. If the disease is triggered by the ingress of infection in the area of adenoids can to prepare for 10-day temperature. The main symptom of obstructive bronchitis - cough. First, it is dry, irritating, and then more soft and moist, and then goes to wet and expectorant.

Why is called obstructive bronchitis? Obstruction translated into Russian language means “obstacle, hindrance”. Obstructive bronchitis - obstruction of the respiratory tract (Airways). Disease in children is swelling of the mucous membrane, constriction of the Airways and bronchial tubes, increase Mikrotik selections. How many days neither was the temperature in this bronchitis, the patient on the illness and prescribed bed rest. To reduce the temperature and improve overall health you need to drink a lot. You can drink water, juices, cranberry fruit drinks and other noncarbonated beverages.

Bronchitis in children and temperature

So, the question about how much can hold temperature for bronchitis in children, the answer is very ambiguous. In children it can hold 2 - 3 days with proper treatment. Whenobstructive bronchitis, it can rise just a few days after onset of illness and last.

A little elevated it may remain for some time after the disease. It all depends on the clinical picture of the disease, the type of disease and individual protective forces of an organism of the child.

In any case, a slight fever in children bronchitis is good. This is an indication that the immune system works. The body fights the pathogen of bronchitis.