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Pharyngitis: the correct treatment in children

Symptoms that occur with pharyngitis, the treatment in children differ significantly than if the disease occurred in adults. In addition, the therapy depends on the etiology of the disease. Thus, in some cases, shows the use of antibiotics, and in other cases it is necessary to take completely different drugs. So it is very important role is played by timely medical examination and full compliance with his appointments.

problema faringita

The treatment of pharyngitis in children

So, if we talk about the treatment of strep that do not involve taking medication, it is, above all, compliance with bed rest, which should last at least a week.

It is important to follow a regular diet. You should regularly gargle, you should purchase a special solution “Lugol” (you can use “Hexetidine”). You should drink a warm drink. It is recommended to drink milk with Borjomi or soda (a half teaspoon of baking soda 200 ml milk). Such means are perfectly cope with the disease at the initial stage.

lechenie rastvorami faringitaWith regard to drug therapy, the treatment of pharyngitis in need of drugs anti-inflammatory and antiviral actions. If there is a need, then be still and antipyretic therapy, antitussive. If you need to remove the heat, then you need to acquire it “Ibuprofen” because it is designed for the treatment of children. Moreover, this tool is not only an antipyretic but also reduces pain, reduces inflammation.

If strep throat was discovered, a child older than 2.5 years, then it is usually prescribe medicines in the form of herbal antibacterial drugs. They are intended for local action. In this case, it is perfect “Fusafungine or local antiseptics, but should pay attention to maintain gexetidin. Quite effective in this disease are also so-called herbal remedies. Their composition should include the following components: chamomile flowers, marshmallow root, walnut leaves, oak bark, medicinal dandelion and tysyachelistnika.

In addition, you may notice that in some cases of acute pharyngitis in children need surgery. But still, this operation is assigned very rarely, only when complications arose in the form of paratonsillar or retropharyngeal abscess. If you have cleaned the data forms of the disease, the child needs to be hospitalized immediately, generally it is placed in otolaryngology. Here is the operationdesigned for opening abscesses. Sometimes a tonsillectomy is assigned. Only such methods could be used to treat complications of pharyngitis.

narodnye sredstva lecheniya faringitaBut if the form is uncomplicated and not severe then sufficient the treatment mentioned above. Moreover, it is not necessary to consult other doctors, but if there were complications, the baby's condition deteriorated, must be examined by an otolaryngologist.

When hospitalization is necessary to cure a sore throat? Child hospitalitynet only if he is suffering from hyperthermia, severe intoxication, respiratory disorders, if he has a suspicion in the form of infectious diseases (this includes diphtheria, severe scarlet fever, tularemia and other forms). In addition, you will have to transfer to the ward, if was discovered paratonzillit happened or retropharyngeal abscess.

Other methods of treatment of pharyngitis in children: preventive measures

Other techniques that can help to eliminate the strep, should include traditional medicine. It is quite effective, however, and it should be applied after examination by a doctor and only after his approval.

shema zabolevaniya faringit

Great result brings the use of propolis, but can be taken only by those who do not have this ingredient allergies. So, propolis is treated with throat and nose, namely their mucous membranes. This procedure is performed using a special tincture, prepared on the propolis and alcohol. It must be repeated for 14 days. By the way, this popular recipe is very popular. Those who use this drug, is recovering in a very short time. But even if sick and felt better, it still needs to fully cure through the course.

The effectiveness of this treatment is that while lubrication of the throat by the specified solution, as well as putting him in the nose, is cured and even the gastrointestinal tract.

For the following folk remedies to collect special plants. This eucalyptus, calendula and sage. All components need to take on a tea spoon. Plants pour boiling water (300 ml) and leave capacity for 30 minutes. During this time, the tool does not get cold, but infusions. Then added a small amount of honey, and you can safely this infusion gargle. Will significantly improve the child's condition, when it will be completed not less than five procedures.

Quite often with pharyngitis patients suffer from dry, but painful cough.

In this case, it is perfect next vehicle. For itpreparation you need to take the honey, garlic. The final ingredient is finely cut. It should take as long to come out half a Cup. Then the container is filled with honey and put on a small fire. The tool should not forget to stir. It should cook for about 30 minutes. The drug is taken home after the child ate, dessert spoon.

obilnoe teploe pite pri zabolevaniiIn addition, you should pay attention to methods that will help prevent the disease. So, it should be conducted special preventive measures, which take into account the main pathogenetic factors. It is very important not to expose the baby's body exposure to cold and try to ensure that he was not in the drafts.

It is important to avoid irritation of the pharynx and so-called natural nutritional agents.

Preventive measures mean more and tempering, both General and local. This is done using the cold. Always on time you also need to pay attention to purulent-inflammatory diseases of the nose, in order to eliminate it. It is very important engage in regular hygiene of the oral cavity.

Some of the features

In order to avoid chronic pharyngitis in children the first step is to remove local and General causes of the disease. It is important to try to exclude any influence of any irritating factors, e.g., dust or air pollution, also need not give the child food that may cause irritation. We must not forget about regular conduct appropriate treatment of existing common chronic ailments. This applies to diseases that affect internal organs, e.g., heart, liver, stomach, kidneys, bladder.

You should not allow the child to remain in the room where was full of smoke, because this can also affect its overall condition. It is important to always pay attention to any violations in the field of metabolism, as all this can complicate the health of the child.

And if the child is sick with strep throat, you should not self-medicate. It is necessary to seek the assistance of a specialist, and after - to adhere to all of his appointments. Otherwise, you may experience severe complications, the consequences of which to eliminate drug will be very difficult, and the time it will take much longer than in the treatment of pharyngitis in the early stages.