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Why is the vomiting of the flu and how to treat it?

The flu is a very complex and severe disease. Vomiting with flu much complicates the patient's condition. The reasons for this manifestation a few: this may be associated with increased toxicity of the body when the ordinary flu, symptoms of intestinal flu (rotavirus) and other indicators.

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Dangerous and require immediate treatment to the doctor is vomiting in people with lowered immunity, which include small children and the elderly.

What is vomiting?

In order to clearly understand how to cope with such depressing phenomenon of grave crime was committed as vomiting, identify the cause of its occurrence. In medical practice there are many human conditions that provoke the secretion of vomit. These include viral intoxication for seasonal flu. Additional symptoms in this disease is dizziness, fever, weakness. These symptoms arise as a result of contact with human blood poison of biological origin, which generates the flu virus.

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After two or three days from the moment of infection the virus spreads throughout the human body, affecting the Central nervous system and respiratory, cardiovascular and autonomic system. Flu-like condition can be expressed by pain in the muscles, a manifestation of irritability and pronounced fatigue. All these symptoms are a protective reaction of the organism, which is similarly struggling with the cause of the disease – influenza virus and its consequences.

Vomiting is characterized by this condition, women as pregnancy. This is a common phenomenon in the initial terms for toxicosis. The most dangerous for a pregnant woman may become the time when morning sickness confused with flu symptoms. During the winter cold and exacerbation of viral diseases, doctors recommend women to monitor their health and at the slightest cold symptoms: runny nose, cough, fever to go to physicians as influenza a depressing effect on the fetus and can cause spontaneous abortion.

Than to cure vomiting?

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The flu to stop vomiting medication does not make sense. Some drugs can only lessen nausea and vomiting, but not eliminate the cause of their appearance. There is a certain category of drugs, which can alleviate the condition of the patient. Among these antiemetics is well established Reglan inhibits vomiting Motiliumand several others. Start taking these drugs should only after consulting the doctor and strict rules prescribed in the regulations.

Well proven against viruses interferons that inhibit the multiplication of viruses and their activities. The only condition is that they should take immediately upon the first symptoms of influenza. Well, if the preference will be given to drugs that have in their composition substances with immunomodulatory and antiviral action.

If vomiting continues for several days, especially in children, to avoid dehydration you need to give the child more fluids, but in small doses and as often as possible.

Better to give preference to fortified juices and teas.

Vomiting intestinal flu

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Along with the flu, which occurs on the background of catarrhal diseases, especially contagious and dangerous is gastric (intestinal) flu is the rotavirus. Rotavirus, when not treated can lead to dehydration and eventually to death. The category of people who are affected by this disease – children from six months to five years, visitors to seaside resorts, people who do not have strong immunity against intestinal virus. Least of all this disease affects children in the first six months of life, as they have a strong immunity received from the mother.

It is necessary to remember the main symptoms that should be cause for concern and cause for concern and a call to the doctor:

  • runny nose;
  • copious and frequent vomiting;
  • pain when swallowing;
  • diarrhea;
  • incessant abdominal pain;
  • dehydration;
  • high temperature.

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The stomach flu has a complex clinical picture. When injected into the human body the virus enters the mucosa of the gastrointestinal tract and starts the process of reproduction. The incubation period of the disease lasts five days, after which the virus begins to poison the body. During the first few hours a person feels drowsiness, fatigue, light nausea, fever, chills starts.

The acute phase starts incessant vomiting, complemented by loose stools and pain in the throat. The symptoms persist for weeks. Adults can transfer the disease without visible signs of infection, but children from six months to two years to dehydration, impending death. People who suffer from renal insufficiency, liver disease, stomach very hard to tolerate this disease.

Due to the fact that in severeinfluenza in humans develops intoxication, reduced ability of internal organs to produce certain enzymes. Then the vomiting could indicate increased intracranial pressure, meningeal irritation of the cerebral meninges. More often it occurs in infants who are on artificial feeding and have a weak immune system. They should undergo treatment only in the hospital environment.

Treatment stomach flu

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The treatment for rotavirus is aimed at cleaning the body from toxins and support the vital forces of the patient. For this when severe vomiting during of infection the patient attributed to excessive drinking in the form of broths, weak tea, mineral water without gas. You should not drink more than 50 ml of liquid at a time, in small SIPS, so as not to provoke an attack of vomiting.

A good remedy against intestinal infection is intake of absorbents: activated charcoal, Smecta, Polifepan and other drugs. Since the virus dies at a temperature of 380C, to bring down the temperature to 390With a is not recommended. It is better to use cold compresses and rubbing. At a higher temperature is necessary to urgently call a doctor.

Mandatory rehabilitation period is diet: congee, jelly, cereal on the water, steamed vegetables, dietary meat boiled or steamed. You can not drink milk, spicy, fatty and fried foods, carbonated beverages.

Prevention of disease

Since flu-like condition caused by the presence of airborne infection, the best option to avoid it will reduce the stay in places of a mass congestion of people, especially in winter, when flu season are at their peak.

The best way to prevent all colds that may trigger the infestation of the body by the influenza virus, is the hardening, the correct way of life, with the exception of addictions and mandatory hygiene. Doctors recommend periodically rinse your nose salt solutions, which help to moisturize the mucous membrane, to remove from the airway once there, the viruses.

Well established traditional methods of fighting colds and viral diseases. Here is to provide such medicinal plants as Echinacea purpurea, Rhodiola rosea, devil's high, spotted Orchis, and many others. Decoctions of these plants help to strengthen the immune system to recover after a long, debilitating illness.

Of great importance in the prevention of viral diseases plays filling the body with vitamins. In order to Fundvitamin supply for the whole year, not only need in summer to include in your diet vegetables and fruits rich In b vitamins, vitamins P and C, ascorbic acid.

Effective are antiviral vaccinations that are recommended to do in autumn to the antiviral response of the organism has evolved. Vaccination provides the production of antibodies that destroy the virus.