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Bronchitis in children: how is treatment of folk remedies?

When you find out bronchitis in children, treatment of folk remedies is a Supplement to medical therapy. First and foremost, of course, necessary to carry out timely diagnosis, to determine to what extent the narrowed Airways. All of this can only be done by specialists, so contact the clinic must.

problema bronhita u detej

Modern equipment can identify that lung function is impaired, allows you to notice and restructure obstructive disorders affecting the respiratory function. Timely diagnosis helps to cure bronchitis, avoiding the neglect of the disease. Small children are often susceptible to various diseases, while bronchitis is one of the most common diseases in early childhood.

Bronchitis is an acute inflammation of the bronchial mucosa, which is caused by a pathogen. This disease disrupts the usual activity of the bronchial glands, causing them begins to produce viscous secretion that it is cough. The Airways clogged with phlegm, the child becomes difficult to breathe, and its starting to feel a dry cough.

Why a toddler develops bronchitis?

The most common cause of this disease is getting into children's bodies bacterial or viral infections which irritate the lining of the bronchi.

osmotr vrachaIt happens that bronchitis is invoked even when the airway falls and damages their any foreign object (it can be the small detail toys or designer).

In addition, the respiratory system of the child can be affected as a result of allergies, infections caused by parasites or poisoning by chemicals.

In addition, the disease can be triggered by sudden seasonal temperature changes, for example, during the rainy season, because during this period the humidity rises. So in the autumn and spring, the probability for a child to get sick with bronchitis increases several times.

What types of bronchitis known to modern medicine?

povyshennaya temperatura pri bronhiteThere are such types of bronchitis in children as acute, chronic and recurrent forms.

In addition, for reasons of appearance, depending on what was the pathogen, the disease also has separation.

For example, the virus is considered to be the bronchitis which was caused by influenza or adenovirus, bacterial - triggered by streptococci, staphylococci, chlamydia or Haemophilus influenzae, andAllergy or obstructive he is called bronchitis, which became chemical irritants or dust, wool, Pets, pollen, plants.

How to recognize the incipient bronchitis in children?

bogulnik pri bronhiteFirst ill a bronchitis child marked difficulty breathing, wheezing, poor overall health, the baby becomes lethargic and weak, may have a fever.

The common cold is a frequent phenomenon in this disease, especially in the beginning.

However, the most obvious sign of the outbreak of bronchitis in children is cough. It can be both dry and wet cough with purulent sputum or lack thereof.

In chronic bronchitis this is usually mucus with pus, as in acute bronchitis - sputum transparent color. From continuous cough may begin as pain in the chest.

Methods of treatment children bronchitis

Sometimes it happens that bronchitis in young children is difficult. But with a quick diagnosis and the right treatment the mucous membrane of the child may recover quickly enough, a cough will disappear, and after a few weeks the disease is completely recedes.

All this time the child should see a pediatrician: it diagnoses the disease, determines the severity of bronchitis, prescribes treatment, selects the most suitable drugs.

Typically, children are prescribed bed rest and a special diet, you should drink plenty of fluids, especially in the presence of elevated temperature. Help herbal inhalation and antipyretics.

How to treat bronchitis in children with folk remedies?

chernaya redka pri bronhiteFolk remedies are capable to treat bronchitis in babies, while causing minimal damage to their fragile body. Traditional medicine has a lot of good recipes for relieving symptoms of bronchitis.

Recipe 1: decoction against chronic bronchitis

This herbal decoction is taken 16 tbsp herbs of rosemary, 4 tbsp of birch buds, 8 tbsp of marjoram and 4 tbsp. l. leaves Urtica dioica. These herbs are fresh you need to chop, mix, pour 0.5 liters of boiling water. Put to boil for 10-12 minutes, then pour into a thermos and leave to infuse. Drain them once after 30 minutes. To drink a decoction of 70 grams, 3 times a day, after food was adopted.

Recipe 2: black radish in the fight against cough

Juice black radish is often treated dry and wet cough, this remedy is available and effective. This radish is cut into cubes, sprinkled with a large amount of sugar and left for 12 hours to infuse in a roomtemperature. Thus, it turns out the juice, which is drained and given to a sick child every 2 hours 1 tbsp.

Recipe 3: milk decoction, relieves cough

Great fights cough bronchitis milky broth, in which not only milk, but also figs, or onions and garlic. To prepare the broth take a liter of milk, 10 bulbs and 1 head of garlic. The milk is poured into the container where the onions with garlic, put on the stove (to boil), cook on low heat until the onions and garlic will not become completely soft. Then the capacity is removed from the plate, the liquid is filtered, it is added to mint juice (ratio 1:1). Taken 1 tablespoon every 50-60 minutes.

inzhir pri bronhiteIf you use figs, 2 berries pour a glass of milk and boil for 2 minutes. The cooled decoction is given to the child 4 times a day (a quarter Cup) after eating.

Recipe 4: treatment of acute bronchitis with vegetable oil

Another simple, affordable and however an effective way to overcome symptoms of acute bronchitis - the use of vegetable oil. This oil should be boiled by using water bath. Now taken a large towel that is impregnated with hot oil, slightly cooled (it should be warm). This towel around her child, is applied on top of thin rubber sheet and covered with a warm blanket.

Recipe 5: goat fat (inner and outer)

Popular treatment of bronchitis children's tools such as goat fat, involves more than one method. For example, for ingestion of goat's fat previously melted and heated milk, there is added fat dissolved, the mixture was allowed to drink a sick child. In addition, the same melted goat fat is used to lubricate them and stop the chest of the child.

But goat's milk will raise the baby immunity, the more that the body learns well such milk allergic reactions usually do not occur.

6 recipe: boiled potatoes in the treatment of bronchitis in children

This is one of the best popular recipes that have passed the test of time. Unpeeled potatoes are cooked, and then softened, the resulting mass is shaped in the form of two tortillas. Hot (not so that you can burn yourself) tortillas wrapped in a towel and placed on the chest of the child, as well as between the shoulder blades. After that, you need a good wrap up baby and keep until the pellet is no longer warm. Then just need to wipe baby and change clothes. This is best treatment to spend before you put the baby to sleep.

Traditional treatments for bronchitis that is effective and do not cause negative effects (like overgrowth) in contrast to medicines. Butusing different methods of treatment of traditional medicine, it must be remembered that compulsory is a visit to the doctor. You need to consult with a specialist when carrying out any treatment. You should be careful, trying to help the kid on their own, because of allergic reactions to any of the products national treatment no one is immune.