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Causes, symptoms and treatment of viral pharyngitis

Infectious disease of the pharynx is characterized by lesions of the lymph nodes and mucosa, viral pharyngitis. Such an abnormal phenomenon rarely goes alone: usually it is accompanied by an acute disease with inflammation in the upper respiratory tract. Pharyngitis is usually diagnosed in people of advanced age, in turn, in children the disease is in an aggravated form.

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The root causes and symptoms

As the term, the disease develops due to infection of fungi, bacteria and viruses. Most often viral pharyngitis is noted during exacerbations of autumn epidemics.

The disease is very often caused by a number of viruses:

  1. Viruses influenza and parainfluenza.
  2. The rhinoviruses.
  3. The coronaviruses.
  4. Adenoviruses.

bol pri glotanii - simptom faringitaCauses of pharyngitis in this group can act as a rare virus:

  1. Coxsackie Virus.
  2. The conventional herpes viruses.
  3. Respiratory syncytial virus.
  4. Cytomegalovirus.

The occurrence of the disease in children almost always is due to hit in the nose of a rhinovirus. This pathology (viral infection) is marked as a primary disease. In that case, if the treatment process was not completed, in the region of the upper respiratory tract occurs a favorable atmosphere for the occurrence of bacteria.

A lot of viruses that can cause disease can be transmitted in different ways. They can be infected by droplet infection through household items, kiss. As a rule, in children's groups the illness can be observed from several people, as they are in contact with each other, use common household items and toys.

Symptoms of acute viral pharyngitis differ significantly from the symptoms of sore throat and tonsillitis. During angina in the inflammatory process includes the tonsils and throat tissue, there are marked signs of intoxication. The acute form of pharyngitis is manifested after infection after about a few days, and some kids with high immune system this time can increase to weeks. The first signs of viral pharyngitis look like discomfort and sore throat.

poterya appetita pri faringiteA few hours can develop a clear clinical picture of the inflammatory process:

  1. Painful sensation in the throat, which is especially pronounced during the "dry" slatinany.
  2. In the first days the symptoms of distress particularly prominent: manifest lethargy, weakness, poor appetite or lack of it.
  3. Unlike adult patients, children have the viruspharyngitis is more often in an aggravated form and with a high body temperature. Symptoms of fever - sweating, chills, weakness.
  4. If the inflammatory process includes tuboovarialny rollers, the soreness may metastasize in the area of the ear.
  5. While feelings are determined by the hypertrophied submandibular lymph nodes.
  6. During the acute pharyngitis is manifested by a dry cough, which occurs due to the accumulation of mucus at the back of the pharynx.

In inflammatory process at the back of the pharynx and Palatine arches during the inspection, you may notice a redness. If the inflammation of the tonsils, the tonsillitis has not yet begun to develop, but there are strep throat.

Sometimes children have a viral pharyngitis is manifested as an accompanying disease of rubella, SARS, scarlet fever, and these diseases have similar and distinctive features. To distinguish between diseases can only specialist.

Diagnosis and treatment

oznob - simptom faringitaThe diagnosis of viral pharyngitis will be determined by the attending physician based on examination of the oropharynx, and the type of stimulus, it appears the smear.

Find the right and appropriate medication possible, subject to the availability of reliable information about the cause of the disease. Your doctor will also need to differentiate between fungal, viral and bacterial infection.

While viral pharyngitis is treated with antibacterial means do not help, their purpose is relevant only in case of high temperatures and likelihood of complications.

The treatment process during viral pharyngitis complex.

In addition to medication, the doctor prescribes the compliance of individual modes, which is essential for full recovery.

At high temperature during pharyngitis the symptoms are more pronounced. It is because the best option would be calling a doctor at home. In particular, this applies to those cases where disease of the throat manifested in the child. Before coming a doctor, you need to follow the following rules:

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  1. Bed rest. The rest of the body plays an important role: reducing the risk of spread of the virus, and is the key to prevention of complications.
  2. Viral pharyngitis - contagious disease because it is imperative to reduce the contact of diseased with healthy people. For the patient should be given a separate room, to give the infected person a mask. Used kitchenware, towels and other items if possible, you should disinfect (a special tool, or with boiling water). To prevent the spread of the virus is possible by means of ventilation andcleaning in the room.
  3. Food for the patient does not have to be tough and rigid, acute: it will help prevent mechanical damage to the mucosa of the throat.
  4. As the start treating yourself you can only use antiseptic drugs (Ingalipt, Miramistin).
  5. Adults and children over 5 years can be as a standalone treatment to use a rinse decoction of herbs, Rotokana, Furacilinum. Through this method we can prevent the spread of infection, reduce soreness and dryness of throat.

Exclusively your doctor the treatment is selected medicaments. Some of them can be contraindicated for children, people with diseases of the internal organs chronic form and pregnant women.

preparaty dlya lecheniya faringitaTherapy with such drugs can only worsen the situation. In that case, if it is found that pharyngitis was provoked by viruses, apply the following antivirals:

  1. Remantadin.
  2. Arbidol.
  3. Citovir.
  4. Tamiflu.

Almost always children given oral Interferon, produced in the form of rectal candles: this form allows the medicine to be absorbed faster. This medicine can be used even in the treatment of newborns and premature children suitable Kipferon.

Therapy and prevention

Sometimes the process of therapy is immunomodulatory drugs that promote immune function and prevent the transition of the disease into a chronic form. Anti-viral drug Kagocel type and Citovir-3 different immunostimulatory activity, and because their reception is carried out independently and without additional immunomodulators. Citovir allowed for reception children with a year of age, and Kagocel - 3 years. Antivirals as prophylaxis can take for all family members.

Very often a viral form of strep throat is with fever. To resolve it, is to take antipyretics, which will also eliminate painful sensation in the throat. Drugs that can reduce body temperature, apply only when it increase to 38.5° C. When a child is convulsions or is there a pathology of blood vessels, reducing the temperature is performed when it is increasing up to 38 and sometimes 37,5° C.

Symptomatic treatment will be made depending on the signs. If viral pharyngitis accompanied by rhinitis, cough, or conjunctivitis, the drug is only intended to correct such a disorder.

As the prevention of disease need to wash your hands frequently after being in public places and transport, to lead a healthy life, takethe complex of vitamins and eat right. Winter should eat more natural foods. Children must learn there is only with his dishes, to enjoy their own Cutlery, drink from his Cup. It is important to regularly conduct home wet cleaning.