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What is fatigue after flu?

To judge that the patient developed fatigue after flu can be, if he has fatigue, accompanied by excessive irritability, sleep disturbance, memory loss, health and concentration. Neurologists say that this condition occurs when a metabolic disorder in the brain that can occur after a variety of somatic diseases.

problema astenii posle grippa

The causes of disease

After an illness, which drain the internal organs of the patient, can occur fatigue. This phenomenon can cause all kinds of infections, as well as mental, emotional, psychological and physical overload, poorly organized daily routine, i.e. work and rest, improper and irregular diet and many other factors.

As a rule, asthenia, which appeared as a result of long experiences, belongs to the category of neurasthenia. It is also a violation occurs in the initial period of diseases of internal organs. The Central asthenia or accompanied by the illness or occurs after it ends.

oshushenie bolej v serdce pri astenii

Such breach has many characteristic symptoms, in particular, is a pain in the heart area, back, abdomen. In addition, the patient increased sweating, the heartbeat becomes rapid, man has a sense of fear, and libido is reduced, weight is also reduced, but the develops sensitivity to sounds and light.

Why is there such a phenomenon? As noted above, most of the fatigue occurs after infectious diseases, which is the flu or bronchitis. Thus, specialists argue that this deviation has two kinds, one of which dominates the fatigue, the other person becomes very irritable.

Most people suffer from the first kind of asthenia. If you go to the doctor with a constant feeling of fatigue, the specialist will be able to make the correct diagnosis only in case, if this sign is accompanied by headaches, dizziness, irritability, indigestion, is heartburn, belching, feeling of heaviness in the stomach, reducing appetite.

Especially the occurrence of fatigue

Asthenia has some its own characteristics, and they depend on the disease that caused the violation. So, if we are talking about the flu, in such patients there is nervousness, one becomes excessively irritable, fussy, it slightly increases the temperature and efficiencyreduced. The so-called postgrippoznyh deviation lasts for quite a long period, sometimes it reaches a month.

konsultaciya vracha

In addition, not pleased with the fact that cases of asthenia following influenza or the common cold becomes more and more. Experts explain this by the fact that patients, as a rule, and to tolerate disease some of the manifestations of this deviation. Thus, the fatigue carries fertile ground for the emergence of certain respiratory diseases, which arises after postgrippoznyh asthenia.

Referred to as the disease is continuous development. For a start, one feels a bit tired after he was overcome by fatigue. Then the man begins to realize that he ought to do at least a little break, but he is not resting as it should and forces himself to work, not recovering. In this case, the systematization of challenges, people very often takes a secondary phenomenon for the main.

Further, the situation will only get worse. A person begins to overcome more tired, after which comes the understanding that all the rest is simply necessary. However, in this case, the patient is very difficult to stop, and he continues to work as usual, i.e. by inertia. As a result, the syndrome of asthenia is progressive in nature. There is a feeling of apathy, and make themselves known constant headaches, disturbed sleep. After a while all these symptoms soon lead to depression.

With the help of some of the ways you can fight fatigue?

otkaz ot kofe pri astenii

To resolve this unpleasant phenomenon, you will need a range of activities. More specifically about them, the person who is experiencing fatigue will have to refuse to accept alcoholic beverages and drinking strong coffee. It should engage in regular physical exercise that should not only exhausting, but also bring a kind of pleasure. You also need to take a cold shower, but it needs to be pleasing to the body temperature and in any case not to irritate.

This procedure should be done before you go to bed. Swimming is also excellent save from this disease. Besides, doctors prescribe special products that improve the nutrition of the brain. An excellent result will bring restful sleep.

Special attention here should be paid to nutrition. So, you need to take foods that improve the brain. This is food that is rich in protein, namely meat products, legumes and soy products. These same propertiesvitamins belonging to group b are eggs and liver products. Tryptophan, which is also useful in this situation, is contained in the cheese, Turkey, banana and grain bread.

polza plavanya pri astenii

If you take foods that are rich in the above vitamins and tryptophan, the person quickly raises the mood because they affect the secretion of hormones such as serotonin, choline, methionine and norepinephrine. In addition, these substances are stimulants active work of the brain, with confusion and forgetfulness disappear and form positive emotions.

We should not forget about the ascorbic acid, because it is involved in energy metabolism. Why there is a need for vitamin C after surgery or influenza disease. To happen a complete energy metabolism, should eat foods containing iron, manganese, calcium or magnesium, and also phosphorus and other nutrients.

You must enter into your diet and following foods such as currants, rose hips, various vegetables, sea buckthorn, kiwi, and many others. You need to remember about vitamin-mineral complex. Moreover, doctors claim that the treatment of asthenia is impossible without reception of vitamin preparations. You can get them at home, just every meal should enrich fruit salads, which should include bananas, pears or apples, pamper yourself with should low-fat yogurt and drinks at berry basis.

If the flu is felt indifference, constant fatigue, decreased blood pressure, you should pay attention to adaptogens.

geran pri astenii

It can be Pantocrinum, ginseng or leuzea. So, for example, Pantocrinum allowed to add to a drink, not alcoholic.

But if postgrippoznyh state accompanied by insomnia, then before you go to bed, you must drink herbal tea to soothe. Perfect Valerian, hops or geranium. If you do not want to spend time on the broth, enough to put on the pillow a few drops of essential oil such as lavender, oregano and others.

To get up and go be at a certain time. Because of this the body will quickly get used to the regime, and to set the alarm is not necessary, but people will always feel cheerful and confident. That dream was tight, it is recommended that before you go to bed, take a shower comfortable for the body temperature. Some insomnia be saved by the following method. They simply dial cold water and pour it on the feet before bedtime.

If you listen to so easytips postgrippoznyh condition never disturb a healthy person.