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Can I take a shower and wash the flu?

Many people have to deal with colds. However, the question of whether to wash the flu and how it will affect the General condition, the answer is don't know everything.

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Colds bring a lot of troubles, fever, aches and pain all over my body and stuffy nose. Many believe that during the period of sickness it is necessary not only to tightly close all Windows and doors to prevent the escape of heat, but also to cancel the shower or other hygiene procedures to prevent hypothermia.

According to experts, this is a misconception. The flu is a viral disease. During disease the virus is so to intensify their activity that the body releases massive amounts of toxins. And this leads to his poisoning and intoxication. To get rid of them the body, all the organs of excretion. The skin gets rid of toxins through sweat and skin secretions. This is not without consequences. On a dirty skin, clogged pores by sebum. For this reason, it breathes badly, the health of the person deteriorates.

konsultaciya vrachaIf not wash, the products of the activity of pathogenic viruses will not be removed from the skin and the body will cease to purge. This means that recovery requires much more time. So take a shower the flu just need. At this time, except for pleasant sensations, increased muscle tone, aktiviziruyutsya metabolic processes. All of this can help you better resist malware infection. But to carry out water procedures it is necessary accurately not to be supercooled at the time of exit from the bathroom. At a very high temperature of the body from these procedures is better to abstain. Wiping with a damp towel will be enough until the moment when the temperature a little lower.

The most common symptoms of flu, pain and aches throughout the body. These unpleasant sensations interfere with patient sleep and not relax. Since medications provide short-term relief, most people prefer to reinforce their action by making a warm bath. It is important to understand that hot tub in this case. The ideal water temperature of 34-37° C. the Warm water can relax the muscles, providing pain relief in influenza. The effect can be enhanced if use of the hot tub.

The use of warm air

Cold season promotes greater spread of colds and flu. This is because it is in the winter period, the virus is stepping up its activity. The adoption of a warm bath during illness promotes the penetration innasal passages fresh air. This reduces swelling of the mucous membrane, which gives the opportunity to breathe freely. If in water, add few drops of eucalyptus oil, the effect will be intensified. More water can be added to soda, and salt. This will enhance the therapeutic effects of water treatments.

kupanie pri prostudeA good night's sleep for colds and flu is the best way to speed up recovery. During sleep aktiviziruyutsya all the body's defense system, and he begins to more effectively fight the disease.

However, flu symptoms are often disturbed sleep. Bathing or showering helps to solve this problem.

After warm water the body temperature decreases, there comes a feeling of relaxation and drowsiness, decreased nasal congestion. All these factors help to fall asleep much faster.

Bathing during a cold or flu can help you better cope with the symptoms of disease.

But at this time you need to be very careful not to be supercooled and not be faced with even greater problems. After water procedures it is impossible to be near drafts and open vents. It is best to wrap up in a warm Bathrobe, quickly dry your hair and go to bed.

It is important to note that the flu is not recommended to take a bath or shower in the early morning. Experts noticed that the time of day has a great importance on health status. According to statistics, most often a stroke or heart attack occurs in the morning hours. Because catarrhal diseases greatly weaken the organism, it is not necessary to put unnecessary stress and risks.

Dehydration is the enemy of the body

During illness, you must provide the body with plenty of fluids.

Excessive drinking gives you the opportunity to cleanse the body and maintain its normal state. The fever and other symptoms can cause dehydration, so you need to drink plenty of fluids before taking a bath, and after it. Better to give preference to warm green and herbal teas. Hot drinks is better not to drink. They will only irritate the sore throat and delay the healing process.