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What to gargle in pharyngitis and laryngitis?

What to gargle in pharyngitis and laryngitis? Pharyngitis and laryngitis - diseases of the throat, the difference between them consists only in localization of inflammatory process, symptoms and causes.

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Scientists who studied the action and the opportunity of obtaining effect in the treatment of pharyngitis and laryngitis, found that gargling carried out during the disease should. And, as it was established, gargling, believes or does not believe the man still used as an aid in accelerating the healing process.

In addition, the drugs used for gargling, are much smaller than the antibiotics, which is a big plus, especially if the solution for gargling to cook by yourself.

The main thing - correctly to gargle and know the basic secrets, the performance of which achieves the best results.

So, if you need to treat the throat, especially if there is inflammation, in any case it is not necessary to gargle hot solutions, tinctures and infusions. Also you should not do the same drugs cold. Cooked any medicinal drug should be slightly warm, so as not to burn the mucous membranes are already inflamed throat and do not chill cold solutions even more.

process poloskaniya gorla pri faringiteGargling the head should be raised up a bit. And during the rinsing you should pronounce the letter "a". Uttering her throat acquires a form and structure that the drug is able to wash all the sore place.

Particular attention should be paid to the time of rinsing. It should not exceed more than 20-30 seconds. In extreme cases, when acute pharyngitis is permissible to extend the gargling to the minute.

A very long time gargling can cause pain in the nasopharynx, which is extremely undesirable when already inflamed throat.

Those who first decided to try gargling may feel sore. There is nothing to worry. Pharyngitis is quite natural. Indeed, during the rinsing of the throat is washed out of the inflamed mucus. The main thing - do not overdo it and not to bring up the fact that after rinsing will start itching and pain of the sky.

The effects of gargling on the mucous membranes of the throat and General condition of the body

If the disease is accompanied by a slight rise in temperature, it still affects overall health, and rinsing much easier as. After all, the procedure itself gargling to cure a sore throat has:

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  • mechanical method of leaching, thus the removal of virus and germs;
  • antiseptic and bactericidal action;
  • flushing parts of mucus from the nasopharynx, which contributes to the improvement of the direct action of medicines;
  • significantly reduced swelling;
  • reduced likelihood that the disease passed into a chronic form;
  • fast healing of the affected tissues.

In other words, if the cold turned out to be strep, you should try to remove inflammation. To do this, you can buy a ready solution to rinse in the pharmacy. In extreme cases, medicinal drug you can prepare yourself. Moreover, there are many medicinal herbs that do well with a sore throat. It is important to know which herb in this case, the best fit, and which herbs to use for you.

If the patient has the acute form of pharyngitis, the best way to remain medicinal chamomile and eucalyptus. You can also use the immortelle, St. John's wort and many anti-inflammatory herbs.

Preparing medicines for gargling

To prepare an infusion for gargling to cure a sore throat in the acute form, it is necessary to take equal parts of chamomile, eucalyptus, St. John's wort, put in a glass container and pour boiling water. Then, the dishes with the contents should be tightly cover the very same capacity to wrap up in something warm and leave to infuse for 2 hours.

otvar zveroboya dlya poloskaniya gorla pri faringiteReady infusion should drain with folded in several layers of gauze or medical bandage, and all the infusion is ready. Lukewarm drug wash out a sore throat before and after meals, and it is better to do it during the first day of the aggravated forms of pharyngitis every hour. If the inflammation persists, the swelling became less, infusion of chamomile, eucalyptus and St. John's wort gargle have every hour and on the second day. But if the disease has receded a bit, a little easier to breathe, the rinsing procedure can be carried out a little less often. That is, every three hours, the next day a freshly prepared infusion gargle to 4 times a day, followed by a 7 days - to gargle three times a day.

To bad, many think, they say, it became a little easier, and well, it is a gargle. This is very bad. Every person needs to understand that on the first day, immediately after the treatment, the disease either intensifies or trying to fool the body, become silent. In other words, doing everything so that the patient has lostvigilance. And once interrupted the course of treatment, the disease returns. But it is twice as strong. As during remission cells and microbes has adapted to the medicinal drug, can u tell strep germs have developed an immunity to the action of the drug, the disease becomes chronic.

Gargle in chronic pharyngitis

If the strep was chronic in a fight with him you need to connect fresh red beet juice, infusion of birch and the juice of raw potatoes. In addition, in chronic pharyngitis doctors folk medicine recommend the use of an infusion, prepared on the basis of Apple cider vinegar.

yablochnyj uksus dlya lecheniya faringitaPreparing a solution as follows. Vinegar and boiled water is taken in equal parts, are heated. You can rinse. However, if you have individual intolerance to vinegar or even some kind of acid, then it is better instead of vinegar in the same amount to use the juice from the leaves of Kalanchoe. Some use for gargling soda. But this is a very stupid and undesirable. Soda will only dry the mucous membranes of the throat. Resulting edema may become more and treatment may be delayed.

For gargling, you can use alcohol tincture of propolis. But there is the “but.” For those who are allergic to bee products, such ingredients rinse better to forget. Otherwise, along with inflammation of the mucosa of the throat can appear allergic throat swelling, which will aggravate the situation, and then, without doctors and hospital beds is not enough.

To accelerate the healing process, used infusions made from herbs of calendula, raspberry leaf, pine buds, tansy flowers, grass, thyme, chicory root, birch buds, grass, clover, geranium, rose hips and hawthorn. Each of these plants possesses anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and bactericidal properties. All the above herbs can be used together by taking them in equal parts, pour boiling water and give infusions, and can be used individually, 2-3 component.

To achieve a rapid effect, all prepared infusions can be used not only for gargling, but also as a decoction for oral administration. Importantly, in this case, you need to follow one rule: any infusion of herbs is to rinse decoction of herbs take. After each session you need to wash the nose. This can be done in the same infusion or just drip in a nose naphthyzinum. That is, you need not to give the remaining in the nose and the germs get on the mucous membranes of the throat.

A small conclusion

If doneproperly, the recovery will be accelerated and will disappear completely the probability of transition pharyngitis chronic.

In other words, early treatment, full treatment is the right path to recovery and the ability to forget about the disease forever.

Be healthy!!!