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Cough if you experience any flu

Cough is one of the permanent symptoms of colds. How to relieve cough with the flu? This question will be answered in this review.

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Cough as a symptom of the flu

At first, the patient worried about dry cough, which is not accompanied with sputum output. He is the most strong, unpleasant and exhausting, and can lead to injury of the respiratory tract.

Cough in a patient occurs due to the contact with the human body germs, which in the mucosa begin to cause irritation. In addition to the strong urge of coughing and my throat will feel sore and then the pain.

This painful symptom is very unpleasant. Noticed that often the cough aktiviziruyutsya before bedtime or during the night.

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Cough can be dry or wet. Dry cough is necessary to take urgent measures aimed at education and subsequent waste sputum. In the absence of treatment of dry cough can be injured shell of bronchial tubes that will cause inflammation of these organs and the spread of the disease.

Influenza is a treacherous disease, it is not recommended to carry on the feet. This disease is dangerous complications. Throughout the treatment the body needs to provide facilities for recuperation and a positive treatment outcome.

Often the flu is accompanied by fever, runny nose, body aches, and other unpleasant symptoms in addition to cough. The pace of recovery will depend on the human immune system.

General recommendations for treatment of influenza

Treatment shall appoint a district doctor, but General recommendations are that a person with the flu, the more people drank the warm liquid. It can be anti-inflammatory decoctions of herbs, fruit drinks, mineral water and teas.

A rich drink stimulates sweating and urination, which causes the excretion of harmful and pathogenic substances.

To enhance the action of decoctions is recommended to add a small amount of natural honey. In addition to the General actions on the body, a warm drink and even locally relieves discomfort and sore throat.

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If the amount of liquid is not limited to, the mode of food should be subjected to analysis. Food should not be hard, hot, spicy, overly sweet or fatty.

Typically, when the temperature is reduced appetite. For quick recovery of the body and its substantial supportit is recommended to use a broth made from lean meat products. It will not only add strength, but will also contribute to the waste sputum.

In the flu should also limit consumption of dairy products. It is known that they tend to affect the quality of mucus, which becomes more viscous, making it difficult waste sputum. As a result, the cough drags on for a long time.

Susceptible to nicotine addiction people on the illness, it is recommended to give up Smoking, or reduce its frequency. Nicotine is irritating to the mucous membranes, which increases the urge of coughing.

Methods and means of struggle with cough

To get rid of a cough, use a variety of tools, both medical and folk.

Cough the flu can be treated with simple drugs such as lollipops or lozenges that offer pharmacy. They have age restrictions, but differ in the effectiveness with a coughing fit. It can be lozenges "Doctor mom", "covol", "carmolis" and other.

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Release lollipops with different flavors, among which you can often find lemon, raspberry, strawberry. They have antimicrobial effects, favoring expectoration. Very often, this kind of medication used in the treatment of children who are reluctant to accept other drugs, and lollipops for them is like candy.

Not less effective is the treatment of cough be performed using aerosols and sprays. They usually are composed of essential oil of eucalyptus or peppermint, which bring relief and removal of spasms of coughing. The most common sprays used to combat cough: Ingalipt, Tantum Verde, Chlorophyllin, Lugol, Sunam, Faringosept, Geksoral etc.

Sprays provide an antiseptic effect on the mucous membranes shell mouth and pharynx.

Often, as a active substance is used streptocid in a soluble form. These drugs are used in the treatment of sore throat, as they have a combined effect. In addition to anti-inflammatory properties, sprays cooled and purified from microbes.

Most often, the cough associated with influenza treated with tablets that are divided into three groups. The first group includes drugs that inhibit signals to the cough center of the brain and also the nerve endings receptors. The next group is intended to affect only the soft tissues and mucous membranes of the bronchi. The third group of pills affect the amount allocated from the bronchi of phlegm.

From this information we can conclude that the universal remedy for cough did not exist. It should beto pick up based on the condition of the disease at some point.

The preparations of the first group, which are significant to take for a dry cough without sputum, include Codeine, Derohan, Hydrocodone, Morphine - drug-effects; Tusupreks, Glauvent, Paxillin, Sedotussin without narcotic effect.

The second group comprises cold preparations: Legoprint, Libeksin, Helicity, etc. the third group includes drugs of combined action: Bronholitin, Protein, the Taste, Lorain, Butamirat, etc.

Used in cough preparations in the form of syrups: Dr. mom, Alteyka, Linkas, Suprima-broncho, Chest, Lasolvan, Bromhexine. For greater effect, the suppression of cough in some types of syrups may be added to the antibiotic – Erespal, Sumamed etc.

Folk remedies cough

Folk remedies used in combating cough, there are many. We give here one of the most effective:

  1. Should take 0.5 kg of onions, chop it and add to the pot. Then to it add about two cups of sugar and two big spoons of honey. Bay a small amount of water, the mixture should cook for three hours. Then, cool and strain it drink one tablespoon five times a day throughout treatment in the form of heat. To keep a product should be refrigerated.
  2. 150 g of honey and 0.5 kg of aloe leaves and 250 ml of water should a fire to cook a cough. Preparing the broth to simmer for 2 hours, not allowing to boil. Usable for one month if stored in the refrigerator. Used three times a day a tablespoon.
  3. In the absence of elevated temperature, apply a hot rubbing fat nutria, sheep or goats. The fat is heated in a water bath, then apply on the chest and back, turns to compress paper and is left on all night.

Known for its effective properties and decoctions of plantain leaves, mother and stepmother, thyme, medicinal chamomile, lime blossom, peppermint or St. John's wort. Herbs can be separately or as a collection brew boiling water, to insist on a steam bath and drink warm as tea.

Often in fighting colds and cough, using juice from black radish mixed with honey. For juice, you can use the juicer. But you can do otherwise and to do in the vegetable enough recess space in one spoon of natural honey. The root vegetable is placed in a warm place for the night and in the morning juice mixed with melted honey is used as an antitussive.