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What need antibiotics for pharyngitis?

Antibiotics for pharyngitis are selected by the attending physician depending on the type of microorganisms, triggering an inflammatory process of the mucous membrane of the pharynx. The use of local symptomatic treatment gives relief from discomfort but does not fix the problem.

zabolevanie faringitom

In this disease, the victim experiences the following symptoms of disease:

  • sore throat;
  • pain and discomfort in swallowing and speech;
  • alone there's still the feeling irritated throats;
  • there is a dry cough;
  • the victim often swallows to release of the throat from accumulation of mucus.

There is a prejudice against the use of antibiotics: some patients believe that these drugs significantly damage the intestinal flora. In fact, side effects from medicines need to be offset by diet. The number of cases of sore throat increases during the cold season, this illness affects all age groups, especially elderly people and small children. What causes strep throat?

The causes of the disease

priznaki i prichiny faringitaBy the nature of their course, pharyngitis is divided into acute and chronic. The latter is a complication of the first. In the case of immune system enough to completely eliminate the source of inflammation, infection firmly grounded in the throat. Without proper treatment, the disease easily passes into the chronic form. Classification of chronic pharyngitis is organized according to the pathological changes they cause in the mucosa:

  • atrophic (thins the mucous);
  • hypertrophic (which leads to thickening of the mucosa);
  • catarrhal (simple).

The latter form is most common. To completely eliminate chronic pharyngitis long, expensive and difficult. It is much easier to prevent and efficiently resolve acute pharyngitis.

Treatment with antibiotics is effective with proper selection of the medicine. For this you need to find out what type of pathogenic agent caused the appearance of the inflammatory process. The following categories of microorganisms cause disease:

  • viruses;
  • fungi;
  • bacteria.

vidy faringitaApart from them, inflammation of a mucous membrane can be triggered by trauma, allergic reaction or the harmful effects of toxic substances. The most common viruses that cause pharyngitis is:

  • coronavirus;
  • adenovirus;
  • rhinovirus;
  • the flu virus;
  • virusparainfluenza;
  • respiratory syncytial virus.

According to experts, more than 70% of these diseases arose because of a viral infection. Viruses are able to mutate to acquire resistance to drugs, change their adaptive mechanisms. The trend of recent years shows that the most actively developing rhinovirus, it is the cause of this epidemic in the autumn and spring seasons. The sooner a disease is diagnosed, the easier it is to troubleshoot, the faster the person will recover and return to active life.

The best effect of antiviral drugs achieved in their application in first three days since the initial infection.

Bacterial pharyngitis

vizualnaya diagnostika faringitaThe inflammation triggered by the virus, weakens the local immunity, and the infection may be joined and related. Therefore, when running viral pharyngitis are sometimes assigned a broad-spectrum antibiotics. In bacterial forms of the disease lead to the following microorganisms:

  • pneumococci;
  • staphylococci;
  • streptococci.

Representatives of the world of fungi the most frequent cause of pharyngitis is a fungus of the genus Candida, the same one that causes candidiasis, yeast infection.

The correct use of antibiotics

If you suspect strep you need to see a doctor and do not take medicines on their own. It the physician should determine the duration of treatment and correct dosage of the drug. Treatment infants should be supervised by a competent pediatrician. Antibiotics is not always carried out under ordinary pharyngitis without complications, it is not required. If joined to viral fungal or bacterial infection, antibiotics are prescribed necessarily.

poloskanie gorla pri lechenii faringitaThe main role in causing pharyngitis belongs not caught from outside pathogenic microorganisms, and the weak local immunity in the oropharynx. In the elderly, in neonates the balance of useful and conditionally pathogenic microflora is very fragile. That is why older people often suffer from thrush in the mouth, which can worsen with pharyngitis.

Attention should be paid to activation of local defenses. Pharyngitis is forbidden to consume alcohol tinctures and other means of folk medicine, based on pepper, garlic, ginger, bitter and irritate plants.

Before applying the methods of traditional medicine should consult your doctor. Ifthe exact cause of pharyngitis is unknown, you can't use herbal infusions and decoctions. If the victim has the propensity to allergic reactions, it can provoke an attack. Timely detection of pharyngitis reduces treatment time and minimizes the possible consequences. To support recovery need to adjust the diet of the victim. Eliminate spicy, hot, salty, cold and sour dishes. Food should be warm and non-greasy. As in most cases with pharyngitis temperature rises, you can apply hot treatments like hot foot baths. Local funds should include antiseptic gargling with the use of furatsilina solution “solution”, salt solutions or of pharmaceutical preparations.


A comprehensive approach to treatment of the disease involves the use of a wide range of vehicles. In the treatment of pharyngitis can be involved the following groups of medicines:

  • antibiotics;
  • nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs;
  • painkillers;
  • adjuvants;
  • antiseptic of local action.

upotreblenie antibiotikov dlya lecheniya faringitaManufacturers often combine several aspects in one the drug. Most of the local anti-inflammatory drugs that are prescribed for pharyngitis, contain disinfecting ingredients. Before you give preference to antibiotics, you need to conduct bacteriological research and find out what kind of microorganism caused the pharyngitis. Depending on the type of agent assigned to the drug. Pharyngitis antibiotics are prescribed depending on the type of bacteria:

  • if the identified streptococci, pneumococci and anaerobic bacteria, they are appointed agents based on the penicillin;
  • if the detected gram-negative bacteria, E. coli, or Proteus, is assigned to ampicillin;
  • if pharyngitis provoked by Pseudomonas aeruginosa, it is advisable to use carbenicillin;
  • in case of detection of staphylococci recommended semi-synthetic drugs (dicloxacillin, oxacillin).

Very popular until recently, was drugs of the tetracycline, however, at present, appoint them only as auxiliary tools, because it has already been invented more effective medicines. Often simultaneously with antibiotics prescribed and antimycotic drugs. This is true for several reasons:

  • antibiotics inhibit not only pathogenic, but also useful microflora of the oropharynx;
  • the weakening of local immunity aktiviziruyutsyamushrooms;
  • fungal infection spreads through the damaged mucosa, which creates barriers to successful treatment.

Treatment of pharyngitis with antibiotics must be compensated by measures to restore beneficial microflora. In debilitated patients, in young children and the elderly requires the inclusion in the diet of organic dairy products, for example, live yogurt cultures. If the designated drug is having a positive effect within weeks, you need to consult a doctor and find out the reason. Properly selected antibiotics for pharyngitis contribute to the rapid and complete cure.