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Proper nutrition for colds and flu

Proper nutrition for colds and flu is extremely important, but many people in the disease focus only on drugs and medical procedures. But the ancient wisdom, according to which the food itself is medicine in our days.


Needs of the body during colds and flu

No matter what is the nature of the disease - viral or not - the body experiences a tremendous load during his illness, and his resources for the fight against disease become very limited. The immune system needs considerable support, the liver requires additional protection as your heart has to work harder and harder the usual. In addition, fresh air, patients typically receive limited. Therefore, the power to restore health patients derive primarily from food.

obilnoe pite pri prostudnom zabolevaniiThe diet of the person who is sick with the flu or a cold, should be diverse and rich in various valuable minerals and vitamins, but to overeat during this period in any case should not: eat a fractional, small portions 5-7 times a day. These portions should contain easily digestible, but nutrients.

Also the body needs enough fluids to replenish loss of moisture and to carry the necessary to combat the disease substances, so the drink should be rich and warm, even hot. It is advisable not to eat immediately before bed because the weakened body is doubly hard to digest food during sleep. Doctors recommend to eat at the same time, the whole period of recovery.

Prohibited food for colds and flu

If a healthy person is very useful to adhere to the principles of proper nutrition, the patient is even more important.

otkaz ot vrednoj pishi vo vremya bolezniSpicy, smoked, fried food is totally unacceptable during the period of transferring colds or flu. Should ultimately limit the consumption of sweets, especially carbonated drinks and juices packing, because they are a big load for the liver, which and so have to work hard. Fatty food allowed only 1-2 times a day in very small quantities. In General, the intake of cholesterol in the body during this period, the doctors assessed negatively. Chips, fast food, alcohol even minimal doses, strictly prohibited. Also, you can not drink coffee, strong black or green tea, cocoa, mineral water pleasure!.

To herbal products and extracts betterbe treated with caution: the disease - not the time to experiment on his own body, so no need to try out new medicinal plants. In that case, if they unexpectedly found an allergic reaction, the consequences could be very severe. Furthermore, it is unclear how to combine drugs and herbs among themselves, and the conflict between their substances can slow the recovery of the body several times.

The recommended diet for patients with colds and flu

Diet for the flu or colds uncomplicated. Need each meal do not forget to eat fresh fruits and boiled vegetables. Fiber helps to cleanse the body, frees it from toxins. Balanced nutrition is required, therefore, to give up meat should not be. It is only necessary to give preference to suitable types of meat - lean beef, veal. Poultry and fish will also be relevant, they have to be steamed or boiled. Dairy products and porridge, cooked in milk is a traditional choice for patients with colds and flu.

polza chesnoka pri prostude i grippeOf special value are products that can stimulate the immune system and fight viruses:

  • garlic;
  • bow;
  • lemon;
  • black currant;
  • med.

Overeating they do not need, especially on an empty stomach, but eat every day is very useful. The only contraindication is an Allergy of the patient.

Extremely useful doctors believe the use of a decoction of rose hips. Rosehip is excellent heals mucous membranes, which particularly suffer from colds and flu from drying out and swelling. A decoction can be prepared from fresh fruit, from dried, but you can buy ready-made rose hip syrup from the chemist and dilute it with boiling water. Drinking 1-2 glasses will bring the patient great relief. The total volume of liquid should be about 2 liters per day.

Proper nutrition during the cold and influenza is especially important if they suffer little children. Their body carries any disease harder than adults the body. Many parents are trying to raise the mood of their babies, allowing them time to eat the Goodies are useless. However, this should not be done. It is advisable to postpone such a pleasant surprise and to please the kid after his health will be much better.


Reasonable and careful menu during a cold and flu allows significantly accelerate the course of the disease, to facilitate the healing process and avoid many complications.