Fever SARS

Why the temperature rises at Ari? This question is of interest to many patients. To understand how to normalize body temperature and treat SARS, it is necessary to deal with the fact that such SARS. ARVI - acute respiratory viral infection that most often affects people in the cold season. The occurrence of this disease is due to cold air, which adversely affects the respiratory tract. A person can be cured, if the time to go to the doctors. Most often, acute respiratory disease observed in people who work in cold air or very often walk, it does not close the airway with a scarf or other things.

problema zabolevaniya orvi

SARS is a viral disease with the same symptoms and the causes (cough and cold). The disease SARS group has many symptoms.

Symptoms of diseases from the group of SARS

Runny nose caused by inflammation of the mucous membrane. Any kind of runny nose need time to heal, as it can lead to more complicated situations. Runny nose when running form becomes stronger. If in the beginning just flows nasty slimy liquid, then formed a thick slimy BLOB.

Another side effect of inflammation of the mucous membrane - disease of the throat. It is accompanied by cough and pain when swallowing both fluid and solid food. Cough is of two types: dry and wet. First irritates the throat, and the second due to clots, mucus impedes breathing. We can not assume that you have recovered from the disease until the first symptoms. There is a feeling of mild weakness and fatigue, cold, nausea, you may feel dizzy.

Temperature with SARS is one of the main symptoms, and it is based on the type of disease.

temperatura pri prostudnyh zabolevaniyahIf you are sick with a cold, the temperature will be kept for a few days. If it is strep throat, and similar diseases, the fever lasts about two weeks, sometimes more. Even then, how long will last this condition depends on severity and neglect of the disease. Accordingly, the more the disease started, the harder it will be to move and the longer it will hold temperature. Sometimes when the disease is afebrile, are the reduced temperature, weakness.

Sometimes in advanced disease the temperature is below 40° C can hold about two weeks with periodic changes in a positive way. A person survives only because the body has adapted to this temperature. If it ranges from 38 to 39° C, the patient may evenit's normal to feel. Despite such adaptations, after recovery may experience side effects due to long period of high temperature, namely, sulphuric cork, a stuffy nose, which does not help even a strong medication.

When people suffer any form of SARS, the immune system is under strong tension, respectively, it is necessary to maintain the vitamins, occasionally antibiotics. Otherwise, you can launch a viral infection. Can become inflamed lymph nodes, most often on the neck, but this can happen if, after standing on cold air to chill my neck. If this inflammation is not always manifested other symptoms, may perhaps temperature to rise to 37.5° C.

vlazhnaya uborka dlya profilaktiki orviSARS can affect both the child and adult, you can't do anything, even if you exercise regularly, to harden, to take vitamins.

The incubation period for all diseases group SARS lasts up to 7 days and a minimum of 1-2 days. There are 3 groups of patients. Each has the characteristics of transmitting the disease in this group. In addition to these groups, there are others, but I've identified the following as they have their own specifics:

  1. Children of younger age. They have the disease is especially hard, as any cold can turn into a severe illness with high fever. Also hard to migrate a cough and runny nose. When it started wet cough, the children are the hardest: they're afraid. In most cases, even know how to speak children begin to fear all symptoms.
  2. Pregnant women. All illness of the mother transmitted to the fetus, and it is very dangerous, as the disease affects the fetus. Antibiotics also can not accept, because they bring less harm. In this case, it is easier to look after themselves, at the first sign of illness take a double dose of vitamin C, you can not run disease, it could seriously hurt the baby. The child may be born sick or even die.
  3. Older people (people with disabilities and people with poor health). This group of people is a very weak immune system, so you need to carefully monitor themselves, to improve their health. It is better to take a course of different vitamins and minerals, move more than to lie and hope to be cured painkillers.

Possible complications of SARS

polza vitaminov dlya profilaktiki orviThese include the following phenomena:

  1. Enhanced form of colds. In particular, this is due to the neglect of the disease. Common illnesses can develop into bronchitis, pneumonia. These complications lead to the need for urgenthospitalization of a person for one and more weeks.
  2. Intensifies the cold. If not cleaned periodically, the nose, it can lead to inflammation of the brain. This also leads walking without a hat in the winter.
  3. Complication of the disease other infections. In this case, prescribe a course of antibiotics, and then recovery after antibiotics.
  4. Can worsen chronic diseases: asthma, arthritis, and others.

Prevention of ARVI group

Follow the directions:

  • need to do periodic wet cleaning;
  • not SuperCool;
  • don't sit in the draft;
  • to wear a hat;
  • in the cold season don't forget about the scarf.

From the foregoing we can conclude: it is better to prevent illness than to treat it.