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Recommendations: antibiotics for sinusitis adults

Antibiotic in maxillary sinusitis, adults need to make sure, because without these medicines will not any positive result. If the doctor is fully confident that the problem arose as a result of the influence of bacteria and they began the inflammatory process, there is only one to choose, which of the many antibiotics are suitable in a particular case to adult patients.

problema gajmorita

For the treatment of acute sinusitis it is better to choose the penicillins

Specialists have long studied that how there are different antibiotics for treatment of sinusitis. Not worth it to conduct numerous experiments and to choose antibiotics to treat the problem, because the doctors had determined exactly which means suitable for a particular form of sinusitis.

amoksicillin dlya lecheniya ostroj fazy gajmoritaFor treatment of acute sinusitis in adults need to use drugs from the group of penicillin.

The most effective remedy that helps to get rid of the disease, is Amoxicillin. After a week of using the pills comes a significant improvement in health from the sick person.

Amoxicillin is effective because it kills the microorganisms, as in the acute form they secrete beta-lactamase. It is a unique enzyme that is susceptible to penicillins.

Lately, experts have started to do more research and came up with quite a lot of other drugs that help in acute sinusitis. The basis of these drugs are still protected penicillins.

In order to ensure that bacteria were killed even better, this tool can be mixed with clavulanic acid.

Penicillin without clavulanate with them

polza amoksicillina pri gajmorite u detejIf the antibiotic contains in its composition klavulanova acid, so it completely kills all micro-organisms that cause acute sinusitis. At the same time, the antibiotics of this type can be used for the treatment of chronic forms of the disease. Amoxicillin (antibiotic unprotected) in recent times often began to be used for the treatment of sinusitis in adults. Most often it is prescribed to children whose bodies are still not familiar with many bacteria.

For the treatment of chronic sinusitis this antibiotic is practically not used. This is because recently the resistance of bacteria to Amoxicillin has increased several times.

Unprotectedantibiotics have lost their popularity and they are rarely used, because a protected version of the drugs more effective and helps to cure sinusitis, not only in adults but also in children, has fewer contraindications, and the healing process is faster.

Antibiotic Amoxicillin

Drugs, which contains the amoxicillin is completely safe for the human body, it perfectly tolerated. Does this antibiotic almost all of the bacteria that can trigger the development of sinusitis. It affects not only those strains that produce the penicillinase.

The great advantage of Amoxicillin is that it is available in different forms: tablets, suspensions, drops and so on. For the treatment of adult dose is 1 tablet 3 times a day. Treatment acute sinusitis is 2 weeks.

ospamoks - preparat na osnove amoksicillinaToday there are a lot of drugs based on amoxicillin. The most popular are the following:

  1. Austrian Ospamox.
  2. Flemoksin soljutab tablets that dissolve in the mouth or in the liquid, manufacturer of Astellas.
  3. Hiconcil, Slovak drug.
  4. Secure Amoxicillin with the addition of clavulanic acid.

Lately, due to the fact that bacterial resistance to the effects of antibiotics has increased significantly, became more popular protected types of medication. Amoxicillin with clavulanic acid is able to kill different kinds of bacteria that are both gram-positive and gram-negative flora. The human body is very tolerant to this antibiotic. To use the medicine even during pregnancy, regardless of duration, which is done in obstetric practice today.

The dosage of the drug in the nose will depend on how severe infection in humans. If you experience mild problems, for the treatment of acute or chronic sinusitis should drink 1 tablet every 12 hours. Alternative option is an antibiotic in a pure form of 3 times a day, but the dosage will be slightly less. If there is moderate or severe the degree of development of sinusitis, the dose is large enough and has to take it 3 times a day.

If the doctors found that the cause of sinusitis steel pneumoniae streptococci, it is necessary to increase the dose of the protected antibiotic 2 times.

To cure acute sinusitis this way you can literally 2 weeks, but the chronic form requires treatment for several months, so you need to start the treatment and notto start the problem.

antibiotik augmentin dlya lecheniya gajmoritaProtected analogues of Amoxicillin with clavulanic acid quite a lot.

The most effective among them are: Augmentin, Amoxiclav, Flemoklav).

Alternative medicine for sinusitis in adults macrolides.

Macrolides can be drunk when sinusitis is exactly the same as antibiotics, because the drugs of this type are considered to be equally effective. They are often used in situations where the patient sinusitis is observed allergic reaction and intolerance to penicillins. It is worth noting that macrolides, in most cases prescribed to treat sinusitis when for the past 3 months people have treated the problem with medication from the group of penicillins. The most effective options of these tools are Azithromycin and Clarithromycin. That is, they are often prescribed for the treatment of the inflammatory process in the maxillary sinuses.

Antibiotic Azithromycin

This medication is incredibly popular antibiotic which consists of 3 pills and is not only used for the treatment of sinusitis and many other diseases of an infectious nature. The drug long enough excreted from the human body, and so it is enough to accept 1 time a day. A huge plus is the fact that the drug is able to kill a variety of bacteria and infection. This means that to Azithromycin sensitive absolutely all microorganisms, which may trigger the development of sinusitis. The Azithromycin is considered a relatively safe antibiotic with minimal side effects.

antibiotik iz gruppy makrolidov azitromicinAzithromycin experts consider among the most reliable drugs category V. It can be used for the treatment of sinusitis in pregnant women, but only if the risk to the mother's life more than her child. This antibiotic only in rare cases can become addictive. As is evident from numerous practice, even if you take the medicine for several months, then very little chance that they will develop some new resistant strains of harmful bacteria.

If a patient with sinusitis, there is an acute form of the disease, in this case, you must take 1 tablet of the drug per day for 5-7 days. If the inflammatory process is chronic, then the dosage is the same, but the doctor will prescribe a longer course of treatment. Its duration is different in each individual case.

Today, there are severalquite effective analogues of the drug Azithromycin. Often can be used to treat sinusitis Sumamed Croatian production company “Pliva”, Serbian Hemomitsin many drugs under the trade name Azithromycin by domestic and foreign manufacturers.

The Antibiotic Clarithromycin

klaritromicin dlya lecheniya ostrogo i hronicheskogo gajmoritaThe hallmark of effective antibiotic Clarithromycin from Azithromycin is that it belongs to the category C. This means that it has an extremely negative impact on the child and for that reason the drug cannot be used for the treatment of sinusitis during pregnancy. At the same time, the medication is several times faster excreted from the human body. You can't take Clarithromycin children under the age of six months. The rest characteristics both drugs are the same.

To take the antibiotic Clarithromycin should be 2 times a day, 500 mg course of treatment and its duration will fully depend on the severity of acute sinusitis is observed in humans. As a rule, in order to get rid of this unpleasant problem, it is enough to 2 weeks or even 10 days.

Most often doctors prescribe patients receiving the original medicines, Klacid, which has an excellent quality. Produces an antibiotic, a French company Abbott. If we talk about the cheaper counterparts, which are also of good quality, then you can opt for Fromilida Slovak production. In addition, often use drugs such as Clarithromycin Zentiva.

Sinusitis is a very serious disease that should start on time to treat. Since the development problems caused by bacteria, the treatment without antibiotics will be ineffective. To find the drug alone is not recommended. To prescribe medication, the dosage and length of treatment needs a doctor after a thorough examination and establish the degree of severity of the disease.