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Why is there a delay period after the flu?

The female body is very fragile. Failure of the menstrual cycle can be caused by multiple factors, the delay period after the flu is one of them.

problema zaderzhki mesyachnyh

What is the delay?

The delay associated with the menstrual process, cyclical bleeding. The norm for cycle - 28-35 days. The menstrual cycle is so fragile that can be broken for many reasons not related to pregnancy, when absence of menstruation is considered normal.

Deviation cycles lead to serious problems, disease of the female reproductive system. Functional processes in women under 45 years occur especially, the arrival of regular monthly talks about coordinated their work, that fertilization has occurred and pregnancy is not. For violation of the same cycle and the delay more than 5 days need to find out the reason to visit a gynecologist and get tested.

What is the connection between my period and the flu?

perenesennyj gripp - prichina zaderzhki mesyachnyhStart and end month at the same time - the norm. Every woman cycle is different, it depends on a woman's body weight, age, physiological characteristics of the organism. Basically, the cycle is 28 days but can be 21, even less - 30-31 day. The cycle duration is 3-7 days. If it was, but suddenly my period became irregular, sparse, or conversely, abundant, it is possible to suspect a serious breach, and it is a reason to go to the doctor.

The delay is quite possible, and after an influenza, but should not be more than 10 days, that is how much is the incubation period of the disease. If after a week my period has not begun, it's time to sound the alarm. Any delay, regardless of reason, must not remain without attention, the woman is obliged to keep track of your cycle, listen to the body.

The delay may occur as a result of colds, weather changes, climate and flu. It can hide serious problems, all sorts of complications. Doubts and worries need to be put aside, timely diagnosis and treatment at the initial stage will help to overcome many barriers to a healthy productive life, protect against development of severe disease, leading to miscarriages, infertility.

How to understand that there is a delay?

When the delay starts to hurt the lower abdomen. The same is observed in early pregnancy. However, pain is an abnormal phenomenon, which is caused by any disorder of the reproductive system in women. Have a negative impact on the monthly stress, malnutrition, SARS and influenza sensitive hormonal balance of women.

title="doctor Consultation" alt="Consultation">Normally after the delay period are scarce, the blood has a different color, a different texture that does not correspond to the norm. The reproductive system is experiencing dysfunction, the consequences can be very dangerous. If the delay is constant, can develop ovarian dysfunction, polycystic disease, salpingoophoritis, uterine fibroids. When fibroid pain in lower abdomen, constant delays, stomachache before and after the arrival of menstruation. Observed bleeding at any stage of the menstrual cycle, be abundant, it is once again scarce.

If the period is delayed for 5 days and a stomach ache, it may be a disease inside the body, and the pain is a signal for treatment to the doctor.

If menstruation does not occur chest pain, high probability of mastitis, education and seal of nodes in mammary glands. To help solve the problem of a gynecologist or a breast (for women after 35 years). For purpose of the tests the doctors need to go necessarily to undergo a breast ultrasound. Early diagnosis will prevent many operations, surgical intervention, which is so susceptible to women, especially those 40 years and older.

With a negative test and the delay is not more than 2-3 days to not panic. If it happened for the first time and the cause is moved before the influenza, acute respiratory infections or the common cold, the body recover quickly and the menstrual cycle returns to normal.

What to do with a strong delay and a negative test?

analiz mochi dlya opredeleniya beremennostiOf course, any delay, regardless of whether there has been any colds, may be the cause of pregnancy. In the first half of the cycle to observe the changes in basal temperature. If it has increased dramatically, it is the first sign of pregnancy. Need to measure the temperature correctly (ordinary mercury thermometer, not electronic). The procedure necessary to carry out immediately after sleep, not getting out of bed, and inserting into the rectum the thermometer no more than 2 cm If the temperature rose above 37° C, may is pregnancy.

To establish pregnancy, after urine and blood tests for HCG. A week after fertilization in the tests should appear a protein that confirms the factor of fertilization. Fertilization of the egg can be determined after 6 to 24 hours after fertilization. To do this, the analysis of blood serum. The presence of a specific marker may indicate the pregnancy at an early period, and this period starts from that day.

The role of the first symptom of pregnancy is negligible, since the fertilized egg after a few hours can die withoutreaching the uterine cavity. If its development it begins outside of the fallopian tube, whereas for women it is dangerous, leads to an ectopic pregnancy.

Is it possible to cause a period delay?

For emergency menstrual period, regardless of the reason for its delay, used drugs: Postinor, Non-dark, Mifegyn, antiseptic. All of them are not safe.

preparaty pri zaderzhke mesyachnyhHormones and the endocrine system women will be violated if you use them constantly. Menstruation in the end becomes irregular, the problem starts with the conception of a child.

Also, these drugs can not be taken in large doses, but it is best before applying them to consult a doctor.

Sensitive, emotional women for the normalization of menstruation in amenorrhea will help Pulsatilla. Use a tool long enough (up to 6 months).

Folk remedies for the monthly challenge:

  1. Blue cornflower (2 tsp) pour boiling water (1 Cup), soaked for 1 hour, taken orally 3-4 tbsp a day.
  2. The roots of the gladiolus, from the top of which a candle and inserted into the vagina. Month comes after the day.
  3. Onion peel, from which is prepared a decoction, drink 1 glass a day.
  4. Ascorbic acid. After taking food in large quantities.

To enhance the effect, it is good to prepare a hot bath, carefully steamed. Ulcer, gastritis, this method should not be used.

A delay period longer than 5 days, even after suffering a SARS or influenza is considered to be a pathology, a deviation from the norm.

Can appear a hormonal imbalance, weight loss due to illness, the constant tension flowing inflammatory process, caused by viruses and bacteria. If any delay it is best to consult a doctor to get an ultrasound.

A positive delay option is the only one case, that of pregnancy. In all other cases, delay leads to serious health problems, gynecological diseases, endometriosis, ovarian dysfunction, uterine fibroids.

If the delay lasts more than 7 days and the test is negative, you should definitely visit a gynecologist. Addressing the causes of delays at an early stage will give positive forecasts of preserving the functionality of all the female sex organs. Only a healthy woman remains energetic, attractive, seductive, attractive to the male gaze. Be healthy!