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The main symptoms and treatment of granulosa pharyngitis

If a person diagnosed with a granulosa pharyngitis, treatment should be comprehensive. In addition, it is very important to perform it under the supervision of skilled professionals.

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Causes of pharyngitis

Acute pharyngitis granulosa can occur for a variety of reasons, but primary among them are the following:

  • viral and fungal parasites;
  • bacteria;
  • mechanical damage of the nasal septum;
  • the presence in the air large amounts of construction dust.

In addition, not to mention the excessive dry air, Smoking, and alcohol abuse. While allergic reactions, kidney disease, cardiovascular and respiratory system can also lead to the formation of pharyngitis.

boleznetvornye virusy - prichina faringitaPharyngitis granulosa, is a serious disease of the mucous membrane of the nasopharynx, which is accompanied by inflammatory process. In the process of development of the disease there is a loss of all the soft tissues of the throat, the muscular system, the soft palate and the lymphatic system. In addition, patients will have a marked increase in the tissue, indicating the occurrence of inflammatory pathology.

Initially, a similar disease occurs in an acute form, it causes patients discomfort the strongest. But if you do not start timely treatment of granulosa pharyngitis, the disease becomes chronic. Fully excrete the bacteria will be already impossible. Any cold, causing the weakening of the human immune system, will lead to a relapse of pharyngitis.

As a consequence, chronic pharyngitis will occur as a complications after suffering from a cold, tonsillitis, sinus infection or other inflammation of the mucous membrane of the nasopharynx. Quite often the same disease of the throat is fixed in close relatives. This suggests that they are hereditary and high probability of occurrence of pharyngitis in subsequent generations. So after the baby is born, it is necessary to check by an otolaryngologist. This will allow to diagnose the disease and prevent its transition into the acute stage.

Main symptoms of the disease

The first symptoms of pharyngitis granulosa character is the formation of small red nodules. These nodules are formed on the surface of the larynx, causing a change in its structure. Such tumors by their appearance, resemble granules that cause severe irritation of the trigeminal nerve anddrying out the structure of the mucous membrane.

pershenie v gorle pri faringiteIn some cases, nodular formation can cause redness and great swelling of the nasopharynx, causes a change in shape of the mucous fibrous character. The fibrosis of tissue occurs in extensive grounds, causing loss of elasticity of its fibers. This loss of elasticity leads to the fact that fabrics lose their protective mechanisms.

Moreover, the formation of fibrous films, the structure of which is full of various pathogenic bacteria, dead cells and remnants of white blood cells. This gives a good opportunity for pathogens to affect the deeper tissues of the throat and larynx, causing a variety of complications. In the process of development of pharyngitis, disease of the tissues pass into the gland, causing further atrophy.

Feature of granulosa pharyngitis is that all of these earlier processes are quite rapidly and in the early stages is almost asymptomatic. Therefore, a long period of time people did not suspect that hurts. This leads to the fact that all conditions for the transition of the disease into the chronic stage.

To avoid this, it is necessary to know the basic symptoms of such disease. Among them we can mention such as moderate pain in the nose and throat, aggravated by swallowing. Moreover, there will be a tickle, causing sensation of a lump in my throat. Also there will be a large amount of mucus, which is difficult to cough up. In the process of expectoration in people may experience retching. In case of such symptoms, the sick person should immediately contact your doctor, who will devise an individual treatment plan.

The treatment process

obsledovanie nosoglotki u loraAs noted above, treatment of pharyngitis should be started as early as possible, otherwise it goes into a chronic form of the disease. Moreover, the entire treatment process should take place under the supervision of a specialist, who will devise an individual treatment plan. The process of treatment should be based on the test results of a patient obtained in the course of his examination.

A survey of doctors initially is the visual examination of the larynx and nasopharynx. At this stage it is possible to identify the propagation of edema, but also to see the red areas of the pharynx and located on it the follicles. The next step is hardware diagnostics, which allows you to take pictures of the inflamed area and to clarify the diagnosis.

Next, go to thethe process of treatment, which is done in conservative ways. It should be noted that conservative methods are most effective. They allow to achieve good results in the shortest possible time. Among these methods stands out rinsing. It is a mandatory procedure, and in combination with the intake of drugs the efficiency of the rinse is increased several times. If caught early, inflammation of the throat gargle eliminate the disease for 1-2 days.

To eliminate formed on the mucosa of the nasopharynx granules, applied the cautery.

Suitable for this purpose is any drug, which contains iodine (chloracetate acid, protargol, etc.). Moxibustion can be combined with the inhalation, made on the basis of medicinal herbs (chamomile, sage, etc.). Contained in these herbs and oil-base substances not only help to thin out mucus, but also effectively destroy all harmful microorganisms.

Further, a combination of drugs that helps to resolve pharyngitis, are maintenance drugs, which are enriched with various vitamins. The most important vitamins that accelerate the healing process, and are considered A, B,C, E. But from self-selection vitamin complex best to refrain. This is because incorrectly balanced vitamins can only impair health of the patient. If such drug therapy has not helped, then surgical removal of the ulcers and granules.