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Characteristics of the flu

After suffering a viral illness a very weak man. His condition after influenza a broken, sluggish. Lost appetite. Immunity in this case is virtually nonexistent. The body after the victory over the fever, aches throughout the body, coughing and runny nose needs to rest. To restore the correct operation of all systems required a period of two weeks after of the disease. Many organs and systems of the human body after a flu have unbalanced condition, especially those that are responsible for normal body temperature.

slabost posle perenesennogo virusnogo zabolevaniya

So if the thermometer shows that 37.2 degrees for several days in a row, it is considered normal. Can be manifested asthenic syndrome, which is a condition of sweating, weakness and low temperatures. A similar condition is observed in many people after influenza, but must pay attention to such things:

  1. The impact of infection should not be sustained for a long period of time. The maximum recovery time of 14 days.
  2. All symptoms should be mild and not cause anxiety in humans. If there is clearly a discomfort, this indicates the further development of infection in the body.

The doctor advised period of recovery after illness to stay in bed. If you start an active life sooner than two weeks, the body will undergo added stress and risk of developing new.

Symptoms that should cause alarm

silnaya golovnaya bol - oslozhnenie posle grippa

The flu tends to kill the immune cells, so the body is practically not protected. After a viral infection a person can notice the complications:

  1. Severe headache along with nausea can attest to the fact that the flu has given complication in the form of meningitis or encephalitis.
  2. Severe pain in the chest indicates heart disease, such as pericarditis or rheumatic heart disease.
  3. Persistent cough with expectoration of mucus of greenish-brown color and a mild fever is pneumonia, which has a sluggish nature.

Based on the fact that the flu can give serious complications in any organ, the doctors suggest to listen to your condition and the appearance of some alarming symptoms to go immediately to the hospital. But even if everything runs smoothly, the body itself is very hard to cope with recovery and rehabilitation, he requires assistance.

Most often after influenza are diseases of the respiratory system. Otitis media afterflu is very dangerous because it can leave a person without a hearing. So as soon as the person hears the slightest concern in the field of ear, he must go to the hospital.

Also, after the flu danger-prone feet. Arthritis accompanied by severe pain in the joints and musculoskeletal system.

kashel - oslozhnenie posle grippa

To avoid such complications of influenza, like all other complications, it is necessary to completely cure the disease to end.

It is known that all inflammatory processes are treated with antibiotics to prescribe and monitor the use of which it is the doctor.

There is a certain symptom that suggests that the liver needs rest, is a bitter taste in the mouth. This is a reaction to the consumption of enormous quantities of drugs. The liver simply tired to process all of the stuff that got in the body during illness, so you need to follow a proper diet.

The recovery of strength after flu

Health the flu is always unsatisfactory. Due to the lack of vitamins and some microelements person feels weak, his skin pale, hair and broken nails.

To help the body to recover, you must eat foods that contain a lot of protein: fish low-fat varieties lean meats, mushrooms, legumes, nuts and eggs.

A lot of vitamins contained in the germinated seeds of various plants. To get this vitamin, you need to soak the seeds in water. After shoots appear, they can to eat. For example, 1 tbsp. sprouts of wheat and peas replace all the vitamins that are needed to man a day. To get the vitamins, should be consumed cereal grain. Desirable in the period of rehabilitation to use pastry.

sobludenie pravilnogo pitaniya

After an illness, you must provide the body with sufficient iodine, which has a positive effect on the General condition. He takes an active part in the restoration of all systems and organs. Therefore, it is necessary to eat sea products.

Weak the body requires the necessary amount of enzymes that support all of the processes. They are in sufficient quantity in vegetables, fruits, herbs, dairy and pickled products.

There are products that have a positive effect on the immune system. It's onion, garlic, St. John's wort, chamomile, ginseng and milt of salmon.

In addition to proper nutrition and the saturation of the organism with vitamins, you must eliminate toxins that have formed as a result of cell death. In thiswill help mineral water, natural herb tea, cranberry juice, honey. Before meals you need to drink a Cup of tea with immortelle or St. John's wort.

An overabundance of toxins in the body manifests itself and what appears a bitter taste in the mouth.

To avoid such bitter experiences, it is possible to rinse your mouth various folk remedies.

polza vodnyh procedur posle grippa

The first and most effective method of rinsing is sunflower oil, which stimulates the salivary glands to excrete toxins. You need to dial in the mouth of this oil and make it visited all the corners of the mouth. First, oil is thick, then turn into a liquid substance that you want to spit it out.

Here is an example of a set of products that should be consumed for quick recovery after flu:

  • legumes, nuts, liver;
  • yolk, seafood;
  • dairy products;
  • juice, juice.

Thus, the state of health after suffering flu needs support and assistance in recovery. If properly treated and not to overwork a weakened body, you can avoid complications. Need to take postgrippoznyh as seriously and not to neglect the rules and advice of the doctors. You need to eat well, get plenty of rest, not interacting with sick people to avoid re-infection. If all this is done, then the flu will pass quickly and will not bring any trouble to the health in the future.

Tips that will help you regain health

  1. You need to be around a calm atmosphere to avoid stressful situations and keep a good mood. It is impossible to get tired much. Around must be just lovely. You need a good night's sleep to help the body gain strength to fight against infections and bacteria.
  2. The air in the apartment should be clean and moist.
  3. You can sign up for a foot massage. The points located on the feet that are responsible for inner calm and balanced state that is so necessary in the recovery period after the flu.
  4. In a fortnight's time after suffering flu, you can start working in the fresh air.
  5. Very well affect the health status of the water treatment. But not swimming in the pool, and taking baths with sea salts or other additives.

And finally the recipe to boost immunity. You need to take only three ingredients: honey, lemon and ginger. Ginger you need to soak in water for about one hour. Lemon with ginger whipped in the blender, this mixture is added honey. Medicine has a wonderful effect on the human immune system.