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Why after flu low temperature?

The flu, the reduced temperature is often in people. But most often people suffering from the heat. This is due to the fact that the germs which infect the human body, produce toxins – waste products. These substances influence the brain centers responsible for regulation of the temperature of the human body. On the one hand, fever is a signal from the body of toxic poisoning that is caused by bacteria. On the other hand, this additional protective mechanism, because most germs will not survive in human body temperature to 39-40 degrees. But what about the low temperature after the disease? Signal which is a response of the body? After all, sick with the flu it causes more confusion.

problema nizkoj temperatury posle grippa

The main reasons for the decline in body temperature in influenza

Low body temperature in the course of the disease (influenza, flu) is a common syndrome. The body has exhausted all its resources, and now it is difficult to keep the body temperature normal.

Rate of temperature for the human body is approximately 36.6 degrees. Although there may be fluctuations from 36.5 to 37.0 degrees, as it is purely individual. In this regard, it is accepted that in some people, the norm is only 35,0-35,5 degrees Celsius.

problema grippa

This does not prevent them to live a full life to old age. But you have to understand that reduced skin temperature from the outside, but all bodies, even the brain and spinal cord.

The flu reduced temperature suggests that the person is weak, and the body difficult to fight off infections and viruses. This means that the protective mechanism of man were completely exhausted and the body completely decreased resistance. To worry in this situation is not necessary, because this phenomenon is quite natural. Not so long ago, the body fought the infections, and then spent the rest of the forces to "extinguish the fire" in the body to reduce excessively high and dangerous temperatures in the body.

The main disturbances in the organism when the temperature drops

There are a number of problems in the human body, which cause a decrease in body temperature not only during flu season. The most important disorders is the weakening of the immune system, its complete depletion. The body exhausts its force and gradually reduce their activity.

avitaminoz - prichina ponizhennoj temperatury tela

Following a related reason may be the presence of a deficiency that doesnot surprising, since the immune system while fighting infection sucked all the useful elements accumulated in the body. Not enough vitamins and minerals, and it leads to vitamin deficiency. This effect is easy enough to fix by eating fruits and vegetables, and also complex medicines-vitamins.

Body temperature with influenza may decrease if the patient began to actively engage in physical and mental exercises. Tired body data attempts will be a burden, and its resistance to the flu will plummet. That is why doctors recommend during treatment to comply with bed rest to the body is a waste of energy to fight the infection and then recover.

If, during flu, the patient loses weight drastically (up to anorexia), this transition can also cause a dangerous complication in the form of a sharp fall of temperature.

One of the reasons for reducing the temperature of the flu is a violation of proper circulation. For example, skinny jeans and shoes do not infringe the size of blood vessels, and blood badly circulates through the body it causes cooling.

The signs of reduced temperature for the flu

zvon v ushah - simptom nizkoj temperatury tela

It is difficult to determine by circumstantial evidence that the temperature began to fall. It is better to use a thermometer and find out exactly this fact. Too often, however, at low temperature the patient experiences fatigue, apathy, weakness, fatigue, drowsiness. In some cases, increased irritability.

A person with a low temperature in influenza may be dizziness, tinnitus, headache, lower blood pressure.

Many children under the age of three years there is often a symptom of flu and cold, as the temperature reduction is its increase. In addition, the doctors noticed that if a patient is taking Anaferon, it causes the same phenomenon. In this case, rubbing the conduct is prohibited because it can only worsen the situation. The child can drink juice to give the fruit and vitamins, honey. Be sure to wrap it and to avoid walks during cold days. Can also help hot water bottle and tea.

What to do if the flu decreased the temperature?

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Most often the body temperature of the patient back to normal as soon as the flu and its consequences will be, and the body recovers. However, your doctor should tell you about a new symptom. He will be able to advise the drugs with vitamins, proper nutrition and gentle schedule.

There are a number of methodswhich allow to cope with the flu faster, and raise the temperature to normal. You first need to allocate sufficient time to ensure that the body rested. We must not forget that, even when a person sleeps, the body fights infection, so it requires bed rest and a proper schedule of sleep and wakefulness. You need to fully relax. It is forbidden to nervous, stress should not affect the emotional tranquility of the patient. The only way he will be able to recover faster. It is best to get a good sleep. No wonder it is believed that during sleep the person is recovering.

You can raise body temperature artificially. For example, it would be good to warm up with a warm bath, or at least hover legs. Heating pads and hot tea also will help in this. It is better to complete all of these steps in turn, then it will be 100% effect. Cold days need warm clothes. While the shoes should be comfortable, warm, dry and not leaky. Very bad, if the winter boots too tight: air cushion between the foot and the Shoe is missing, compressed vessels, and his feet are getting cold.

Well help adaptogens. For example, every day morning and evening you can drink herbal teas with lemon grass, ginseng, Echinacea, Siberian ginseng, and other plants.

polza fruktov dlya podnyatiya immuniteta

It is necessary to normalize the power. The diet must be present products that contain all the various useful items. It is necessary to eat fruits and vegetables, herbs, dairy products, since it helps the gastro-intestinal tract. If the diet lacks vitamins and minerals, you can drink complex preparations with vitamins. Definitely need to increase the content of vitamin C in the body, because this element is responsible for strengthening the immune system. It is very useful to grind up the shells from the eggs and a teaspoon of ground powder to drink along with fruit juices.

Once the patient is cured of the flu, you need to go to training and exercise. The sport helps to restore all body functions. With the hardening need to be careful so as not to catch a cold or the flu. Do not make a sharp transition in ice water every day you can gradually lower the water temperature.

Don't worry too much if the flu the fever went up and down. This decrease suggests that the peak activity of the bacteria has passed.

The immune system was able to partially overcome the virus or infection, but now it is severely weakened. To avoid the negative consequences after the flu, you can consult a doctor and conduct a number of activitieswhich will help the body come back to normal.