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Dangerous intoxication the flu

Intoxication the flu is a side effect of the immune system, which prevents inflammation. Blood bathes the affected tissue and removes from the field of battle disintegrated pathogens and dead leukocytes. Agents of all types of influenza usually localized in the upper and middle respiratory tract, provoke the development of tracheitis.

problema grippa

Influenza is characterized by severe intoxication, because the viral agents multiply in large numbers and at record speed. The body needs a lot of effort to stop the disease and put it in the safe. Infection with influenza viruses is accompanied by a transient increase in body temperature to 39-40 degrees. When pathogens class A high temperature is not more than 5 days, usually one or two days. If the virus class In the chills and fever may last from 5 to 9 days. Parainfluenza viruses cause a slow rise in temperature, the highest performance is achieved in 3-4 day of the disease and consists of 38 - 38.5 degrees.

Intoxication symptoms of the flu

toshnota pri grippeAt its core, the toxicity is a common poisoning caused by the formation inside body systems of toxic substances. Depending on the age of the victim, the severity of the disease and the individual characteristics of the organism, toxicity can be expressed stronger or weaker. The best results for immune system support gives you use of antiviral medications in the first two days after infection. It allows to minimize the unpleasant symptoms and speed up recovery. Intoxication the flu includes such features as:

  • muscle fatigue, weakness, aches in the bones, tremors, pain in the joints;
  • pain and heaviness in the head;
  • nausea and vomiting;
  • irregularity, diarrhea;
  • the increase or decrease in blood pressure, dizziness, changes in heart rhythm;
  • the aggravation of diseases of the liver and kidneys;
  • lack of energy, apathy, lethargy;
  • sweating;
  • dehydration;
  • sleep disturbance, drowsiness, insomnia.

narushenie snaThe greatest danger the flu poses to infants, the elderly and individuals with weakened immune systems.

Newborns intoxication can lead to coma, kidney failure and death. During the poisoning occurs much stress on the organs that bring toxins from the body, i.e. liver and kidneys. If the newborn has birth defects of these organs, it is at the beginning of the flu immediatelyto go to the doctor. The disease can develop very rapidly and cause significant damage within one or two days. Intoxication is not a complication of the disease, and is a direct consequence of the struggle for the restoration of a healthy condition of the body.

How to cope with intoxication in influenza?

A comprehensive approach should include not only aid in the removal of viral agents, but also the relief of symptoms of intoxication. What can be done to the victim?

povyshennaya temperatura tela pri grippe

  1. Temperature decrease if it is above 39 degrees. Most unpleasant symptoms of flu which badly affect the overall health of the person caused by the high temperature. To 38.5 degrees is not desirable to take measures for its reduction, because high temperature promotes the destruction of viruses. After 39 degrees people with the flu can take any antipyretic on the basis of paracetamol, following the dosage and instructions for admission. This drug is safe even for pregnant women. If such medicines in the first aid kit there, helps cool shower or wrapping with a towel soaked in cold water. The procedure is unpleasant, but very effective. It is important to prevent hypothermia, apply a cold compress for no more than 15 minutes to be in the shower no more than 10 minutes. A dangerous complication of influenza is pneumonia, and hypothermia can provoke its development. If a child under three years old the temperature rises above 39 degrees, you need to call a therapist to the house and to consult on measures of treatment.
  2. Stimulation of the liver and kidneys. In order that the cleansing system of the body to come into full force, it is recommended to drink plenty of liquids. Along with the fluid output of toxic substances, this reduces headache, reduces aching bones and soreness in the muscles. Fruit drinks or herbal infusions work better than plain water because they contain substances that trigger the liver. An additional advantage is prevention of dehydration. If it is not possible to use homemade juice, you can take plain water with lemon juice. Good effect gives a hot green or black tea, it has an antiseptic effect, warms the throat, it helps liquefy and release mucus from the upper respiratory tract. If the person is allergic, you can add honey instead of sugar.
  3. Relief headache. Such a simple tool like an ice compress on the head significantly improves the patient's state of health. To compress it is best to use a handkerchief soaked in ice water. Helpsthe neck massage. To do this, the base of the skull must be placed the thumbs of both hands and in circular movements to knead the muscles of the neck. Such action stimulates blood flow to the brain, relieves spasm of blood vessels, helps to cope with heaviness and pain in the head. If the victim is such a chronic disease as osteochondrosis of the cervical spine, should assist with care. Head during the massage should rest against the forehead in bed, that the situation was stable.
  4. A light diet. On the background of reduction of appetite and nausea should be chosen for the victim of such food, which he will be able to take. The body still needs nutrients, and starvation has a negative impact on the liver. The ideal option would be a light chicken broth with noodles, mashed or boiled vegetables, salad, lean meats Turkey or rabbit. You should eat as much as you want, but not eating is not desirable. If possible, you can consume dairy products, yogurt, a real live yogurt, warm milk. Dairy products help to cleanse the respiratory tract, due to this bronchi and trachea will come back to normal.

The removal of the intoxication depends on the speed of recovery. If influenza occurs without complications, the acute poisoning has to stop within the first three to four days.

The consequences of intoxication

After the flu, when the primary source of infection eliminated, and most of the viral infection is resolved, a possible weakness, decreased body temperature down to 34 degrees, poor concentration and drowsiness. You must restore power by using a light and nutritious diet, to stay in bed, get positive emotions. People with chronic diseases of the liver and kidneys need to be vigilant to prevent relapse.

Complications of influenza

Protracted time intoxication suggests that the road to recovery any obstacles. Some strains of influenza viruses resistant to the standard antiviral drugs that can mutate and manifest incredible survivability. Getting into the individual organs and systems, they cause local inflammatory processes that have their symptoms. The weakening of the immune system after the flu often causes adherence to basic disease bacterial and fungal infection. In that case, if more than five days in an adult there is a temperature above 38.5 degrees, you need to contact the therapist. For a child under three years of treatment should be arranged immediately. Toxic shock is a dangerous condition that can lead to congestive heart failure,to cause brain swelling, blood clots, pulmonary edema and respiratory failure. Hypertoxic influenza causes death in newborns in the first day after infection.