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How to cure chronic bronchitis in children?

Chronic bronchitis in children is the inflammation of the bronchi, which is characterized by a repetition rate. In many cases, such diseases as chronic bronchitis in children in the phase of its systematic deterioration occurs without special reactive phenomena, and sometimes for treatment is taken late enough.

problema bronhita u rebenka

Bronchitis, or inflammation of the bronchial mucosa, refers to diseases of the upper respiratory tract. Especially often affects children 3-8 years of age. It affects:

  • immature immune system;
  • the structural features of the upper respiratory tract.

The reasons for the development of child bronchitis

The main reason that leads to the exacerbation of chronic bronchitis in a child is a viral infection. Pathogen penetrates the upper respiratory tract, then swoops down. This leads to inflammation of the mucous membrane of the lower respiratory tract.

Other causes which may develop bronchitis in children can be:

pyl - prichina bronhita

  1. Bacteria. Along with toys, items that the child is often drawn in the mouth, the organism can penetrate bacteria that can lead to the development of this disease.
  2. Allergic reactions to dander, mold, dust, food. If they occur frequently then it causes a constant inflammation that eventually may cause chronic bronchitis.
  3. Inhalation of fumes of various chemicals.
  4. Mechanical irritation by particles of sand, dust, in case contact by breathing in the bronchi.
  5. A significant role in the formation of the disease is the dusty air, impurities in the air of any toxic substances, gases, tobacco smoke.
  6. Not fully cured viral infections or colds.
  7. The presence in the body of the child a large number of parasites. They are able to penetrate into the lungs and settle in them, constantly irritating and causing inflammatory reactions in the bronchi.
  8. Natural defects in the structure of the upper respiratory tract.

Symptoms of chronic bronchitis

In the period when the disease enters the acute phase, the child has the following symptoms:

razdrazhitelnost rebenka - simptom bronhita

  • weakness;
  • irritability;
  • lethargy;
  • moodiness.

The symptoms of chronic bronchitis is the emergence of a prolonged cough. During 2-3 days of the disease occurs cough, it is accompanied by shortness of breath and profuse sputum. After some time, the cough spills over into the chronic form,becomes frequent. Especially it grows in cool, rainy weather.

Also among the signs say:

  • the separation of the mucous membrane, purulent sputum;
  • sweating;
  • the presence of rales in the lungs;
  • some pallor of the skin;
  • occasional fever;
  • possible increase in body temperature.

The child, who suffers from chronic bronchitis, may lose interest in food.

Chronic bronchitis in children - treatment

priznaki bronhita

For children for treatment of chronic bronchitis, non-severe form will require approximately 2 weeks. If left untreated, it can be the cause of asthma or pneumonia.

In the febrile stage it is required to be on bed rest. In the period of exacerbation doctor prescribed a milk and vegetable diet. At the elevated temperature of the body is necessary to drink a lot of warm water, which can be replaced by:

  • fruit drinks cranberry and cranberry;
  • milk with baking soda and honey;
  • mineral alkaline water;
  • weak black tea with lemon, with different types of jams;
  • vitamin teas.

With increasing temperature more than 38 degrees, the doctor will prescribe fever reducing medications. Treatment also includes expectorant:

  • infusion of licorice root;
  • ammonia-anise drops;
  • syrup Doctor MOM;
  • mukaltin.

Doctors prescribe breast fees as well as antibiotics. If necessary, the child should take:

sravnenie zdorovyh bronhov i bronhita

  • corticosteroids;
  • dilates the bronchi means;
  • non-steroidal anti-inflammatory and stimulant drugs.

It is necessary to simultaneously conduct diversionary therapy, which includes:

  • physiotherapy;
  • mustard or mustard wraps;
  • banks;
  • rubbing calendula ointment.

Well at this time systematically to do baby massage. The result is regularly conducted by the respiratory and physiotherapy resistance of child's body raises.

Preventive measures

If the child is often sick with bronchitis, to protect the body from repeated relapses, you need to follow the proper steps.

The air must be fresh and clean. It is strictly forbidden to smoke where the child is. Wet cleaning in the premises must be conducted no less than once a week.

If the disease is caused by an Allergy, it is necessary to eliminate the allergen. This is especially true of certain foods, animal hair and dust. You need to stick to hypoallergenicdiet.

RUB the child's body with the ointments and drugs-cough is prohibited. You need to strive to maintain a healthy immune system.