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Features prevention of swine flu

Prevention of swine flu is a very important point for today, given that swine flu is a type of normal.

problema svinogo grippa

The symptoms are the same:

  • temperature rise;
  • feeling the aches in the joints;
  • headache, often accompanied by chills and General weakness.

In severe cases may be vomiting and diarrhea. At risk are pregnant women, young children (especially under two years old), and people prone to chronic diseases of the heart, liver and kidneys. As with any infectious disease, the disease comes on suddenly and can develop quite rapidly. But even if everyone around you is sick, you have the ability to defend themselves from this scourge, performing certain procedures for the prevention of disease. It is always easier to prevent than to eliminate consequences.

We should not neglect the prevention of swine flu and the elderly. The disease usually progresses within 3-4 days after infection and can last up to 8 days. Therefore in the dangerous time of the year, for example, at the onset of winter, just need to prevent swine flu, and the implementation of certain precautions that will not require you any casualties or special inconveniences. Defend yourself skillfully and competently!

How to protect against swine flu?

vysokaya temperatura pri svinom grippeAs you know, swine flu is transmitted by airborne droplets. That is quite a brief conversation with an infected person, the virus can cling to you. Moreover, even if you are talking with an infected person, but touched the object, which he used in the last 24 hours, you will also be able to pick up this nasty disease.

As primary prevention of not only swine flu but any viral diseases should avoid places with large concentrations of people. This applies particularly to supermarkets, train stations and subways, airports, hospitals. Threat all enclosed spaces that are rarely ventilated, but air-conditioned. If you need to visit such places, do not hesitate to use a gauze bandage, although debate about its effectiveness, doctors have not come to a consensus.

If you disinfect items that are frequently touched by hands such as doorknobs, mouse and computer keyboard, chairs, cockpit, steering wheel in car, handles of bags, mobile phone, bathroom accessories, you will greatly reduce the risk of possible contamination and can reliably defend againstswine flu.

Try to ignore those people who you notice runny nose, cough or watery red eyes.

diareya pri svinom grippeIf you need some way to contact with them (colleagues, relatives), find a way to keep his distance after intercourse wash your hands well with soap and water and disinfect them better.

If an epidemic of swine flu, even better is to forget about the habit to kiss every acquaintance, and just to shake hands, if it can be avoided. Wearing gloves, among other things, will protect your hands not only from cold but also from the ubiquitous microbes.

Observe good personal hygiene, wash your hands often with soap and as little as possible to touch your own face. More thorough than usual hygiene also applies to desktop machines in everyday objects.

Should be several times a day to ventilate the room to humidify the air in summer not to abuse air-conditioned and in winter the drying air of heaters.

What to do if you do get sick? Not to panic, but prepare for a long enough quarantine for a duration of 7-10 days. If the disease will pass without complications, you will have time to see the long-planned movie or reread a favorite worn novel. When swine flu as normal, are shown plentiful drink, so stock up on juice, lemons, honey and diaphoretic herbs.

Useful tips

  1. konsultaciya vrachaIn order not to infect others, try to use for blowing your nose, not handkerchiefs, and disposable tissues should be immediately rolled up and thrown away. If you have small children, this precaution need to put in the first place in importance, because very often children pick up the virus, just picking up a handkerchief of his father, not to mention the fact that the kids are all pulling in the mouth.
  2. Wash your hands with soap as often as possible, especially after you have used it. If you can not wash your hands, use a disinfectant hand gels sold in any drugstore. In the end, it is possible to disinfect the hands by rinsing them with water with the addition of rubbing alcohol or plain vodka.
  3. In order not to transmit the virus to family and friends, even at home, it is advisable to wear a gauze bandage. Avoid contact with children and pregnant women. If ill a nursing mother, in any case it is not necessary to interrupt breastfeeding. Together with the milk the baby will receive antibodies produced by the mother against the virus, and thus, even if sick, will be ableto quickly overcome the infection.
  4. Ventilate the room. The infection lives in the air, and no matter how you were treated, without renewal of the air environment in the room about the imminent recovery may not be considered. Don't be afraid to catch a cold, you're already sick.
  5. If the family is sick, it is advisable to have contact with him only one of the other members of the family. You need to isolate the patient as possible.
  6. If there is a swine flu patient, each family member need to give a personal towel for personal hygiene.

Of course, you can't drink and eat from vessels of the patient, not pre-washed her and not disinfected. If possible, the patient should use a separate toilet.

Additional points

People infected with swine flu must stay at home for 8-9 days, and to be isolated from others. After the illness, you need to wait another day before you go out and continue to lead habitual way of life.

Of course, we should not forget to disinfect all surfaces of objects near the patient's bed, to wash clothes and linens in hot water, ironed it with the steam that kills germs. The infection lives on objects for 24 hours, so the risk remains!

As the prevention of swine flu can be considered as a vaccine. To take root all people, small children from 6 months. In any case, if you decide to be vaccinated against swine flu, you must consult with your doctor.

When there is rampant infection and the majority of your friends are not released from the hands of the handkerchief, and even non-existent in the workplace, you have all chances to resist infection and stay on his feet. It is important to take care of your body, strengthen the immune system and to exercise normal attention and care. And this nasty disease will pass you and your loved ones side. Observing all the guidelines, you will always know how to protect themselves from swine flu. Be healthy!