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The symptoms and treatment of chronic laryngitis

Laryngitis is an inflammation of the larynx. Chronic laryngitis treatment requires a long and gradual. Most often develops under the influence of the same causes that provoke the development in the body acute inflammation. A chronic form of laryngitis develops with long-term effects on the body precipitating factors in the absence of treatment or in the course of inadequate treatment.

problema hronicheskogo laringita

Forms, symptoms, and causes of violations

The causes that provoke the development of chronic laryngitis include:

  • the constant inhalation of the air through the mouth;
  • the development of chronic sinusitis, especially purulent;
  • the development of chronic diseases of the lower respiratory tract: bronchitis, tuberculosis, etc.;
  • the effects on the body privatnosti (dust, gas, vapours of harmful substances);
  • abrupt temperature changes in the environment;
  • prolonged exposure in the atmosphere with excessive dryness and humidity;
  • the abuse of alcohol and tobacco.

In addition to the emergence of chronic laryngitis is a wrong use of the voice in singing.

ostryj laringitThose at risk include teachers, singers, speakers, managers, lawyers, workers of hot production and many others. To adverse factors, provoking the development of disease, refers to hygiene in hazardous environments.

Laryngitis can occur and develop when the diseases, which are accompanied by a persistent cough. This disease can be, for example, the occurrence of chronic lung diseases. One of the causes of laryngitis may be diseases associated with disruption of the gastrointestinal tract, accompanied by the appearance of heartburn. These diseases can provoke the development of reflux laryngitis. The occurrence of this type of illness happens due to the anatomical proximity of the entrance to the esophagus and larynx.

The factors provoking development of the disease, this problems with the circulatory system, diseases of the heart and lungs, disorders of metabolism, disorders of degenerative nature, or allergic reactions, a person with diabetes.

One of the main causes of laryngitis is such a bad habit, like Smoking.

Forms of chronic laryngitis and the symptoms of the disease

osmotr vrachaThe medical specialists there are three forms of the disease:

  • chronic catarrhal laryngitis;
  • chronic hyperplastic laryngitis;
  • chronic atrophic laryngitis.

Chronic catarrhal laryngitis is a form of the disease,in which circulation occurs in the larynx. Signs of this disease is redness, inflammation, the appearance of puffiness. There arises a hoarseness and difficulty in pronunciation of sounds. For this disorder characterized by the appearance of cough with phlegm. These symptoms are much worse during periods of exacerbation.

Chronic hypertrophic laryngitis is characterized by a proliferation of the epithelial layer cells of the larynx. In the process of development of the disease is observed the appearance of puffiness, redness and congestion in throat, cough onset and development of hoarseness. This type of disease is divided into two types: limited and diffuse. A restricted type of disease manifested in the form of specific changes of the mucosa, which consists in the formation of nodules and tubercles. In diffuse type of laryngitis modification is subject to a large part of the mucous membrane of the larynx. There is a change in the glands and the secretion of viscous mucus, which accumulates on the vocal cords.

Chronic atrophic laryngitis may be characterized by atrophic phenomena in the mucosa. With the development of the disease there is a tickling, dry cough. The surface of the mucosa covered with mucus thick, which can sometimes form dry crusts. In the process of clearing possible bleeding.

moloko pri laringiteCommon symptoms of development of any type of chronic laryngitis is:

  • hoarseness;
  • sore throat;
  • the appearance of inflammation and redness of the larynx;
  • the occurrence of continuous coughing.

Appear symptoms and signs of disease increase greatly during periods of exacerbation.

Treatment of chronic laryngitis

In the process of conducting medical procedures affliction is required primarily to eliminate the causes that contributed to the development of the disease.

To cure disease, requires complete rest to the larynx. To do this, doctors recommend during the week to maintain absolute silence. After this period is required to comply with voice-activated mode, in which it is prohibited to shout in a whisper, talking is allowed during this period only his calm voice.

massazh shei pri laringiteWith the development of the patient chronic laryngitis one of the mandatory requirements is the cessation of tobacco Smoking and alcohol consumption. In addition, during the development of the disease want to forgo the seasoning and spices used in food.

Recommended as beverages to use a warm drink. As a drink you can use milk, Minvody and otherdrinks.

When carrying out medical procedures shall apply pharmacological and physiotherapeutic means.

The complex treatment includes anti-inflammatory medications, madridsta cushioning effect, means having antibacterial properties, preparations based on hormones.

In the case of hyperplastic type of the disease is removal of the modified sections of the mucosa through surgery. The use of surgical intervention to prevent the development of cancer of the larynx.

romashka dlya lecheniya laringitaIn case of detection of atrophic form of the disease is inhalation therapy. In addition, prescribers, has expectorant effect. When treating this type of disease the excellent results shows the usage of UHF inductothermy and d'arsonvalization.

The detection in humans of chronic laryngitis is obligatory to address to the logopedist.

In addition to these methods of treatment, work on correct breathing and the development of human proper breathing, which will prevent damage to the vocal apparatus. Used in the treatment of therapeutic exercises, massage the neck, vocal exercises. Treatment is carried out for a long time and with proper selection technique allows adult patients to fully restore the work of the vocal apparatus.

Treatment of the disease folk remedies

In the home carrying out medical treatment can be supplemented with traditional methods, i.e. carrying out inhalation treatments using essential oils of plants such as mint, eucalyptus, thyme. Inhalation can also be done with the use of decoctions of chamomile, Hypericum, sage and some others. The same decoction is recommended to rinse the cavity of the throat. Excellent positive effect of holding gargle with the fresh juice of potatoes.

In the process of carrying out of medical procedures at home, recommended a decoction of herbs that mentioned above, to use inside. These compounds have excellent expectorant effect, have antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory effect. Good influence on the mucous membranes of the throat decoction of plants such as mother-and-stepmother, high mullein, birch leaves, calendula, and others. Good effect on the human body compresses. Excellent tool in the process of treatment is a visit to the baths or saunas, since the positive effect on the human body in the steam room, known since ancient times.

If necessary, in the treatment of laryngitis istreatment of diseases of the nose, as mouth breathing has a negative impact on the condition of the larynx. If you experience reflux-disease forms of treatment of the digestive tract.