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The flu is a common infectious disease

Infectious diseases, flu is a pretty common disease which cause a person much trouble. Influenza is one of the most common infectious viral disease that affects the upper part of the respiratory tract.

problema grippa

Is the flu spread by airborne droplets. Every year this disease takes a lot of people. Periodically, the disease takes an epidemic, and even pandemic.

In 412 BC, in the records of Hippocrates wrote about a disease that was very similar to the flu. Then they got sick half of the population.

The main source of the disease - three viruses: A, b and C. the Virus But can occur in animals. Influenza a viruses and can cause a severe disease in contrast to a virus that is carried by people is relatively easy.

zalozhennost nosa pri grippeThe basic facts known about the flu:

  1. The flu can easily spread from one person to another.
  2. This disease can get sick every person, regardless of gender, race and age.
  3. Viral infection may cause so-called seasonal epidemics. It mostly happens in the winter.
  4. The flu can progress to a more severe disease from which people die.
  5. Vaccination is done in order to avoid getting the flu.
  6. For treatment of influenza there are a variety of medications. But over time, the virus mutates and adapts to these drugs.

The main symptoms of flu

The incubation period of this disease may last from several hours to several days. During this period of time is harmful to our body and the bacteria get into the bloodstream, causing viremia.

When you have the following symptoms should be urgently referred to a specialist:

  1. Sudden increase in body temperature (sometimes it reaches 40°C).
  2. My whole body hurts.
  3. Severe pain in the muscles and in the head.
  4. In some cases, patients may experience flushing of the skin and sclera of the eye.
  5. Aggravation of herpetic infection.

upotreblenie bolshogo kolichestva zhidkostiAfter all of the above the person starts the second stage of influenza and appear the following symptoms:

  1. Nasal congestion.
  2. The sore throat.

Due to the sharp increase in temperature, the patient may appear diarrhea and malfunctions in the digestive tract.

In most people the flu lasts about a week, and three weeks later the body fully restores its operability. Butsometimes because of the flu, the patient can be complications. The patient starts bleeding from the nose, there are cramps. All these symptoms indicate a complication of the flu. In this case, you need to call an ambulance, because it may come to be fatal.

Complications of flu can be very different, because influenza is an uncontrolled infectious disease. Especially hard to bear him children, the elderly and patients with chronic diseases.

priem antibiotikov pri grippeComplications are divided into two types:

  1. Early complications represent for man the greatest danger. The virus begins to affect the brain and its shell, also affected by the disease the lungs.
  2. Late complications are different - it all depends on their severity. Late complications provoke other microorganisms that have entered the body of the patient when there was a flu virus. Complications of this type in humans begin to appear such diseases as pneumonia, heart disease, bronchitis and many other ailments.

Flu can anyone but the biggest risk of Contracting this disease is present in children and the elderly. Also at risk include people with chronic diseases of the heart, kidneys, lungs, blood, those who have diabetes, etc. all these people have one thing in common: a weakened immune system. And not to get sick with any disease, the immune system is necessary from a very early age to be strengthened.

The virus is transmitted through air, hands, handkerchief, etc.

Diagnosis and treatment of flu

In medicine there are several methods for diagnosing influenza, but, as a rule, the doctor uses them very rarely. Because such diagnostics is carried out in special laboratories on the basis of various tests of the patient. Almost all professionals are able to diagnose based on patient complaints and clinical manifestations.

As soon as you experience symptoms similar to the flu, immediately consult your doctor.

progulka v parke kak profilaktika infekcionnyh zabolevanijTimely diagnosis will help to avoid various complications and lead to faster recovery.

Remember that if you have the flu, all the time you need to be sure to lie. If you carry the flu on their feet", then you may have complications.

With the help of antiviral drugs, the disease can be cured only in the first two days. To the antiviral drugs include Amantadine and Rimantadine. If in time you start themto drink, the disease goes away much faster without any complications. And on drink a course, you will be able to prevent getting the flu. Prophylactic drugs against influenza should go before I start a seasonal aggravation.

The flu is a high temperature, and in order to knock it out, you need to take such medications as Ibuprofen, Paracetamol and other antipyretic drugs. If you have a body temperature of 38°C, reduce it costs, because the body at this point, he struggles with a virus.

When flu experts recommend drinking plenty of fluids in order to compensate for its loss and rid your body of toxins. In this case, the perfect lemon tea, juice and other noncarbonated drinks.

The mucous membrane of the nose should be lubricated with ointment oxolinic - it has antiviral effect. If you have a cough, runny nose, when viewed individually, the doctor will prescribe you medicine. Because the types of cough and common cold are different.

In order to restore their immune system, take vitamin C.

Prevention of flu

In addition to vaccination, there are other ways to keep from getting the flu. One of the most common ways is rejection from visiting crowded places during the period when the city is an epidemic. If you still went outside, then came home, wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water, rinse mouth, take vitamins (most importantly vitamin C).

During epidemics eat well, dress warmly, do gymnastics, and often go walking on the outdoors (in the Park). Try to sleep and rest well, avoid at least some of the time from Smoking and alcohol, avoid stressful situations.

If you go to any public place, it is best to wear a special mask. A nose before an exit on street smear oxolinic ointment.