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How to recognize and treat tracheobronchitis?

The first thing that people diagnosed with tracheobronchitis: how to treat the disease. Is an inflammatory process that affects not only the lungs, but the bronchial tree.

problema traheobronhita

Most often first affects the upper respiratory tract, and the disease is characterized by rapid development. Bronchitis may be acute or chronic form, the treatment of them is somewhat different.

The acute form of the disease

Reasons, able to provoke an acute form of bronchitis, quite a lot. The most common ones include:

kurenie - prichina razvitiya traheobronhita

  • colds;
  • infection of viral or bacterial origin;
  • Smoking;
  • external stimuli (for example, adverse environmental conditions or hazardous industries).

The acute form of the disease has several characteristic symptoms: cough, shortness of breath, wheezing, soreness in the chest, weakness, drowsiness. Accompanied by these symptoms, usually fever.

Acute acute bronchorrhea most often in the cold season. In the case of inadequate treatment, the disease becomes chronic. To cure this form of the disease is much more complicated.

The chronic form of the disease

Often, chronic tracheitis suffer heavy smokers. For pathology characteristic recurrent cough accompanied by sputum. In addition, people who are faced with chronic bronchotracheal, often plagued by symptoms such as attacks of shortness of breath, weakness and fatigue.

povyshennaya zapylennost pomesheniya - prichina razvitiya traheobronhitaChronic bronchitis manifests the same symptoms, but due to the fact that the inflammation is localized in the bronchi, the disease is heavier. The intensity of the cough in case of bronchitis and tracheitis may be different, the same applies to the nature of the symptom.

Often chronic bronchitis affects people whose work requires prolonged stay in dusty conditions. The disease this form is most often a dry paroxysmal cough.

For chronic bronchorrhea characterized by the presence of atrophic or hypertrophic changes, which affect the mucous membrane. On the background of tracheitis often begin to develop chronic inflammatory diseases associated with the upper respiratory tract (sinusitis, sinusitis, etc.).

All aboutsymptoms and diagnosis

The beginning of the development of the disease, usually appears dry painful cough. Some patients complain of pain in the region of the diaphragm. They are caused by efforts during the frequent, sometimes paroxysmal cough.

povyshennaya temperatura pri traheobronhiteIn addition, the disease may declare itself an increase (usually mild) body temperature. Also bronchotracheal manifested by shortness of breath, weakness, sweating.

After some time, the dry cough becomes moist nature, which is accompanied by phlegm. With timely proper treatment the symptoms quite rapidly.

For preliminary diagnosis specialist enough examination of the patient. To confirm the suspected pathology is possible with x-rays of the lungs. To avoid serious and dangerous diseases related to the respiratory system (tuberculosis, Oncology, asthma, etc.), the analysis of sputum, which is released when you cough.

The basics of treatment of the disease

If there is a bronchitis how to treat this disease? First and foremost, the patient should be provided with comprehensive therapy. In case of viral or bacterial origin, the patient may be prescribed a course of reception of Anaferon, Omkaara, Aflubin or Arbidol. Treatment includes antibiotics with broad spectrum of action.

Take any medication only by appointment of a qualified professional.

lazolvan dlya lecheniya traheobronhitaTo facilitate removal of sputum from the lungs the patient is given oral mucolytics (Bromhexine, Ambroxol, Mucosolvan, Gadelica, Bronholitin, the Best).

Relieve the symptoms of the disease can with the help of herbal medicine. So, application of funds, prepared on the basis of many of the plants allows you to relieve inflammation and improve expectoration. To prepare a medicinal product or procedure is ideal: yarrow, St. John's wort, marjoram, thyme, licorice root, elecampane, Linden, mother and stepmother, rosemary.

High efficiency different inhalation. Today in the pharmacy you can buy ready-made inhaler, which is very convenient to use. To prepare broth is ideal medicinal herbs, pine needles, potatoes, or garlic.

To alleviate the patient's condition help mustard. To improve the expectoration is possible with the help of special exercises and massages.

Some of the most effective methods of treatmenttracheobronchitis:

moloko s medom pri traheobronhite

  1. To remove the severity of the inflammatory process, you can use hot milk with honey. To enhance the effect, add a knob of butter.
  2. To improve the expectoration is recommended to take the remedy, which is composed of equal proportions of honey and the juice of the agave.
  3. In the treatment of diseases related to the respiratory system, well established tools, which are based include ginger. At home ingredient you can use to prepare a decoction, tea. Mixing the ginger with honey, lemon and herbs, you can get a great anti-inflammatory and antibacterial agent.
  4. Very high efficiency different syrup from the juice of black radish and honey. To take the medicine recommended at least 3 times for 1 tbsp
  5. Good results helps to achieve the use of onion bread. The pulp of onions is mixed with the same amount of honey. The tool is put to the breast.
  6. At night the patient can RUB vegetable or animal fats. To enhance the effectiveness of the product can be mixed with a few tablespoons of honey.
  7. The children expressed signs of inflammation is removed by means of compresses in warm sunflower or olive oil. In the heated product is impregnated with a small towel and wrapped his chest like a child. For keeping warm baby wrapped in a dry towel larger.
  8. To alleviate some of the symptoms of acute tracheitis will help gargling. The procedure is ideal solution of soda, teas with ginger or herbs.

As already mentioned, the treatment of this disease should be dealt with exclusively by a highly qualified specialist. Timely and properly conducted therapy will prevent the emergence of chronic forms of bronchitis.