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Why the flu sore eyes?

Flu symptoms pleasant as you can get. Their manifestations are diverse. Sometimes it happens that the flu hurt my eyes. About this unpleasant phenomenon will be discussed. But first, let's remember the nature of influenza.

problema boli v glazah pri grippe

This insidious virus, getting on the mucous membrane and do not meet the decent response of the immune system, begins with lightning speed to multiply, penetrate the cells of the body and at the same time provide powerful toxins. They poison the body and cause high fever, aches in joints and muscles, runny nose, headache, pain in the eyes.

Why there is pain in the eyes?

Reasons why eyes hurt with flu and colds, there may be several.

The main reason may be sinusitis. This is one of the unpleasant complications of colds and flu. Sinusitis – inflammation of the sinuses, where swollen mucous membranes that causes inflammation of the tear ducts, pain in the frontal and okolovrusno region and excessive lacrimation.

shema pravilnogo promyvaniya nosa

To treat sinusitis should be under the supervision of a physician. The doctor will prescribe appropriate medical examination and treatment, because the paranasal sinuses are bad jokes. Here and to inflammation near. And then, without medical care can not do. If you do decide to self-medicate, then here are some practical tips:

  • flush the nose decoction of chamomile to which add a little sea salt – so you remove the inflammation;
  • thoroughly clean the nasal cavity – this way you will get rid of mucus and microbes, of which there are countless;
  • take some antihistamine – it'll take edema of the mucosa and facilitate breathing;
  • if you are a supporter of a strong medicine, you can try something out of homeopathy.

Regularly doing these simple tips, you can quickly get rid of sinusitis. If the symptoms do not disappear (or at least did not decline) for 3-5 days, then a visit to the doctor all the same not to avoid.

Other causes of pain in the eyes

Cause painful sensations in the eyeballs with flu can also serve and a high temperature. Side effects of this unpleasant phenomenon is precisely in the pain in the eyes, photophobia. These symptoms will disappear as soon as normal the General condition of the whole organism. And to ease the pain, you should follow several simple rules:

uprazhneniya pri boli v glazah

  • close the curtains or dim the window;
  • not to strain the bodyby watching TV, reading or playing on the phone;
  • do some simple exercises for the eyes.

Another reason for eye pain the flu can be such an annoying thing as a migraine. This is a complication of the flu happens quite often, especially in people prone to headaches. Here you need to drink painkillers, to give the body a rest, and to the extent that, as will be the migraine will subside and the pain in her eyes.

Viral conjunctivitis can be one of the unpleasant consequences of flu. In a weakened the body is very easily penetrate the pathogens of various diseases, especially if you carry the flu on their feet. Purulent discharge, cramps and pain in the eyes are all symptoms of conjunctivitis. Treated such disease washes and drops. In uncomplicated it passes fairly quickly, for 3-4 days. But if the symptoms do not fade away, then immediately to the doctor!

To influenza do not get sick

As you know, the best treatment of any disease is its prevention.

zanyatie sportom dlya profilaktiki

Not to be at risk of getting the flu or a cold and not know what complications, it is necessary to observe the well-known and simple rules:

  1. Maintain a healthy way of life. Exercise, fresh air, proper nutrition, enough sleep – all this will strengthen the body. Then even if you get sick with a cold or flu, it will carry the disease much easier.
  2. Preventive inoculations. Scientists have proved that people who have been vaccinated against influenza, the risk is several times lower, and when infected they carry the disease much easier unvaccinated citizens.
  3. Exercise of reasonable care. In the peak of the epidemic is better to avoid places with large concentrations of people. Useful to take a few stops on foot, then than a week to lay with a high fever.
  4. If you are still ill, you should not carry disease on their feet. After all, this attitude to their health and leads to the fact that there are all sorts of complications, including such as pain in the eyes.
  5. Try to avoid stress. If this recommendation is difficult to implement, then at least treat yourself to something sweet. As you know, endorphins, hormones of joy, are the best prevention of all diseases.

As long as mankind exists, so many lives and the flu. Therefore, in order not to meet him, follow these rules and be healthy!