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Methods of treatment of chronic pharyngitis in adults

In chronic pharyngitis in adults treatment should be comprehensive and aimed at reducing local manifestations of the disease and the impact on the cause of the disease. At the time of treatment is necessary to exclude such irritants as cold air and tobacco smoke. It is necessary to eliminate the influence on the water vapour of paint products and other corrosive chemicals.

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The diet should be sparing. Should eliminate coarse food, hot drinks, alcohol. Will be useful technique of warm milk with honey and mineral water. To stimulate the regeneration of the mucosa, recommended to use sea buckthorn oil or rose hips. Will also be useful decoction of chamomile or rosemary for gargling.

Treatment at initial stage

To learn how to treat chronic pharyngitis, you need to contact the doctor who will define the disease and will select the appropriate treatment. Typically, therapy is performed in an outpatient setting. With proper treatment strep can not cope fast enough, it should be remembered about the likelihood of relapse. Therefore prevention of disease is important at any stage of treatment.

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In the initial stages of treatment is necessary to completely eliminate the factors that caused the disease. Should not eat spicy and salty food, alcoholic beverages, it is necessary to exclude Smoking. It is unacceptable presence in the air of soot and other harmful chemical compounds. If the patient is associated with vocal load, it is necessary to minimize the load on the throat with drinking large amounts of water and mitigating candy. Do not forget about the necessity of treating the disease that caused or causing the pharyngitis.

Chronic pharyngitis begin to treat various gargles and inhalations. Good local effect have the following medications:

  1. Rotokan. Is a mixture of extracts of chamomile, calendula and yarrow on alcohol. Has anti-inflammatory and stimulates the regeneration of tissues.
  2. Furatsilin. Antibacterial drug for local application. For its preparation requires several tablets to dissolve in a glass of water.
  3. Miramistin. Antiseptic. Boosts immune response and accelerates the healing of wounds.
  4. Iodine. A few drops added to a glass of water.

In order to relieve swelling and hyperemia of the throat, use a solution of protargol, iodine solution or silver nitrate. They should be applied to the back wall of the pharynx with a spatula.

Comprehensive treatmentpharyngitis

The use of antibiotics for treatment of pharyngitis in the chronic stage, justified only in the time of exacerbation.

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The latter can be characterized by the appearance of fever and lymphadenopathy close to the localization of disease sites. For adequate appointment of antibacterial therapy it is necessary to pass seeding from the pharynx to the study of sensitivity to antibiotics. With this study reveals the causative agent of the disease and specify which antibiotic is suitable in this situation. The result of sowing prescribe drugs with wide spectrum of action. Most commonly used the following drugs:

  • Sumamed;
  • Azithral;
  • Tsiprolet;
  • Amoxiclav.

Treatment should be accompanied by the medication antihistamine action such as Suprastinum or Diazolinum. In the presence of gastritis or peptic ulcer disease receiving drug therapy should be supplemented with proton pump inhibitors (Omez, Omeprazole) that is used as a therapy for backup.

To eliminate the cough, you can use Kodelaka or Kodterpin, they suppress the cough reflex. Are mandatory gargling decoction of chamomile or soda solution. Great therapeutic effect have bacteriophages (e.g., I have). Pharyngitis in adults at the time of treatment in the acute period requires considerable time, requiring issuance of certificate for incapacity for work for up to 2 weeks.

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The nature of the flow of atrophic pharyngitis does not exclude the risk of tumor development. Therefore, in addition to primary treatment, the physician and annual checkup, which should include a biopsy with histological examination of material taken. They should focus on drugs that restore the mucous membranes. However, at the time of exacerbation to exclude the impact of any pathogens. Also you should take medicines for the correction of immunity and antiviral prophylaxis. To restore the mucous layer recommended laser irradiation atrophied areas.

In the treatment process should review the list of consumed foods without this step, a full recovery is impossible. Products must be grated, and liquid at room temperature. The diet should include milk with honey, the amount of fluids you drink should be increased, you must add mineral water.

Traditional methods of treatment

To cure a chronic type of sore throat can be and folk remedies. Thechecked of them is sea buckthorn oil. If you have a causal connection with the diseases of the stomach or bowel, you should consult a gastroenterologist. To achieve anti-inflammatory effect and support the immune system use extract of rose hips.

Some recipes:

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  1. The propolis. Effective in early disease. It should be crushed and pour in cool water, it will float to the surface all the impurities. The remaining precipitate, pour alcohol and put in a dark cool place for 7 days. The brine is then mixed with glycerin. This tool need to treat the mucosa of the nose 1 time a day for 2 weeks.
  2. Chamomile, oak root, calendula. Used in the form of infusions for gargling (to perform the procedure a few times a day).
  3. Boiled potatoes. You should breathe in pairs for 15 minutes 2 times a day.
  4. Eucalyptus. A few drops of the tincture should be diluted in hot water and drink 3 times a day. This tool has anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and expectorant effects.
  5. Rose. Tea made from this plant strengthens the mucous membranes, and its reception in combination with the sage and Melissa in a period of 6-10 weeks will help completely cure strep throat. The tea is prepared as follows: in boiling water add a small amount of berries and rose hips, infused for 1.5 hours in a thermos and drink. To enhance the effect, add a few drops of sea buckthorn oil.
  6. Med. In combination with milk - the perfect warming, and immunostimulatory agent. In the case of a protracted process would be the best.
  7. St. John's wort. In 1 Cup of boiling water add some herbs to the mixture insist in a thermos 2 hours. Should gargle several times a day.
  8. Pregnant contraindicated virtually all drugs, therefore, allowed the use of sea salt. A small amount of salt diluted in warm water and gargle.

It is necessary to remember that treatment of chronic pharyngitis folk remedies is only possible in combination with the main treatment prescribed by your doctor.