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Is it possible to breast feed the baby for the flu?

Is it possible to breastfeed with the flu? This question torments many moms, unexpectedly, cases of this viral disease. Immediately raises a concern: and not are disease of milk the baby, because he's still so small? Just whether such fears? Will the boiling of breast milk to protect the child from disease? You need to understand.

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How dangerous is the flu?

Influenza is a disease of an infectious nature, caused by viruses. It affects usually the upper respiratory tract of the sick. Currently, there are over 200 varieties of the virus.

The disease is transmitted by airborne droplets from a sick person coughing, sneezing. To ill of another person, sufficient contact of the microorganism to mucosa of the nasopharynx, where, in fact, starts the infection. It is manifested by cough, sneezing, nasal congestion. The virus then enters the bloodstream, causing unpleasant symptoms: significant fever, aching muscles and bones, chills, weakness, headache, and sometimes vomiting and diarrhea. A person gets sick usually within 1-2 days after infection.

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Without laboratory tests to distinguish influenza from SARS is not possible, because the symptoms of these diseases are very similar. With a favorable forecast after 4-5 days in the event of a flu patient feels relief.

In severe cases, the following possible complications: swelling of the brain, meningitis, encephalitis, pneumonia, lung abscess, rhinitis, tracheitis, otitis and others.

Treatment of influenza consists in removing the symptoms of the disease, as well as receiving antiviral drugs. In parallel, doctors prescribe rest, drinking plenty of fluids, antipyretics and antitussives, vitamins. The patient in this period is recommended to abstain from alcohol and Smoking. Many begin to self-medicate and drink antibiotics. This is wrong. Uncomplicated influenza cure with antibiotics is not possible, because the pathogen is not bacteria, and viruses.

This is all a nursing mother needs to know necessarily. She needs to see a doctor, so he prescribed medication given the fact that a woman breast-feeding a baby. The flu virus compared to other viruses stronger effect on the immune system, weakening it. That's why the flu often complications.

Feed the flu or not to feed?

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The response of pediatricians to this question is unambiguous: the flu while breastfeeding is not a reason to cease or interrupt. First, if the childis only breastfed, with the refusal of mothers feeding during illness will have to resort to the use of a mixture which is highly undesirable neither for mother nor for the baby. Second, without interruption at the time of illness, the mother protects her baby, giving it milk antibodies to influenza. They will be produced in the woman's body a few days after the beginning of the disease. Together with the milk the mother will share the antibodies and the baby, laying a good Foundation for immunity. But the flu virus with the mom's milk the baby will not be transmitted. Therefore, breast-feeding during the flu is not only possible, but necessary. One has only to remember some precautions. The danger in this case, two:

  1. the risk of infecting the baby;
  2. do not overdo it with drugs for their own treatment, because milk will get them and baby.

What are the drugs for treatment mom?

Prescribing drugs from the flu, the doctor will come out of their safety for the baby who receives milk from the mother.

As the antiviral agents during pregnancy doctors often prescribed candles Viferon, Grippferon nasal drops or Nasopure. These medicines are absolutely safe for mom and baby. They have antiviral and immunomodulatory effects. If mom is concerned about the very high temperature, as an antipyretic it is allowed to use paracetamol or europena. Vasoconstrictor nose drops from congestion is also not contraindicated. But pills based on chemistry it is better not to use. Their components are too aggressive and can harm the baby. The cough in this case is better treated by herbal medicines. Suitable decoctions of thyme, plantain, thyme. Proven breast fees. With a minimum of damage they contain much useful for the recovery of substances.

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For sore throat use antiseptic drugs in the form of lozenges and spray. But their use can not be carried away. It is better to give preference to gargle with chamomile or Furacilinum.

But from any warm-up procedures, including steaming feet in the basin, should be abandoned. The fact that such procedures will cause an increase in milk production. In breast milk will stagnate, it will need to constantly Express. In addition, soar feet and not at high temperature.

Thus, the treatment for flu nursing mom is a must. But to prescribe this treatment should only by a qualified doctor.

Do I need to boil the milk?

Some mothers because of fear of infecting the child decant the milk, boil it and then give it to the baby. It is not recommended. The fact that at hightemperatures milk mom loses all its useful properties: trace elements, vitamins, minerals and even hormones that in small amounts contained in human milk.

In addition, boiling significantly changes the taste of milk. Therefore, it is likely that the baby just does not want to drink it. Heat-treating breast milk is not recommended. Flu while breastfeeding is not a reason to change something in the feeding system of the baby.

As not to harm the child?

Practice shows that to-child transmission of influenza from mother can be avoided. For this you need to follow some simple but very important rules:

  1. At the time of illness of mother for the child better care to someone from relatives. First, the mother for a speedy recovery will require complete rest. Secondly, restriction of communication with a child will reduce the risk of infection with influenza.
  2. At the time of breast-feeding mother should wear a medical mask. Better if their will be three at once. So when coughing and sneezing, the risk of getting saliva on the child will be minimal. Mask is better to change at every feeding.
  3. The nursery needed very often airing, bringing the baby to another room. Much attention should be paid to wet cleaning. Well, if the room will be used a humidifier. Saturating the room with moisture, it will allow the mucous of the baby does not dry out and create a natural barrier to infection.
  4. With the permission of the pediatrician the baby as prophylaxis in the nose can be instilled Grippferon. It activates the body's defenses and help resist the penetration of the virus into the body. It is possible to use oxolinic ointment, which serves as a barrier to viruses.

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It should be remembered that in the case of the man flu is contagious to others until around the 7th day from the onset of the disease. So these days it is better to follow the above precautions.

During epidemics of influenza and SARS, which typically occur in the period from November to March, the mother is better to limit the exits in crowded places. If you come to the house relatives during a mass morbidity is better to ask them to wear a medical mask and wash hands thoroughly after street.

It is worth remembering that in many cases, the influenza disease of the child up to 2 years ends complications. There are fatal outcomes.

But even if the baby is sick, breastfeeding should not stop in this case.

And the probability that sick and baby is. Doctors found that is infected with the flu virus the person may already be contagious a day before onset of symptoms. Soit is possible that the mother infected the child before I realized that he was sick. A sick child should always be under the supervision of a pediatrician. If the child is very small, there is no reason not to go for hospitalization. And mommy's milk will help the baby cope with the disease much faster.