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Very sore throat after flu – what to do?

What to do if a sore throat after flu? Many people in my life have heard that is not so bad flu, as its complications. Sometimes it happens that way.

The flu is one of the nasty viral diseases that can move people. Today there are about 200 varieties. Usually this disease a person is suffering from 3 to 8 days. In particularly difficult cases - up to 2-3 weeks.

boli v gorle posle zabolevaniya grippom

Where there complications?

It should be understood that influenza is by nature is a very harmful virus. It destroys tissue barriers, suppresses the immune system and has kapilliarotoxicos effects on the body. Most often, most people have a sore throat after a flu. And it may be not very severe pain. Rarely it means that the person is ill with pneumonia (pneumonia). If in any doubt of this kind be sure to see a doctor, because this disease may in some cases lead to death.

Sore throat after flu: the variants of the disease


angina kak oslozhnenie na gorlo posle grippaThe main symptom of angina the patient is very painful to swallow, and his tonsils and throat have an unnatural redness. Sometimes they found purulent plaque - the so-called tube.

What to do in this case? This disease is not very dangerous, especially in the absence of traffic jams. So you can do an ordinary cough syrups, gargles, based on hlorofillipt, chamomile and so on. Good will help lozenges, warm compress and rubbing to the breast.

However, if the disease will progress, will appear purulent tube, it is better not to split hairs, but to see a specialist. Quite often in such cases, doctors prescribe antibiotics.


Another disease in influenza-related throat. Usually the symptom is a hearty cough and increased body temperature to 37.5°C (above happens very rarely).
Unfortunately, to cure bronchitis without antibiotics is almost impossible. So to call the doctor should immediately after the first suspicion on a bronchitis. It should be noted that warm air is one of the most important factors in the treatment of bronchitis. Try to create in the house the temperature is above 22°C. be Sure to take expectorant drugs, they can not do without. They will allow all the accumulated phlegm and safely get out of the bronchi.

Should I go to the doctor?

If the flu or immediately after a throat ache, it is desirable not to be treated on their own, and immediately visit a specialist.

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Real Russian man goes to the reception only when it barely rises out of bed. However, this is rather stupid. Remember, if the throat does not pass after 5 days from the onset of the disease, the visit to the doctor is obligatory!

The main indications for hospital visits:

  1. Severe pain in the throat, which cannot be ignored (seen only when swallowing).
  2. Too difficult to swallow, because it is accompanied by unbearable pain of the walls of the throat.
  3. The pain interferes with breathing.
  4. There are signs of a rash on the skin.
  5. Sick or too inflamed lymph nodes in the neck.
  6. The crackling in his voice never leaves you for more than 1-2 weeks.
  7. General weakness, dehydration.
  8. Spotting the presence of impurities in phlegm or saliva.

Modern medicines for diseases of the throat

ledency ot kashlya

To date, pharmacists have been able to develop a number of drugs which can quickly and without any harm to the body to overcome pain in the throat. Typically, drugs can be divided into several major subtypes:

  1. Cough lozenges (Strepsils, Dr. mom, Septolete and so on). Frequent use may not produce the desired effect.
  2. Aerosols and sprays (Iodinol, etc.). Comfortable enough and have a more pronounced effect. However, most of their use is difficult because of the need "to press" on red areas of the throat.
  3. Various rinsing (Chlorophyllin). With proper and regular conduct of this procedure can give a good result.

All of the above products, and products are designed to soften the pain and antiseptic effect.

If you pronounced the angina, it will take specialized medications to deal with this particular disease. Only ordinary means are unlikely to have the desired effect. Many doctors recommend herbal drops Tonsilgon. Antipyretic drugs should be used at high temperatures. Furthermore, they have analgesic properties. A great option would be paracetamol or Nise.

poloskanie gorla sodoj

In addition, you can use a variety of gargle for the throat (not excessive). The entire course of treatment, combining several methods will be much more effective than all the tools separately.

In most cases a sore throat is accompanied by runny nose and cough, as it is known ear, nose and throat – 3 is connected on. For the treatment of these problems has its own methods. A dry cough can be veryirritate the back wall. So be sure to take expectorant medication. Do not be redundant and nasal drops and ointments that will stop the flow of secretions from your nose.

Any disease is accompanied by severe weakening of the immune system. In medical practice there were cases when without the use of vitamins patients simply could not overcome the disease. This applies both to the useful vegetables and fruits, and a special complex preparations (only plant-based and preferably at the doctor's appointment). In some very advanced situations it is permitted to strengthen the immune system with immunomodulators.

Tips and traditional medicines

In the fight against diseases of the throat folk remedies are extremely popular because of its high efficiency. This knowledge was passed down from generation to generation. Since time immemorial, herbalists have known about the healing properties of certain plants, which are now quite relevant. Decoctions, compresses, etc that was inherited from grandparents, very well help in the fight against the disease.

polza obilnogo pitya pri boli v gorle

  1. Consumption of large amounts of fluid. This method is often advised to apply and graduates, because urine leaves a huge amount of harmful substances.
    You can use not only ordinary water but also tea with lemon or honey. Besides, these products together allow for the provision of antipyretic effect.
  2. Rinsing with baking soda. Surely many a child mother or grandmother forced her to gargle this taste mixture. Surprisingly, the method is still relevant, and modern parents force children to repeat this procedure several times a day with painful sensations in the throat. In addition to soda is also used infusion of chamomile (herb you can buy at any pharmacy and insist). For all adults will fit a mixture of iodine and soda. This is a very vigorous combination, but the result will not keep itself waiting.
  3. A long and good sleep. Because it is known to be the key to health. Bed rest has not been canceled.
  4. High humidity in the room is very good for the healing process. It is possible to increase a proven way to put on the battery wet rag.
  5. During a call, the throat is a little strained, so some healers past advised patients with this disease a little less talk. Of course, too strictly this advice to adhere to is not necessary, but it can have an additional positive effect.

In General, pain in the throat after the flu is not something terrible, especially if spotted early.

Inany case, better to consult a specialist who can prescribe the correct and timely treatment.

Be healthy!!!